Photo of Schlachterborse in Hamburg, , DE
Photo of Schlachterborse in Hamburg, , DE
Photo of Schlachterborse in Hamburg, , DE
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beef • chateaubriand • fried potatoes • t bone

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  • Photo of Jana S
    3 months ago
    If you are looking for a restaurant that is specialized on very good meat this is the place to go. It's a traditional place that has meat in the focus and you can feel and taste why:-) Trust me, you will love it!
  • Photo of Keith S
    3 months ago
    This is a meat eaters paradise, I was brought here by an organic beef farmer ( should know his stuff ) everything served was superb. It's hearty German food not fine dinning but tastes, textures and delivery are just top notch. It's a small building with a large terras and main small cozy spaces inside - flooded with character(s). Located next to the city's main meat market means "mooing" with your steak is a possibility :-).
  • Photo of JacobViero
    5 months ago
    Like meat? - GO! Probably the best ingredients 50 feet away and they know how to cook it! Only - the side orders lack the same refinement as the meat has. Trust these sides are traditional and hence has a purpose, but the meal would lift if the side orders had same quality as the meat. Location somewhat off but that does add to the experience in an odd way - not everybody swings by. Like the v e r y traditional interior and the crew is kind and service minded. The usual "outdoor smoke as you please" policy makes it hard to enjoy the dinner outside though. And oh: the wine selection matches the meat just fine :) Sincerely
  • Photo of Victor d
    5 months ago
    With steaks I have a lot of good experiences in Germany. This is one of them. The restaurants location is just out of the mainstream but worth going to. I haven't had a starter, but if it is as good as the steak, I can only advise you to take one. The wine served with the meat was a perfect match.
  • Photo of KothM
    5 months ago
    Years after returning to the Schlachterbörse for dinner with my family we left with a rather mixed outcome and dissatisfied. The Schlachterbörse is a traditional, historic Hamburg "Meat Addicts" favorite located and named after the cities central slaughterhouse. With its rustic wooden charm and photographic images of German and International celebrities of the 80's you are seated indoors on leather benches and large communal oak tables. During summer a small covered terrace provides outdoor seating on the pavement a the dead end road once leading to the delivery entrance of the slaughterhouse, now serving as a complimentary parking (Gate 1). To be recommended: Appetizer - Smoked eel on toasted black whole grain bread. A small portion but very tasty and a Northern German classic. Main - a generous serving of Veal Liver "Berlin" style with slices of pan fried apple and onions, tasty gravy and mashed potatoes. The not so good: Main - Tenderloin 300g with spinach and pan fried potatoes. The meat was tender as well pan fried but over cooked. The medium rare turn out to be close to well done. The cream spinach had a undistinguished taste and the fried potatoes with onions and bacon where oily and not fresh. The Prime Rib with bone 500g was a thinner than expected cut, yet well cooked, but also pan fried. The French Fries where overcooked and soggy. The service was friendly, non attentive and slow. Pricing is moderate. For a dedicated steak and meat restaurant as established as the Schlachterbörse is we would have expected better. Panfrying an expensive cut of meat does not do justice to its quality. The dinner was a deja vu experience that we would have loved to avoid. Sorry, but other than for the unique ambiance we can not recommend.
  • Photo of PurplishCat
    6 months ago
    This restaurant is close to the Messe in Hamburg and the entrance is confusing. Upon entry it looks like a very small bar. When we said we had a reservation, the lady behind the bar waved us behind the bar. We didn't get that at first, but you actually have to go behind the bar, off some stairs and then there's a labyrinth of rooms with tables; the place is actually quite big! This restaurant is very down to earth, very casual (but very good!) service and the food follows suit. Straightforward, with a lot of emphasis on meat, and very good meat at that. I went there in a company of six, and all of us had different meat dishes that were all better than the next. Absolutely great and certainly worth a visit if you're not a vegetarian :)
  • Photo of Peterogemil
    6 months ago
    A relaxed place with good and casual ambience...........and with some GREAT steaks. Great value for money, decent service and a nice off-the track place, which can highly recommend - Fillet mignon and a draft beet.........enjoy😎
  • Photo of Wesbriel
    7 months ago
    Accompanied my husband here on a Monday evening and we were seated in no time. We had escargot and tomato soup for starters, both taste ordinary. For the mains hubby had filet Cafe de Paris 300g which was cooked perfectly and accompanied by 3 yummy sides, spinach, French fries & mushrooms. I had Scampis in Chablis which was too salty for my liking. I think the locals love this place, it has been around since 1945 and it's full house when we visited. The restaurant has odd interior structure, staggered levels and narrow staircase. Too many tables were very packed into tiny spaces in order to accommodate as many diners. I feel claustrophobic and half way through my meal I had to step out of the restaurant to get fresh air. The menu offers a wide selection of food and wine and it's worth the visit and expense if you love beef.
  • Photo of Tonny A
    9 months ago
    We had to wait 25 minutes for the table we had reserved. The personal where to busy. Food was general okay, but the beef was very red (had ordered medium).
  • Photo of Martin S
    10 months ago
    This cosy and authentic restaurant offers first quality meat with tasty side dishes. Started with a well prepared Tartar and then went to the delishous Entrecote for two which was exactly done medium with nice roasted meat aromas. Finished with the choice of different cheeses. These dishes were completed by two well advised wines from a wine card offering a diverse and excellent choice. Anytime again.
  • Photo of Henk R
    a year ago
    This is definitely the best place to get the most professional prepared steak possible. You múst make a reservation upfront! And still be prepared to stand in a waiting line. Every part of this place is filled with tables for dinner to serve as many clients as possible. It even happened to me once that I was place with five other individuals on one table (great opportunity to meet new people if you like). So, you must be prepared to do some concessions to your regular restaurant experience but their food will make this completely worthy.
  • Photo of Hemmo1968
    a year ago
    A bit off the beaten track but worth the trip. Really excellent quality mean and very generous cuts. A little old fashioned and I don't normally like places with lots of pictures of celebrities going back 20 or 30 years but the food speaks for itself. Very busy place so you need to book. Great service.
  • Photo of petri p
    a year ago
    Wery good. Steaks are big and medium is really medium. Yummy yum. Allso friend took fish plate and that was allso nice dish. Fish was fresh
  • Photo of Vicky Lomas L
    a year ago
    If you enjoy steaks then you will love it here. The meat was of a very high quality and was well cooked and presented with delicious side orders. Would highly recommend.
  • Photo of Kostas H
    a year ago
    For all you meat lovers this is the place to go. Very good quality meat, very well grilled served in the right temperature and accompanied via a nice selection of red wines. we were very happy with the starters as well. not a formal place, but it is better that way. perfect.
  • Photo of Yigit K
    a year ago
    I found this restaurant thanks to my hotel when I stayed in Hamburg. I can say it is a unique place with its cozy atmosphere, great service and of course great food with perfect quality. It is not a cheap place but it is 100% worth to pay that money there. I highly recommend to those who want to taste juicy delicious meat with good wines and drinks.
  • Photo of Sitsonthefence
    a year ago
    I really enjoyed this restaurant. The food is excellent. There are better steaks in the world but these ones are up there. What stands out is the restaurant itself. It's made up of a collection of rooms, barely connected, with no room for cat swinging. It's loud, it's buzy, surrounded by the photos of past celebrities but by no means a touristy place. This is a place for locals and regulars even if many aren't. The style was such that even though we couldn't be seated at our allotted time (it is a very busy restaurant) we didn't mind. The wine list was also excellent according to my friends who know stuff like this. It's not cheap but it is great value.
  • Photo of Twente
    a year ago
    In this old restaurant at the Kampstrasse it is very "gemütlich". The restaurant is famous because of its fine meat. And we can assure you that the meat is good. The side dishes are simple but good as well. The meals and drinks are not cheap compared with other restaurants. The interior of the restaurant is "old style".
  • Photo of Christoph K
    a year ago
    Nice restaurant with several cozy rooms, Menu basically offers meat which has outstanding quality (including preparation), friendly staff, overall a great place for meat lovers. The prices are rather on the upper end but still fair compared to what you get.
  • Photo of dutchcouple
    a year ago
    For germany this is a expensive restaurant. The quality of meat was very good though. So were drinks. But i think charging 7 euro for 0,75 liter of flat water is expensive. Nice seating and interior. Reservations are recommended.

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