Photo of ONO by Steffen Henssler in Hamburg, , DE
Photo of ONO by Steffen Henssler in Hamburg, , DE
Photo of ONO by Steffen Henssler in Hamburg, , DE
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ONO by Steffen Henssler

Japanese Restaurant

sushi • ono • miso soup • surf and turf

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  • Photo of dkopera
    5 months ago
    I have been hearing rave reviews for this restaurant and was excited to have lunch there recently. Unfortunately I was underwhelmed. The sushi was fresh and nicely prepared, though not unusually so, and the service was friendly and prompt. While the decor is clean and architectonic, the location feels like a rehabbed office building, not cozy or particularly inviting. It may be that I have been spoiled with all the great sushi places in Miami but I probably won't be returning to this restaurant any time soon unless it's to try some of their other dishes.
  • Photo of Otus B
    7 months ago
    Went here for a solo dinner After a business meeting and the sushi was outstanding as Well at the service. The special Rolls are delecious.
  • Photo of Anna E
    7 months ago
    Not amazing but ok food - kind if expected more based on the hype around Henssler restaurants. Would not recommend it really, you can probably cheaper and better close by.
  • Photo of 68patA
    8 months ago
    As a regular to Hensler n Hensler which guarantees a fine dining experience , not getting a table there I opted for Ono , it's brand extended cousin . This was my first to Ono and one would expect a certain standard carrying the Henssler name .... I must at the outset say that it was a DISAPPOINTMENT ..... like a McDonald experience with a Henssler name and not that the price point is cheap . Upon arriving at the restaurant , the hostess at the reception table was busy chatting up with another women guest looking up through a photo album on her smartphone ..... we patiently waited for a good 10 minutes ... the hostess didn't even bother to give a glance and suggest that she would be with us soon .... n we were standing right next to her . Lost my cool and had to wave at the next waitress , Martina .... she apologized and did her best to salvage the situation ..... BTW, the receptionist still did not think it appropriate to come to our table and say a simple sorry ..... so much for service etiquette at a Henssler outlet . We ordered the tempura prawns , Mixed Ono platter and mixed desserts , the same stuff we would usually do at their flagship Henssler & Henssler .... expect for the tempura , the rest were no good ..... A few hundred meters from Ono is another Japanese restaurant Maral ..... would any day opt for Maral over Ono .... Brand extension is a good business model provided it lives up to the mains brands value proposition . Not with Ono ... take note Steffen Henssler ..... the saving grace for this restaurant was the charming and courteous hostess Martina .... Never again n NOT RECOMMENDED # Ono by Steffen Henssler ! HENSLLER & HENSLLER 👍🏽 Yes
  • Photo of Alejandro M
    8 months ago
    I have been in Ono a couple of times and I feel I have to say it. Its defenitely overpriced. Food is completely fine, but at this prices I expect something surprising, and not just good quality. Don't get me wrong, it's a good choice in the Hamburger japanese scene, but be prepared for the bill.
  • Photo of Davis_Exploring
    8 months ago
    Wasn't too impressed with the food to be honest. It was an OK experience. But definitely expected more knowing the Chef behind it is so popular here. Maki rolls were messy and didn't work for me at all. They didn't taste of the fish itself, but rather of all the other additives that were thrown in.
  • Photo of Yuliya T
    9 months ago
    The restaurant offers great sushi of high quality, in a nice armosphere. We went here for lunch without any reservation and could find immediately a table.
  • Photo of flepp2305
    10 months ago
    We ate at this restaurant during our Hamburg stay. We were very happy with the food and the service. Nothing negative to say.
  • Photo of LuisF2010
    10 months ago
    Wonderful atmosphere and service. The sashimi was fantastic. The wine we ordered was not the best, I guess we should have gone with the recommendation.
  • Photo of Sonia V
    a year ago
    I went with my husband a few months ago and we were definitely wowed by the whole experience, it tooks us a while to get a reservation but we can understand why, this is just one amazing place people and "foodies" should give a try. The service was excellent, very attentive. The food was incredible, we order the special of the night so it had all kinds of delicious sushi rolls, sashimi and more. My favorite part was the dessert, it was some kind of baked apple dessert, it was simply beautiful and delicious of course. I definitely recommend this restaurant to everyone who wants to experience something special and delicious.
  • Photo of Prim A
    a year ago
    We had a meal for 4. The omakase 6 course meal was awesome but still didn't cover the entirety of the a la carte. We ordered some extras including staples like the beef tataki. All of it was awesome. The sake tasting was also spot on. The service was good and the wine lady st sound Fun experience
  • Photo of Jcraigh
    a year ago
    Everything about this place is current and sharply executed. The prices (presumably due to reasonable rent) are also quite accommodating. Ordered the mixed ONO platter for two - a great mix of finely prepared sushi and interesting rolls. Sake list - while not as extensive as one might hopes - is well selected. The space is clean and bright (important in Hamburg where bright is often at a premium). Service attentive. Best in Hamburg to date.
  • Photo of nicodvisor
    a year ago
    We enjoyed the evening very much but it is sooo expensive compare to what you get. Ok, I'm just back from KL were you get it all for half price. Also, i felt it went all too quick. A bit less than 1 hour for apéritive brought together with the meal by the way...
  • Photo of A S H
    a year ago
    The food is simply great – one of the best sushi/seafood restaurant I have visited. Reservation is needed – we booked table for two only a couple of days on beforehand and that was indeed last chance as only few slots were available. Noise level in the restaurant is high but acceptable and filtering out what is going on next to you.
  • Photo of Norbert J
    a year ago
    After you muscled through a narrow glass door and a tight entrance-and-cloak area, you enter into a room and everything seems rectangular. No decoration noticeable so as to prevent distraction from the culinary treatment you are about to receive. Noise level of a corner pub. Busy chefs behind a tall counter in the back, very friendly and attentive service. All four of us went for the surprise menu, hesitated a moment, but then decided on five courses which turned out to be six if you include the small welcome from the kitchen and which definitely succeeded to put our palate into top gear already! Each course was a delightful presentation and a wonderful composition of extraordinary flavors - and what looked like a frugal portion at first turned out to be just right (plus perfectly spaced in terms of time also), because none of us, I'm sure, would have been able to resist finishing larger portions . . .
  • Photo of Felix H
    a year ago
    My grandma and I are going to the ONO twice a month. So I can tell you in all my visitings there it was always toothsome. I think the best way to describe the quality is that you'll be ruined for normal/average sushi afterwards. It's amazing and it's affordable too. I love it when my grandma is smiling, for this reason I take her there so often. The service is pleasant, fast and personal in a nice way. The Food is outstanding and creative. I highly recommend the lunch menu, because of the price and the mixed dishes. To conclude, the high quality and the nice service are forcing me to go there so often. Much appreciation to Mr. Henssler
  • Photo of ejpvisser
    a year ago
    We visited Ono on Monday 26 September. We went for the 4 course menu. Nice service and good food (see foto's) No problem for one person gluten free dishes. They even gave gluten free soja sauce (that's not is all restaurants the case). Decor of the restaurant is nothing special. But next time we are in Hamburg we will be back.
  • Photo of Boris O
    a year ago
    We ask the waiter to surprice us with the best they have.... We have done that before and it was "Super". Also this time it was really good! The pictures speaks for themselves... To much to describe. We will be back again!
  • Photo of Traci W
    2 years ago
    Loved it!! I went in by myself without a reservation and they were able to seat me, but let me know that they have a reservation for that table an hour later. No problem!! I ordered the Avocado Ceviche nigiri, some sashimi, the a salmon roll, and a specialty roll. Everything was fresh and tasty. The service was excellent, very polite and smiling. I highly recommend and I will definitely be back. You should definitely make a reservation though, just in case.
  • Photo of DENSKK
    2 years ago
    Modern restaurant, very nice place! Staff was so nice but the best thing was the food...FANTASTIC! Not cheap but was it was worth it!

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