Photo of Reichstag in Berlin, Ge, DE
Photo of Reichstag in Berlin, Ge, DE
Photo of Reichstag in Berlin, Ge, DE
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Capitol Building

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  • Photo of Eunice Parajon
    2 months ago
    **Need to go
  • Photo of Valentina Papini
  • Photo of Erin Lengas
    a year ago
    should book ahead
  • Photo of Mela Cortez
    2 years ago
    Germany's parliament. 90-minute tour scheduled at 6:30 (need to be there 30 min earlier).
  • Photo of S B
    2 years ago
    Make a reservation for access to the glass dome
  • Photo of Andreea Jora-Boerosu
    Symbol of new berlin
  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    2 years ago
  • Photo of martyp183
    5 months ago
    A modern piece of amazing architecture on a building with immense historical significance. On the lower level you can walk around a centre display looking at the history of the Reichstag. A gradual climb up around the dome to you reach the top level. Great 360 degree views over the city. A rainy evening and rain drops on the glass spoilt things slightly for photos. You can see down into the debating chamber as you go up and come down the walkways. Strict security throughout. Pleasant visit and worth seeing.
  • Photo of CarolJJ
    5 months ago
    Do visit this place. We had pre booked so could avoid the queues. The dome o's a superb modern structure which is an exciting and beautiful building. We'd really recommend the audio guide which is user friendly and very interesting.A wonderful example of modern architecture at its best and the views are fantastic.
  • Photo of CaroleP267
    5 months ago
    Excellent views and we used the audio guide,also have a soft spot for norman foster buildings as a relative worked with him
  • Photo of Jeanie_Douglas
    5 months ago
    My husband was so keen to do this on our break to Berlin that he looked online a couple of weeks before we went, which was just as well as you need to book it advance, provide passport details and have email confirmation to book. Totally worth it for an unusual and interesting experience. We went at night, it was still really busy though. Bit of politics, bit of history, bit of sightseeing. Loved it.
  • Photo of Freddyminster
    6 months ago
    This is an amazing glass dome on top of a magnificent building. You can walk around the dome and get magnificent views of Berlin, it is free but you have to book in advance. Book in the day, it is not so good at night.
  • Photo of drvineet13
    6 months ago
    While the Parliament building is stunning from the outside the interior tour is a must visit as well. It takes some time to get the tickets and sometimes the queue can be long but its a unique opportunity to see the interiors of the place up close.
  • Photo of LostInLaMancha
    6 months ago
    You need to book in advance for a visit to the Reichstag Dome. As the website wasn't allowing me to do it I found it you can book in an office near the Reichstag as long as you have photo ID like a passport or drivers licence - when I tried slots were limited the next days although there were still plenty 2 days later. The dome itself is definitely worth a visit, it gives great views of the city, includes an audio commentary as you walk up it and has a small exhibition near the base.
  • Photo of Jernae K
    6 months ago
    climb the stairs, pay for the audio tour guide, and enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of this dome!
  • Photo of Suzanne078
    6 months ago
    We booked tickets to visit on line weeks before we visited...essential if you want to look around the dome. Spectacular building made of glass,steel and mirrors. We used the free audio guides which were brilliant and brought it all to life. Great views over Berlin. Well worth a visit.
  • Photo of Nick B
    6 months ago
    I was told this is a 'must do' in Berlin and I definitely agree. One of the best points is that it is free of charge, however you should book free tickets online well in advance to make sure you get to go. A quick security check, airport style and you are escorted into the Reichstag building and into a huge lift to take you to the roof. No time limit once inside and also great views from the top!
  • Photo of questtraveler01
    6 months ago
    Even if you don't have an appointment to tour through the Reichstag try doing the Dome. Great city views and there's a balcony you can walk onto for more picture taking. The mirrored Dome inside is a winding walk way to the top & back down. Easy for anyone to do including seniors. Cool thing to do!
  • Photo of ala101
    6 months ago
    Remember to reserve your time to visit the Dome online weeks before the trip! When you have a place reserved, going in is pretty quick and efficient. They do check passports and X-ray the bags though, so be prepared for that. Definitely worth going, even just for the interesting architecture of the Dome with the mirrors and walking platforms going up and down. And a plus is of course the great views from the top!
  • Photo of René G
    6 months ago
    Me and my girlfriend went with another friends to this wonderful place in the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate. It is mandatory to make reservations but the access is free. As a passionate of history, the opportunity of been in the parlament of Germany was unique. Besides, my girlfriend was born in a former soviet country so she was also happy to know a part of her history too because her uncle served in the Red Army in Berlin during the cold war, and this was the place in which the Red Army put the flag in 1945 during the battle of Berlin.
  • Photo of Flavio B
    6 months ago
    I was always fascinated by the history of the Reichstag building and it´s importance throughout time. The modern dome is really nice especially in the night when queues are much shorter. Modern Berlin is really amazing and it´s a great opportunity to get a clear geographical understanding of the city since one can see the most iconic monuments and building from the top. I am giving 4 stars because the waiting time to get up can be quite long. Be prepared! suggestion: check the opening times and go 1 hour before it closes. It goes much faster and you can enjoy the day to see other locations.
  • Photo of Michael N
    6 months ago
    Great views of Berlin, but not as good in bad weather. Unfortunately you need to book ahead, although it is free. Bring ID like your passport, and your letter that they email you as you will be asked for it, though if you have it on your phone, they will accept that. You're brought in from the security area (think similar to airport security!) to the Reichstag in groups, and then up a large area to the roof. From there you're free to pick up your free audio guide (optional), and explore. Audio guide is useful, though can give you a fright as it might be silent for a bit then start up again when you reach a point! The walk up is in a spiral, and not the worst even for someone unfit or someone afraid of heights - it helps that there's a separate way up and down, so you shouldn't meet people coming in the opposite direction to you, and there's plenty of space for you to stand and take in the views while letting others go by, if that's what you like to do. Definitely worth a visit!
  • Photo of denver60
    6 months ago
    The Reichstag Dome is a must see - the views from the top are awesome. You must book ahead (free - either online or at the office across from the Reichstag). Make certain to take a photo ID with you on the day of your visit (we used our passports) as security is, understandably, tight. We utilized the free audio guides & ate at the café at the top. Great experience all around.
  • Photo of Dima T
    6 months ago
    one of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin definitely worth to see it in the very heart of the city
  • Photo of Peach040
    6 months ago
    Make sure you order your (free) tickets online before you go. Definitely worth a visit. It is a stunning building and you get an audio commentary as you walk round which was great. Understandably strict security and it is rather a squash in the lifts taking you up but all in all a very good experience.
  • Photo of methanemolly
    6 months ago
    This was free, but had to book in advance, which was simple. Needed to take ID (passports). The wait time was short, and as usual the Germans spoke excellent English. We took our 5 year old and we had fun looking over the city. The free audio guide was an added bonus and made it that much more interesting. I'd recommend this trip to people visiting Berlin.
  • Photo of hanna186
    6 months ago
    Norman Foster's amazing design. It is top of the old parliament building. You can compare with old and new building.

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