Photo of Reichstag in Berlin, Ge, DE
Photo of Reichstag in Berlin, Ge, DE
Photo of Reichstag in Berlin, Ge, DE
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Capitol Building

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  • Photo of Eunice Parajon
    7 months ago
    **Need to go
  • Photo of Valentina Papini
  • Photo of Erin Lengas
    2 years ago
    should book ahead
  • Photo of Mela Cortez
    2 years ago
    Germany's parliament. 90-minute tour scheduled at 6:30 (need to be there 30 min earlier).
  • Photo of S B
    3 years ago
    Make a reservation for access to the glass dome
  • Photo of Andreea Jora-Boerosu
    Symbol of new berlin
  • Photo of Aaron Rudenstine
    3 years ago
  • Photo of 1937jwt
    4 months ago
    This building is very impressive from the outside, but the tour of the dome is one of the most memorable things to do in Berlin. Essential to register and book ahead.
  • Photo of carefreevoyager
    4 months ago
    Although crowded, our leader knew to book a tea in the building which helped us short-cut the queues. The walk up inside the glass dome was very impressive and the document showing the city features, together with the audio guide (well worth getting) were really helpful. Also the photo gallery at the base of the dome was fascinating.
  • Photo of 643retiredguy
    4 months ago
    You cannot see the dome from close to the building so it is easy to miss this great attraction. Get tickets in advance (free) or be prepared to stand in line. there is an audio-guide which you should take. The tour involves walking up a spiral walkway to the top of the dome and down again. The guide gives various information about the building and the parliament that works inside.
  • Photo of Gemma F
    4 months ago
    Visited here at 8:30pm for a tour of the dome. It is a great way to see the city. You get to walk around on the roof and then go inside the dome and walk round with an audio guide which alerts you to certain landmarks when you pass them. There were people of a variety of ages when we went, but young children may get a little bored. When you get to the top there is a really cool part of the roof you get to see, but I'll leave you to find that out yourself! Really enjoyed it and would recommend - and its free! However my legs did go a little jelly like when walking round as your quite high and can see right down to the government chambers on the floor below - just grab the hand rail haha
  • Photo of rossdvs6
    4 months ago
    This building on the top of the Parliament building is a marvellous engineering feat and provides a very well catalogued series of view and events relating to the history of Berlin.
  • Photo of _alicamalcev
    4 months ago
    Excitable modern construction, history associated with modern times, deep impression, you have to see it.
  • Photo of TravelingFromHermosa
    Reservations should be made prior to your visit. Take elevator up to the roof and then take a short walk around the stairs to the top. Great views of the city and surrounding areas.
  • Photo of Jacob J
    4 months ago
    You need to book a visit, so book on line. The dome from the outside is spectacular and the views would be brilliant.
  • Photo of Hobart122
    4 months ago
    This is a beautiful building with a huge historical significance . We really wanted to go into dome but did not book on time . You need to book months in advance as they only allow so many people at certain times up to dome. Other family have seen it since ( son) and it's well worth booking in advance ( you don't need pay in advance just book your place online)
  • Photo of Jody W
    4 months ago
    As one if the most iconic parliament buildings in the world. This combined with the fact that entry is free, makes the Reichstag a must see for any visitor to Berlin. It's got a fascinating history from being burned down in 1933 by the Nazis to finding itself at the centre of the Red Army's seige of the city in 1945 and being largely dormant during the Cold War. The building oozes with historic and architectural points of interest and the views from the dome on the roof are magnificent. You need to apply via the German government website and there are limited slots, so arrange your visit well in advance.
  • Photo of tnsrock
    4 months ago
    We booked this as far advanced as we could. So we were super exited to go. When you get to the location, you go through the normal security measures you go through when entering such a building, you wait in queues for the elevator. Elevator takes you up, and then you wait in line a little more. Once you're up there, its pretty awesome, you walk in circles to the top, and all the while you have excellent views of the city. You can also walk around the top of the building, unshielded by the dome. If you do this in March - it will be very cold and windy. But overall, we enjoyed our visit and got some great photographs.
  • Photo of Mark L
    4 months ago
    Book breakfast - very good - great view. opens 9.00 then straight entrance into Reichstag building avoids queues. Excellent history as you walk up around the glass dome.
  • Photo of 79Sue27
    4 months ago
    We followed the advise of other travellers and booked a Reichstag tour well in advance. The tour is free but you need to provide your passport details for security reasons. The tour was interesting and includes access to the dome - which is well worth seeing. The tour is conducted by a guide, and in the dome you're provided with an audio tour. It was much more interesting than I expected and the dome is a 'must see'.
  • Photo of Michael W
    4 months ago
    Great civic lesson in English. Bring a passport to the office to set an appointment, and to the appointment. Some walking required. This is FREE.
  • Photo of Jim R
    4 months ago
    Interesting that the Third Reich did not use it as a legislative place. We did not make reservation in advance so we were only able to view this interesting architecture and historic building from the out side. It was a sunny warm day in September and there were crowds in the lawn and all round this interesting building.
  • Photo of Hugues S
    4 months ago
    You better book in advance to be sure to have a place. Do not forget to take the audio guide witch will give you a very nice picture of the scenery.
  • Photo of robert d
    4 months ago
    It certainly makes a statement in its size. The new government buildings near by re a sharp contrast in architecture.
  • Photo of Pontinha2015
    4 months ago
    I book the Bundestag tour thru the website three months in advance so I could not only see the glass dome but visit and learn a little more about the history of the building itself. I was extremely satisfied with the tour, how punctual they were and how much can be learn in this free tour. so if you have the time it is a must while in Berlin.
  • Photo of Andra Corina S
    4 months ago
    If you’re in Berlin, it is a good idea to find some time and visit this place. The guided tour is just great! Guides are really helpful and nice, answering questions, if you have any. Through the guide’s 1h 30mins presentation (this varies), I learned a lot of interesting facts. One thing I found really interesting was the fact that the original soviet engravings are still visible inside the inner walls, in some parts of the building. That is a strong statement and reminder. Also, the ultra modern chapel is something to see; the art and symbols in that room are something apart.
  • Photo of 853barry
    4 months ago
    Renovated...if that is the word...since the war. Still the home of government,but with a big new shiny see thru dome! However,entrance to the dome requires 48 hrs be aware!

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