Photo of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, , DE
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Potsdamer Platz

Monument / Landmark

Potsdamer Platz44
sony centre • modern architecture • berlin wall • christmas market

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  • Photo of Kirsty Marr
    4 months ago
    The architecture is stunning. It's a place where you can watch open-air cinema, drink and eat in beer gardens and restaurants, eat ice creams and shop.
  • Photo of Mela Cortez
    2 years ago
     The area today consists of the three developments known as Daimler City or the DaimlerChrysler Areal (1998), the Sony Centre (2000) and the Beisheim Centre (2004), which literally transformed the dormant wasteland where the Berlin Wall stood between east
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Potsdamer Platz ( by Renzo Piano.
  • Photo of S B
    2 years ago
    Large scale neighborhood with malls and massive buildings
  • Photo of godoit
    2 months ago
    This is a crossroads which has the magnificent Sony Centre, Gemaldegalerie, Music Hall, Last 360' guard tower of the Wall, Spy Museum , Dali museum all within steps of each other.
  • Photo of Peter S
    2 months ago
    The coach drove us past this busy area and we admired the amount of trees and greenery that there were.
  • Photo of ErikaBarbieri
    2 months ago
    Is very modern and close to sonny center. Tou feel like you are in the future here. Is worth the visit.
  • Photo of Gla_Rangers
    2 months ago
    A short distance from the Brandenburg Gate we drove past it a couple of times on our tour of Berlin. Basically it is similar to any big city modern plaza with mixed office and retail in tall glass towers. With the multitude of other attractions in the city, don't see a need to stop here. Drive by was OK.
  • Photo of Marcelo M
    2 months ago
    The square brings together a set of public and private buildings with modern architecture, a lot of steel and glass, and that show the strength of the German economy
  • Photo of Clive R
    3 months ago
    This just seemed to be a vast open plan space that led to the Sony Centre. Shops, bars & eateries around, but to my mind, not a stop for sightseeing.
  • Photo of Eva C
    3 months ago
    We just came across Potsdamer Platz quite by accident. And what is left of the wall. The text is a very interesting story of what went on during the Cold War for those who are too young to know how divided Berlin was. I know that the wall was torn down but i wish more of it remained as a reminder of repression and totalitarianism.
  • Photo of daveinkent44
    3 months ago
    Situated to the south east of tiergarten park, this is a lovely area, full of modern buildings, shopping and loads of places to eat. You can pick up a tour bus to hear or go via the really grand U-Bahn entrance. Marriott hotel and ritz Carlton are situated here. Restaurants can be expensive but plenty of coffee shops available.
  • Photo of MsAalborg
    3 months ago
    Wow! There is so much going here. I will recommend to take a seat anywhere and just look around. Take a look at the buildings and be amazed, and take a look at all the people. A buzzing place indeed
  • Photo of carl b
    3 months ago
    Fantastic platz for shopping & you're spoilt for choice when looking for somewhere to eat and drink .
  • Photo of SandyWest
    3 months ago
    A leisurely walk from the Brandenburg Gate leaving the past behind we walked into this modern quarter of the city buzzing with activity. A different world with all modern tall buildings, entertainment, shopping and eateries was a good timepass!!! One can easily spend a whole evening and yet return wanting more of this place.
  • Photo of Dave H
    3 months ago
    Area where we stayed, in the Grand Hyatt Hotel, amazing to see the photos o f the area from the days of the Berlin Wall, an absolute wasteland, and now looks like a minI Manhattan with tower blocks and architect designed buildings.
  • Photo of Jacquelinevdhaar
    3 months ago
    Central place, also for catching a tram. But.. there's more! Go to the Sony Center, or visit remainings of the Berlin wall. Worth a stop of course.
  • Photo of karen b
    3 months ago
    Potsdamer Platz in Berlin is a shopping and nightlife district with shops, restaurants, cinemas and theatres. It seems busy all the time and is also near to the Berlin gate
  • Photo of juliaandnick
    3 months ago
    We actually stumbled into the Sony Centre by accident and were glad we did. It's a kind of roofed outdoor space with lots of restaurants and bars and a cinema. Would have benefited from some entertainment or at least music and wasn't open very late if you're a party animal.
  • Photo of Pat4670
    3 months ago
    A place to shop and a place to socialise. The area is a busy business area too, but full of interest.
  • Photo of Robert K
    3 months ago
    Spacious and well laid out shopping and entertainment area with lots of restaurants with multiple choices for indoor & outdoor cuisines.
  • Photo of colettetully1234
    3 months ago
    Wanted to see this place because of the lyrics in Bowies "where are we now". A rather busy railway station both U and S Bahn
  • Photo of Kvasirsblood
    3 months ago
    While the development of Potsdamer Platz is interesting and there is a short section of the Berlin Wall erected outside it is really just a modern shops and office development. If you have the time it is an ok visit but there are much more importnat places to see in Berlin.
  • Photo of Bonitatravelblog
    3 months ago
    Its a square famous by name but these days its not really pretty more functional because its central in the city and there are a lot of restaurants around

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