Photo of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, , DE
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Potsdamer Platz

Monument / Landmark

Potsdamer Platz44
sony centre • modern architecture • berlin wall • christmas market

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  • Photo of Kirsty Marr
    a day ago
    The architecture is stunning. It's a place where you can watch open-air cinema, drink and eat in beer gardens and restaurants, eat ice creams and shop.
  • Photo of Mela Cortez
    2 years ago
     The area today consists of the three developments known as Daimler City or the DaimlerChrysler Areal (1998), the Sony Centre (2000) and the Beisheim Centre (2004), which literally transformed the dormant wasteland where the Berlin Wall stood between east
  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Potsdamer Platz ( by Renzo Piano.
  • Photo of S B
    2 years ago
    Large scale neighborhood with malls and massive buildings
  • Photo of epetrovska
    5 months ago
    Love the view here! Get some drinks in Vapiano, seat outside and enjoy the architecture around you! Don't miss Potsdamer platz!
  • Photo of SUSSIE G
    5 months ago
    Thi s place has a rich history. Our tour guide of knowledgeable and have little detail that to every place we saw. I am glad I did this tour!
  • Photo of William M
    5 months ago
    Old and new Berlin merge in this space. Soaring skyscrapers and old stone buildings portray Berlin and give one an idea of the strength of the German people.
  • Photo of James T
    5 months ago
    Place has mall, cinemas (Imax), walk of fame, restaurants and more. A good place to hang out, eat and relax.
  • Photo of Michael F
    5 months ago
    This is a place with a lot of history, but now has super-modern Buildings that invite you to stroll around..
  • Photo of BarbroK
    5 months ago
    Our main visit here was to have some lunch. Walked around in the complex of outdoors but indoors architecture "mall" amazed by forms, glas, roofings and other crazy ideas for creating something unique and special. We didn't do any shopping, but if there seemed to be a vast variety of shops and also a cinema along with restaurants.
  • Photo of Yusra H
    5 months ago
    This is a good place to visit to see the modern architecture. The place was lively and full of people.
  • Photo of Megan M
    5 months ago
    We stayed here and it was full of life during the holidays. It was also a short walk to many restaurants and attractions as well as the mall. It was nice to be in a central location with our kids.
  • Photo of chrisholden89
    5 months ago
    Easy to navigate around and very clean. No problems when trying to find my platform and staff on hand to help.
  • Photo of denver60
    5 months ago
    Located in the heart of the city, Potsdamer Platz is the modern center of the New Berlin. There are many places to shop and eat in the immediate area and it is bustling with locals and tourists.
  • Photo of Tataran M
    5 months ago
    Potsdamer Platz is a great area for shopping and entertainment. It has lots of restaurants. There are some block from the Berlin Wall there and you can see the trace of the wall on the ground, It's very close to the Branderburger Gate so you will probably end up there as you walk the city,
  • Photo of James D
    5 months ago
    Great area for shopping, convenient transport to the rest of the city, nice bars, cafes and restaurants and houses a few fantastic culture spots like The German Spy museum which is well worth a visit.
  • Photo of GirlinHamburg
    5 months ago
    Completely rebuilt after the wall came down, and is now a modern bustling area of Berlin. Very cool place to check out!
  • Photo of Steve A
    5 months ago
    Potsdamer Platz use to be a meeting place for people from all over Europe, it also went through a period of decline, but after much needed TLC and investment it is an impressive Office and Shopping and Restaurant district of Berlin. A Definate must do whilst in the City
  • Photo of Marydoll541
    5 months ago
    Potsdamer Platz was amazing. The central circular roof is spectacular and the range of things to see is outstanding.
  • Photo of alanwood66
    5 months ago
    walked down here as i figured it may be something special...its busy and tidy , but a bit like any uk town centre (without the tramps and trash) but if you like Starbucks, Mcdowells and high street brands you are in luck...that said there is a bit of Berlin Wall there so good for a quick photo
  • Photo of danielgfuchs
    5 months ago
    I stayed on Potsdamer Platz and enjoyed the great central location as well as the interesting mix of buildings. There are plenty of subway stations near by and directly on the square. Restaurants are also plentyful. A good choice to stay in Berlin.
  • Photo of LV_Lee
    5 months ago
    While in Berlin, we stayed at Grand Hyatt Berlin (see five-star rating) and dined nearby. Excellent base for a Berlin visit.
  • Photo of erselbst
    5 months ago
    Sittin, relaxing, enjoying a beer or coffee. This hot spot place is a must see. Nearby shopping and historic places.
  • Photo of ManilaGingersnap
    5 months ago
    Stayed at the Ritz Carlton on Potsdamer Platz. Newly opened Mall of Berlin nearby and lots of places to eat and drink at the Sony Center.

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