Photo of Sony Center in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Sony Center in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Sony Center in Berlin, , DE
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Sony Center

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Sony Center14
potsdamer platz • modern architecture • imax cinema • lego museum

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  • Photo of Kirby Meehan
    3 years ago
    Beautiful building with "outdoor" restaurants, but for the best lunch go underneath to the little food hall.
  • Photo of Marcelo M
    4 months ago
    A futurist set of buildings, the place is a large space where are a some restaurants, cinema, hotel, offices and shops.
  • Photo of Clive R
    4 months ago
    As far as I could tell, the Sony Centre was a celebration of all things Sony in movies. Fine - if you like that kind of thing -just not my cup oif tgea.
  • Photo of Hanna M
    4 months ago
    Cool place for dinner, we ate at an Australian place that was really good!! (Has a movie theater and other activities)
  • Photo of Robin K
    4 months ago
    We were walking in the Potsdamer Platz area and accidentally stumbled upon the Sony Center, which seemed like gimmicky nonsense in the middle of town. But we realized we were hungry, and we ended up having a surprisingly lovely meal at Lindenbräu while watching photos of star-studded premieres on the big screen across the plaza and marveling at the apartments built into the fancy building complex. There's enough here that you could have a meal, do one of several film-related activities, go to the Legoland "Discovery Centre", and so on. If you're walking around Potsdamer Platz it's worth poking your nose around the building, if at least to check out the neat atrium ceiling on your way through; you might end up sticking around for ice cream or a movie.
  • Photo of R_n_R_Travellers
    4 months ago
    This semi-cover area is a meeting place in Potsdammer Platz. It has a movie theater and a number of restaurants including a German, Australian and 3 or 4 others. Best time to see it is in evening as the top lights up.
  • Photo of Frea D
    4 months ago
    I love modern architecture and this building is really big. It's nice that you can eat and drink here while feeling you're outside in a green area. There's a cinema and an imax here, both showing movies in the original language. I would come here again for a meal and a movie and just for the atmosphere.
  • Photo of Jacquelinevdhaar
    4 months ago
    Great architecture to see after dawn/ in the dark. Also lot's of places to grab a drink or dinner. Buzzing atmosphere!
  • Photo of Yogadeva
    4 months ago
    A hyper-modern indoor-outdoor complex that is right at the frontier between former East and West Berlin, filling in a previously barren landscape and incorporating elements of the Kaisersaal which survived the bombing of the elegant Grand Hotel Esplanade. Enjoy superb gelato and stroll around open-air events, like the art fair that was there at the time of our visit.
  • Photo of Martina V
    5 months ago
    A sort of little shopping center. Very modern and nice to see. There are some fountains and restaurants.
  • Photo of Jeanette J
    5 months ago
    Since we stayed at a hotel closed to Potsdamer Platz, we had a short walk to Sony Center. The buildings and the square is amazing to see, but there is not so very much to do, if you´re not going to the cinemas or having a lunch. Are you indoors or outdoors under the ceiling? :D
  • Photo of TravelGirlDallas_TX
    The Sony Center near Potsdamer Platz has lots of shops, restaurants and movie theaters nearby. If you are looking for English-language movies, this is the place. At night the lighting is amazing.
  • Photo of John D
    5 months ago
    Very modern this centre houses a number of restaurants and in the evening the roof of the centre is lit with changing colours - more tastefully than it might sound. This is a good place for an evening meal/drink.
  • Photo of Mike C
    5 months ago
    I visited the Sony Center in July 2017 and was quite impressed with the architectural genius of the venue. It's like walking into a different time zone, because it looks so different from the rest of the city. There are many great store fronts and lots of good choices to dine or just enjoy a brew. It's in the Potsdamer Platz that has several nice venues in addition to the Center. I wish I could have spent more time there, but had several other things to see in Berlin before leaving. Considering that this site was previously pretty much a wasteland during the Soviet occupation, it's amazing to see the innovation that was just festering until freedom allowed it to spring forth. This place stands in stark contrast to the ideology of Communism. I'm happy for Berlin.
  • Photo of Ashraf A
    5 months ago
    this place is a central plaza with a water feature, surrounded by tall modern building and covered by a huge dome the plaza is surrounded by cafes, restaurants, and an Australian bar too! it a nice place to sit down and have a cup of tea, a glass of wine or a bite to eat and watch the world go by
  • Photo of Dodoyman10
    5 months ago
    There's a cinema, shops, cafes,bars, restaurants, and a lot of people! Nice place to gawk at people and architecture.
  • Photo of gillian p
    5 months ago
    The Sony centre has a strong presence in Berlin. The architecture is of the future, very impressive.
  • Photo of jennyfren
    5 months ago
    The Sony Centre is near Potzdamer place. In the evening it is a busy, lively area with bars and restaurants. There is also an IMAX cinema.I ate there one evening on the balcony of a restaurant serving typical German food. The roof of the centre was lit up and changed colour regularly. There is a pool in the middle of the centre, where fountains appear and disappear.
  • Photo of Antony J
    5 months ago
    Just a few minutes walk from Potsdamer Platz and also the Brandenburg Gate (not to mention Hitler's final hour in the bunker), this place is a great place to eat and drink. Architecture is very interesting. Nice buzz.
  • Photo of seahow
    5 months ago
    A good spot for drinks outside - even when it's raining - with a number of different kinds of restaurants out on the square - all covered by a pretty incredible glass ceiling. Have theaters showing movies in English as well!
  • Photo of nemanja1205
    5 months ago
    I like such modern places as this centre as I have encountered such space for first time in Europe. It is a nice place to visit when you arrive to Potsdamer.

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