Photo of Sony Center in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Sony Center in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Sony Center in Berlin, , DE
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Sony Center

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Sony Center14
potsdamer platz • modern architecture • imax cinema • lego museum

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  • Photo of Kirby Meehan
    2 years ago
    Beautiful building with "outdoor" restaurants, but for the best lunch go underneath to the little food hall.
  • Photo of René G
    5 months ago
    This is just in the old border between the two sides of Berlin and is clearly one of the most recognizable places of the west Berlin part right now even when it was built much after the wall felt. This is because the place in which it is today was abandoned until the reunification and right now is an amazing modern building just aside the Deutsche Bahn skyscraper.
  • Photo of denver60
    5 months ago
    Located in Potsdamer Platz, the Sony Center is a massive shopping complex. IMHO, there is nothing really special with the Sony Center other than this area is now an ultra modern urban mecca in what was formerly a drab section of East Berlin.
  • Photo of Michael N
    5 months ago
    It's just a small retail and cinema area, a few shops including a middling-sized Sony shop. There's nothing much particularly worth visiting this especially for, unless you're in the Potsdamer Platz already.
  • Photo of Arvind Kumar S
    5 months ago
    Potsdamer Platz is known for its up-market lifestyle and Sony Center which is bang in the middle, really welcomes the visitors in all shades. Lined up with malls, movie theatre, performance theatre, eateries and gaming center, this place rivals and beats the famous Fifth Avenue of New York.
  • Photo of Babak G
    6 months ago
    I can literally live here as much as i want. Too many movie theatre and the grand IMAX with dual 4k projection system and 7.1 sound system is like a holy temple for every movie guy.
  • Photo of sunchasingbrits
    6 months ago
    The centre is on the sight of former East Berlin and was a no go waste land. It is now a wonderful example of modern architecture. It contains shops, restaurants, a conference centre, art and film museums, an IMAX theater, a Legoland Discovery Centre. Enough for a rainy day.
  • Photo of ninomacharashvili
    6 months ago
    you can enjoy this place anytime of the year, cool in hot weather and warm in winter cold, full of bars and other stuff. worth to visit, plus close to the sony center you can find old hotel remains where Charlie Chaplin met Greta Garbo.
  • Photo of William M
    6 months ago
    Really great architecture on display, the open modern buildings creating a shelter for shops and people. The roofs changing colors are a delight, and delight the kids. Come look around, modern Germany is on display. Enjoy!
  • Photo of TheShis
    6 months ago
    This is a massive Sony center, consisting of several floors, dedicated to everything that is Sony. The design of the center inside Potsdamer platz is somehow futuristic, and it helps to establish Sony's technology as one (which is not always the case). Well worth an hour visit.
  • Photo of mariak6662016
    6 months ago
    Sony center is a place close to potsdamer platz that doesn't look so impressive during the day but absolutely transforms at the night.A very nice play for food ,coffe or dring with many choises.You can also visit Legoland
  • Photo of James H
    7 months ago
    The center itself is a nice building but really just a shopping mall. Go to the movie museum or get food, dont just go expecting to see something about sony.
  • Photo of Danny M
    7 months ago
    Brilliant architecture, very buzzing, massive scale, pleanty of things to do. Came here for couple of hours, but end up spending 4.5 hours. Loved it.
  • Photo of Mónica P
    7 months ago
    - "This square is not like any other square in the world, you'll see." - This was what I was told before a local resident took me to Sony Square, even though is not so much my style (I'm more of a landscape kind of girl, give me mountains, trees and any kind of natural water and I'm dazzled) I was completely in love. I recommend you go to the top floor of Starbucks (not to do any publicity, but they did choose a great place to set themselves) and enjoy the view, it is so peaceful, specially at night time. =)
  • Photo of GAN L
    7 months ago
    Located just next to DB Tower. Admired the aesthetic futuristic layout of this Berlin entertainment hotspot. Unique fishnet like glass rooftop. There are art and film museums, cinemas, an IMAX theater, legoland Discovery centre besides shops and eateries, Free wifi is available to all visitors.
  • Photo of BradJill
    7 months ago
    We passed by Sony Centre near Potsdamer Platz a couple times during our visit to Berlin last month and enjoyed spending time here. Sony Centre is a multiple floor complex with retail and service shops, business offices along with restaurants, bars and coffee shops. What makes a visit here unique is the architecture of the Sony Centre. The buildings are circular in layout with a large open centre space with a creative and attractively designed roof concept. The roof is an open format with what appear to be textile strips, branching from a centre axis. The textile strips reflect light giving white colour and the appearance of a partially enclosed roof. The design means that a fair amount of defused light makes its way into the open space at Sony Centre yet bright sun rays don't seem to pass down to the ground floor. We also very much enjoyed the rather elaborate Christmas scene that was on display in the Sony Centre. There were numerous trees arranged in a manner that it felt a bit like you were walking through a Xmas forrest. Hidden speakers and lit pathway along the trees added to the atmosphere. It was nice job by the Sony Centre team, something we still remember well about our visit there. In the end, we liked our time spent at Sony Centre. Had a decent meal at Lindenbrau bar and restaurant there and appreciated seeing the building design and Xmas decor. We'd happily pass by the Sony Centre again during future visits to Berlin.
  • Photo of British_lover
    7 months ago
    Just couple of meters off Postdamer Platz there is the large, modern Sony Center. The interior is impressive, there were lots of lights so I think it could be a good place to go with kids. In December, in the centre of the court, there have some music and dance performances for the kids, some groups seemed impressed. There are some restaurants as well as several cinema theatres but judging by the queues, one must book a seat well in advance. The nicest thing about this place is that they have a bookshop on the ground floor, there you can find lots of maps, guides, photo albums and books about Berlin. There were also other souvenirs like mugs, magnets etc. All in all, this isn't a "must see" attraction, I wouldn't be bothered to come again unless I had to.
  • Photo of Markella A
    7 months ago
    It's a centre full of shops and places to eat!!There were beautiful lights all over the centre!!I had a great time at afternoon!!!
  • Photo of patriciafytan
    7 months ago
    A very remarkable designed building with many variety of restaurants to dine in and a cinema together. A must visit to any tourist to Berlin.
  • Photo of Geeess
    7 months ago
    I went there in the holiday season.It was a magical world full of colourful lights and decorations and lots of entertainment around. The cinema eating places and bars are all a big boon and they are so close to the Potsdammer Platz too.A great way to spend some fun times
  • Photo of Jason A
    8 months ago
    We went to see the 00:15 showing of SW: Rogue One and got there a little early. We went into the bar/restaurant right there and ordered a couple flights of beer before the show. The area was safe and the theater was grand. I walked back to Alexanderplatz at 03:00 after the movie and though it took me an hour, I got to cross the spree and go window shopping!

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