Photo of Papilles in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Papilles in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Papilles in Berlin, , DE
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French Restaurant

brunch • burger • eggs benedict • oysters

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  • Photo of Sofia Borsani Prudente
    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ we love this place
  • Photo of Minka Guides
    2 years ago
    Cute French cafe/bistro in Neukolln. No menu online. Facebook website. Closed Mondays. 9am-1am. Cash only.
  • Photo of Валерий Б
    3 months ago
    I was there up for a breakfast on a Saturday morning. The interior is quite cool. Weared furniture, skratches on the walls but that's in a way charming and reveals a history of that place. Pretty satisfied with the service too. Bartenders spoke German and English and were very relaxed and friendly. The food is being served relatively quickly. Unfortunately, it's barely possible to find something with meat.The portions are not very generous too. After finishing my meal I was still a little hungry although my weight is just 70 kg. In addition, given the simplicity of ingredients the prices are too high and that's probably the main issue for me. I've payed 14 euro for benny's eggs, french toast and latte. I must admit though that the food is delicious. There could be combinations of different tastes in one meal wich is confusing and interesting at the same time. You should go there mainly for the atmosphere and emotions and not for a proper breakfast or lunch.
  • Photo of Neil W
    4 months ago
    Second time at Papilles in 18 months. Still one of the bets places in Berlin. Eggs benedict ftw while people watching in Neukölln. Great service too.
  • Photo of Yolanda W
    4 months ago
    I had dinner here on a weekday. The restaurant was small but managed to accommodate an 8-person group just fine. I had their salmon salami and lamb chop. The salmon salami was fabulous, but the lamb chop was too salty to my like. The ingredients were fresh and presentation all fine. The servers/owners were really friendly and knowledgeable about their offerings.
  • Photo of mmadjer
    4 months ago
    Ate the cheese plate and the beef burger. Both were very good. Prices are reasonable at 7 and 10 EUR respectively.
  • Photo of SunJiefu
    5 months ago
    Super friendly (English-speaking) staff (not French-speaking, as the name of the restaurant and its cuisine might suggest, just so that you know!), but a bit let down by the interior – I first sat right next to the corner from the hallway that leads to the toilets and the air was heavy with, wel l… urinal cake stench (I confirmed later on it was actually them!); even a bit further away (I changed seats), there still was a whiff of toilet air ever so often. Also, mixed feelings about the food: the chicken breast that went with the caesar salad as accompaniment to the burger I had (also good!) was marvelous; however, the "platter of charcuterie" that I ordered as a starter consisted of only three varieties of … salami. "Papilles" only tickled, and waiting to be overwhelmed.
  • Photo of vinjcir
    5 months ago
    Our go-to cafe when we were staying in that area of Berlin. They were very accommodating with seating. We had the lounge table and chairs just inside with an open door to the fresh air outside. Great food and wine. Very friendly service. Try the french toast for breakfast! Cheers.
  • Photo of Nirbendel
    5 months ago
    If you happen to be in the area, look for this place. I recommend the eggs Benedict, not an American size portion but very well executed. The menu is beautifully scrawled on the wall. The service was quick and friendly. Facilities leave room for improvement.
  • Photo of Leonardo C
    5 months ago
    Great healthy and different lunch options. Very friendly staff and good service. Space is very pleasant with terrace option.
  • Photo of Eldel63
    6 months ago
    Found this lovely spot after a search in Tripadvisor. Very cosy and great service. The breakfast had great options and the eggs Benedict in particular was cooked to perfection. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Guy S
    6 months ago
    A surprising little place with a great atmosphere, short menu, excellent service and fantastic food. We really enjoyed our dinner here and definitely recommend this place to friends or anybody who wants a fun evening with good food
  • Photo of heymelissabrown
    6 months ago
    You know when you go into something with expectations and at the same time, expect to be disappointed? That happens all the time. But what about that one time when it was exactly as you thought it would be–and better? And as soon as you’re done devouring every inch of it, you want to tell all your closest friends about the movie moment you just experienced. This just happened to me, and now I want to tell the world. First, I heard about Benny’s eggs and expected the denseness of the hollandaise to overpower the beauty of a poached egg. But, as soon as it was in front of me, I had to quickly readjust all of my expectations. It looked so fresh. Second, I expected the eggs to be too runny…most eggs in the past were that way, but no. I pulled apart the outer layer to reveal a perfectly toned yolk. The first bite of rustic English muffin, lean salmon, juicy egg, tender avocado, with a touch of dill. I almost didn’t want to let the fork part from my lips in hopes of preserving the intense lust. On a bed of salad, sprinkled with a little salt and pepper. My only regret is that we didn’t meet sooner. 💋 Melissa Brown #dramaticeating
  • Photo of PaganMin
    6 months ago
    Strap on your seatbelts because you're going for a ride with this one. You'll definitely not regret. The waiters and waitresses are very charming, sweet and attentive. Somehow always have a smile on their face, which makes this place seem very welcoming. The atmosphere is very fun-loving, casual and warm. Warm lights and good music to follow, although that's subjective. The food is outworldly. It's hard to find restaurants that manage pricing this well. You definitely get more than you'd expect for the price. Simply delicious, it's hard to put into words, just see for yourself. Don't miss out on this hidden gem.
  • Photo of Боженка З
    6 months ago
    Must-try. :) Really tasty. :) Croissant, granola, baguette, camembert.. yummi. :) Feel myself having breakfast in France.
  • Photo of Yoni M
    7 months ago
    The food is great the atmodphere is very nice. The service is very good and the Price is fair. I strongly recommend it
  • Photo of Bandi73
    7 months ago
    Magically nice service, super delicious food at affordable prices. The staff tell everything about the meals, you choose, but can not choose badly. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Angini P
    7 months ago
    Very cosy place with friendly staff. The pain au chocolat was amazing! They also have pretty good coffee. I was told that the eggs were great too.. Absolutely positive experience.
  • Photo of Andy D
    7 months ago
    We stopped off here after visiting a nearby bar on the way back to the airport :( It's quite a small place, we may have been lucky to get in and we were early. There really isn't much of a menu, the waiter went through about four options. When we were there, it was burger, Salmon Burger, veggie burger, or venison. My wife had the salmon burger, more of a piece of salmon in a roll (black!), she absolutely loved it. I had the venison, which was gorgeous. Staff were friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, the beer was the best i had in Berlin (local pale ale), it was reasonably priced, so nothing to fault! Do it
  • Photo of Çağla M
    7 months ago
    A small place that has its own style. We were there as a crowded group of friends in Easter evening. They were so kind that arranged us the big table even if it is booked for the next hour. We ate huge oysters. Hamburgers were delicious and you can choose with different sorts of bread. We enjoyed the food, wine and service.
  • Photo of fimiguma
    8 months ago
    Papilles is an amazing place! They do awesome breakfast at a great price and they serve a brilliant dinner menu. The dinner is great having 2 new starters and mains every week. On top of this the staff are friendly, warm and attentive which is rare especially because the service is very genuine. I visit every day when I'm in Berlin, you should too. It's one of my favorite places in Europe.....
  • Photo of Natalia d
    8 months ago
    Papilles is one of my favorite places for basically everything... breakfast, lunch, coffee (!) and dinner. The menu is not to big but you will always find a suitable option and the prices are very good. The service ist very nice and kind.

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