Photo of Hamy Cafe in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Hamy Cafe in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Hamy Cafe in Berlin, , DE
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Hamy Cafe

Asian Restaurant

Hamy Cafe34.5
pho • tofu • soups • green curry

Hasenheide 10
Berlin 10967, DE
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  • Photo of Chris S
    a year ago
    Taxifahrer Tipp #1
  • Photo of Suzy Nader
    a year ago
    Thai curry
  • Photo of Minka Guides
    3 years ago
    Seriously amazing Vietnamese for under 5 euros. I honestly had the best green curry of my life here! Ignore the simple interiors and pay attention to the amount of people rammed on to its tables. English website. No menu online. Open 7 days. Midday-11pm.
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  • Photo of Giacomo A
    5 months ago
    A w e s o m e! Really cheap and tasty af! The chicken currry was really tasty and the service was really fast. Cheap and good. Top.
  • Photo of C L
    6 months ago
    Was here after 10, therefore was not able to order from the full menu, only chicken curry. Very tasty. Nice location and service.
  • Photo of FC1983
    6 months ago
    Very pleased with this please. Loads vegan options; the wan tan soup was amazing with half the bowl of pickled chilli thrown in!
  • Photo of LuisPistaccio
    7 months ago
    I just had rice and small pho but for the few i've got I paid 5eur of a quality and hearty lunch served a the table
  • Photo of Damzzzzz
    7 months ago
    Cheap, healthy, quick and delicious. 2 options of main dishes with chicken or tofu in either. 4.90€.
  • Photo of Anna N
    7 months ago
    Amazing amazing and could eat there each day. Light, fresh, clean..zen. Good for those who keep on eye on diet and calories. Nice atmosphere. I will come back- for sure
  • Photo of MirkoSpino
    9 months ago
    Suggested by friends it appear to be very popular since it was crowded. Despite this, the service fast and the food delicious, fresh and cheap. For 4.70 euro I had a chicken soup tasty and very viet flavored
  • Photo of Isabel A
    9 months ago
    Good cheap place to grab a bite. The food was food we had the curry and the stew. The staff was friendly as well
  • Photo of ExiledDonkey
    9 months ago
    Went here, very busy and good atmosphere. I had chicken pho, my wife had chicken salad, we had 2 Saigon beers each and the banana desert. Wonderful food and the total bill just over €22. I have had pho in Vietnam before, and this wise just as good. The waiter will produce an English menu if you ask. Well worth the visit. Staff were very pleasant and good.
  • Photo of Angini P
    9 months ago
    We were advised to go there, the prices are low but of course at that price you get something that is very average. The waiter was a bit rude and didn't get the order right but the place is fine for a quick lunch. Don't go there with high expectations.
  • Photo of Rishi M
    10 months ago
    Very good quality-price ratio. The staff were helpful and the service super quick. Don't plan on hanging around though, the place is usually very busy and you're usually sharing a table with other people.
  • Photo of Franc W
    10 months ago
    Once you've order you barely have time to finish the conversation and the food is there! They always have two day dishes ¡, a vegetarian and a meet option, both fantastic and good portions! The only down side is that often you will be seated next to other clients, and that can be a bit uncomfortable, but if you are in the area and feeling like something exotic, cheap and fast, go for it!
  • Photo of Aleks S
    a year ago
    What more can I say, the food is great and you usually get your dish before you've finished ordering. It's that fast. The daily specials are 4.90€ and almost always great. It's super busy between 12 and 14, so you may end up sitting with other people, today I was at a table with 3 strangers. When the weather allows there are tables out front, sitting with strangers also happens.
  • Photo of pobogu
    a year ago
    Very busy place, with very little room to manoeuvre; very limited choice of dishes, yet very very tasty food in massive portions. Don't go here if you mind sharing your table with complete strangers.
  • Photo of Geert V
    a year ago
    Waw. Must I say. Ex-cellent food. First thing that came to our mind when trying their food was: "oh damn... when are we coming back?"
  • Photo of Toms K
    a year ago
    There are many places providing pho and other traditional dishes of Vietnamese cosine, but this is an exception where the highest quality meats the lowest price.
  • Photo of melisfreebird
    a year ago
    i eat here all the time - food is cheap & good. unfortunately today, the waiter who has a bad cold, BLEW HIS NOSE INTO HIS HAND. didn't head to tye washroom, rubbed his eyes & carried on serving. ummm, hope it's not that flu that's been going round!
  • Photo of schoenki
    a year ago
    The place is very small and because it's highly frequented also often crowded. Inside they have smaller tables, outside you'll sit on longer benches with people you don't know (but hey that's modern city culture). The menu is not that extensive but it's enough to be confused about what to choose, and then there's the daily changing specials that are extreme good value for money. If it's too crowded for your taste, try take-away and hit to the park Hasenheide that has some nice spots to enjoy your meal (note: concerning the park honesty obliges me to say there have been (still are?) some drug dealing issues but I lived around the corner for 2 years and never had problems. So just be alert, and you'll be fine).
  • Photo of dawson_25
    a year ago
    The food was some of the best vietnamese food I've ever had & would recommend the food to anybody. Most dishes are only 4.90 and drinks are reasonable priced. The big negative for this restaurant was that it is so small with a ridiculous amount of tables crammed in. Only eat here if you don't mind being shoulder to shoulder with strangers in this very cheap and popular spot.
  • Photo of Lara L
    a year ago
    So good and so inexpensive! I enjoyed the atmosphere, it was cosy and the food was served so quickly!

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