Photo of Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) in Berlin, , DE
Photo of Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe) in Berlin, , DE
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Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe)

Department Store

Kaufhaus des Westens (KaDeWe)14.5
department store • food hall • food floor • sixth floor

Tauentzienstrasse 21 - 24
Berlin 10789, DE
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  • Photo of Fodor's Travel
    2 years ago
    Known as KaDeWe, the Kaufhaus des Westerns in Berlin is continental Europe’s largest department store. Though it almost burned to the ground when an American airplane crashed into it in 1943, the store became a symbol of the city’s renewal after the war, and once again after the fall of the Berlin wall. Though the architecture is less opulent than the department stores in Paris and other cities, it features an impressive Art Deco atrium café on the top floor.
  • Photo of Team_Makanere
    5 months ago
    Yes, it is a big department store. Yes, it is impressive. But beyond those two facts, I'm not sure I would go too far out of my way to visit. We happen to be staying down the street from it, so we have walked by and through a few times. I'm just glad we didn't spend any money to get to it. If you have been to any decent sized mall in the states, you have been to KaDeWe. I will say the 6th floor is impressive and I imagine if you have a bit of money to spend and are a foodie, this is like paradise. So I guess it has that going for it.
  • Photo of Alan F
    5 months ago
    This establishment is like a David Jones store, with the 6th floor full of great meats,cheeses,seafood and grocery items.They have great displays and we settled for some items from the sea food area .A great open type kitchen , with definite chef "type" people preparing and cooking to your desire on how we wanted the salmon cooked.We had salmon with shrimps and fillets of Red fish. This came with great bread and a freshly made salad , some Rhine wine ,all at areasonable price.
  • Photo of paulg793
    5 months ago
    The Department Store of The West was built to showcase the exuberant lifestyle possible in western Berlin during the days of separation......and it still works as a shiny beacon of consumerism! The ground floor houses shops the likes of Gucci, Tiffinys, Channel et al. Skip all of these until you get to the 5th floor........then prepare to drool like a Great Dane with toothache! Seriously the best place in Berlin for foodies. If you appreciate a good burger, you're in luck. Great tip, find the beer bar, sit and enjoy the views.
  • Photo of worldtraveller1968
    5 months ago
    just wverything you need deaire wish for and its a all in all luxus temple in the centre of berlin west the design the history the people the restaurant amd quality is one of its class
  • Photo of Don L
    5 months ago
    If you can't find it here you probably don't need it. This upscale 10 story mall must be one of the largest and most comprehensive malls in the world. Every type of store shop restaurant and food products stores are located here. Moreover you can have a fine meal coffee and pastries at any number of restaurants at the mall. Shop til you drop. Enjoy
  • Photo of vanhasselt2016
    5 months ago
    This temple of consumerism was once intended to impress the DDR residents across the wall. It has an enormous choice of produce and items, bordering on decadism. Good restaurant at the top with optionbs for gluten free and lactose free diets.
  • Photo of sm05060
    5 months ago
    Go just to explore, it has everything. A lot of high end things with high end prices, check out the 6th floor where there's a huge range of all foods, fresh fish, meat, fruit, chocolates, alcohol, cakes & cafes. Try the burgers at New burger, the chefs takes the order as well as serving. Then indulge with one of the many cakes or chocolates. Or try the restaurant on the 7th floor.
  • Photo of Leah W
    5 months ago
    KaDeWe is well known for the gourmet food market on the top floor. The first floor is composed of outposts for every major global luxury brand: Cartier, Gucci, etc. above it there is a floor dedicated to women's clothing, men's, children's, and home goods as well. The top floor has mini restaurants (Asian, Italian, tapas, seafood, burgers, etc) as well as extensive selections of every food you can imagine. Alcohol, sweets, cheeses, condiments, etc. butchers, fish mongers, and everything in between.
  • Photo of andydrew
    5 months ago
    I hate malls, please don't think of this as a shopping mall review. Visit the sixth floor for an amazing mix of fresh anything you could ever want. Incredible!
  • Photo of travelfun5558
    6 months ago
    We went to this store just to see the food. They sell every type of meat, seafood, bakery, fruit, vegetable, dessert, beverage, etc. you can imagine. It is a treat just to walk through and look at all of the variety, but you won't be able to leave without a purchase. Beautifu. well-kept, huge department store. Worth a visit.
  • Photo of Nic O
    6 months ago
    This was second time visiting Berlin, it's the first time I've experienced very stuck up and unfriendly staff within the store in a few departments. I would take my business elsewhere, if you're looking to shop in West Berlin.
  • Photo of gregoryjarosch50
    6 months ago
    Wow, wow, wow. Exceptionally high standards and quality products on the 7 floors of KaDeWe. Luxury and beauty, men's and women's and children's collections, home and living and gourmet sections and roof top eatery in the KaDeWe at number 21-24 Tauentzienstrabe, Berlin. Diagonally across the road from the KaDeWe is the ground level Laderach Chocolatier Suisse shop at number 4 Tauentzienstrabe. Buy one of the delicious smoked ham sandwiches in the KaDeWe, wander the various shopping levels and marvel at what top quality merchandise is on sale and if your wallet permits indulge a little. Have a chat to the friendly Lotto folk on one of the top floors and dream of winning a couple of hundred thousand or couple of million Euro, and if so inclined buy a Wednesday, Friday or Saturday coupon for about 2.5 Euro a game. Then Wander across the road to the street level Laderach chocolate shop and try one of their hot "silky smooth" chocolate drinks - the stuff chocolate legends are made of. It's the end of summer coming now so the discounting on merchandise is in full swing, indulge if your resources permit. Ah, mein Berlin, so much to see and do and so little time to take it all in, but let us begin. As JFK said all those many years ag "Ich bein Erin Berliner", and why not. Enjoy.
  • Photo of Casimir Y
    6 months ago
    KaDeWe is a world class department store, but I went for the specialty food on the 6th Floor - curated shopping for any kind of food, seasoning, dessert or beverage you might imagine, but also satellite bar areas for all kinds of instant gratification ( Moet champagne, oysters, seafood, burgers . . . endless options ). It's a great place to come for a date or special occasion - but be prepared to hand over your charge card and not worry ( until tomorrow ) about the bottom line ! Enjoy !
  • Photo of Emma W
    6 months ago
    We only visited this department store as we were told it has an incredible selection of cakes. Floors 1 to 5 are standard clothes, shoes etc but floor 6 is food and includes a lot of small restaurants. Floor 7 is a self service style restaurant with a wide range of food. Unfortunately we did not find the selection of cakes we had previously seen photos of, maybe that is a Christmas specialty. Good place to go if you are in the area and are looking for a place to eat, drink and relax for a little bit.
  • Photo of Sarah I
    6 months ago
    We visited this area especially to see this store as we had heard so much about it but, it is your standard department store, nothing special.
  • Photo of betyouare
    6 months ago
    When you get up there you know what I mean 😀 No matter if youre thirsty, hungry or just must have something sweet you'll find it here! Of course rhere's plenty of shopping and a lot of brands if you want that too. We fell for all the wonderful and marvellous sweets 🎂🍰🍧at level six 😘👍
  • Photo of Kidsontrips
    6 months ago
    This is a huge department store over 7 floors. There is something for everyone, the food hall on the 6th floor is amazing with all kinds of items including live fish! There are several food outlets, burgers, oysters, champagne bars, wonderful cake and coffee stands. The other floors house toys - huge Steiff bear collection, crockery, moderately priced to the £700 cup and saucer! Baccarat crystal etc etc. There's a men's, women's and kids clothes floor at all price points. There are hugely expensive items to wonder at, and more moderately priced pieces which you might actually buy. A wonderful shopping experience, even for my daughter who 'doesn't like department stores'!
  • Photo of Strandurlaub
    6 months ago
    The KaDeWe is an upscale shopping experience, but also accommodates ordinary shopping. Our favorite sections are the Toy Department, the Hugendubel Book Store, and the Gourmet Food Market Floor (6th floor). Even if you don't spend any money there, you have to see it! Also, go up to the 7th floor, where you will find a restaurant with a view over Berlin. It is awesome! The Toy Department has the biggest collection of Steiff stuffed animals. Our daughter fell in love with all of them and got to buy one. Even though they are high, they are top quality, and they sort of are an investment! On the 5th floor, you will find the Hugendubel Book Store. They have a few books in English as well. There is no charge for plastic bags in the KaDeWe, incl. Hugendubel. They have all kinds of services, including Customer Service, Currency Exchange, store tours, Shoe Shine Service, Theater Box Office, Wheelchair Rentals, Clothing Alterations, Hair Stylist, Pharmacy ,etc. Please check out the KaDeWe. It's a first-class shopping experience and so much fun!
  • Photo of theander
    6 months ago
    This classic department store has 7 floors. The full 6 floor is packed with great food and drinks such as champagne bars, tapas bars, cakes, you name it. The rest of kdw is full of luxury items on each floor. The food section is definitely worth a visit even if you are not in the mood for shopping
  • Photo of steve s
    6 months ago
    A really interesting department store to walk around and maybe buy the odd thing. Its very expensive. Quality of item's is high. the 6 floor is full of small restaurants, great to walk around and take a look but be prepared, its very expensive to sit and eat. If you go out of the back doors, the square has a range of restaurants with better prices.

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