Photo of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Be, DE
Photo of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Be, DE
Photo of Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin, Be, DE
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Checkpoint Charlie

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Checkpoint Charlie44
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  • Photo of Amy Coulson
    2 years ago
    Around checkpoint charlie you can see fragments of the wall. Crowded
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  • Photo of Andreea Jora-Boerosu
    Crossings between west and east berlin
  • Photo of Elliot Cohen
    3 years ago
    10 minutes at most. But worth it...
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  • Photo of Jeanett  Wollesen Mariager Jensen
    Must see!
  • Photo of Nate R
    5 months ago
    You're visiting Checkpoint Charlie as a tourist, why would you bother with McDonalds when you have delicious currywurst? I've been there 3 times now, and it's always good. Simple, but fantastic.
  • Photo of Micha N
    5 months ago
    Kom meer te weten over de Berlijnse Curryworst. Waar ter wereld kun je ze halen, wie heeft het uitgevonden, welke liedjes zijn er geschreven over curryworsten, welke curryworst past bij jouw persoonlijkheid, wat voor kruiden zitten er in de curryworst, diverse soorten bestek en borden waarvan je de curryworst kunt eten, ben jij een snelle curryworst bereider en dan eindig je met een (klein) sample van de feitelijke curryworst. Een museum van epische proporties? Nee, maar wel vermakelijk en betaalbaar
  • Photo of 5StarDivaFamily
    6 months ago
    quick service, good currywurst...not that that I have many to compare to. easy for a quick try...and I really liked it.
  • Photo of yihleong
    7 months ago
    Was informed that Berlin is the birth place of Currywurst, have to admit that this is very different from the sausages served in other cities. A very simple and yet delicious snack that can be enjoyed by all ages. Really wanted to get hold of the secret receipe!!!! Suggestion: Please get the soft bread buns together with the currywurst.
  • Photo of hrsch
    9 months ago
    I tried several currywurst places, including more famous spots. This was my favorite. Just the right spiciness. Quick, filling, and good quality wurst.
  • Photo of Samantha Jean H
    9 months ago
    Great place to try the infamous Currywurst if you haven't already! This time I stuck to the Rostbratwurst, which is a grilled hotdog and it was delicious for a good price in the city centre!
  • Photo of Rob P
    10 months ago
    This was my first experience of the legendary Berlin currywurst and I was not disappointed. Friendly service and tasty food, served quickly and at a great price.
  • Photo of Ben P
    a year ago
    This was the first place we had currywurst in Berlin and for a quick and easy bite to eat it was great. No seating, just order and eat at the stand or on the go.
  • Photo of g_marianaa
    a year ago
    This typical german dish is delicious and can be found everywhere. This place, located near checkpoint Charlie is just as good, and unexpensive. Also, better than the fast-food options all around it. If you wanna try some local food, go for this one, instead of McDonald's.
  • Photo of Sophie0808
    a year ago
    Little food outlet at Checkpoint Charlie selling Currywurst, chips etc. We shared a Currywurst as a snack - cost about 3 euros. The sausage is sliced, covered in a tomato based sauce and sprinkled with curry powder/spices. It's quite tasty. Worth a try.
  • Photo of jjpuck
    a year ago
    Currywurst just might not be for you. It is what it is, and I found out that it is not for me at all. I did it because others told me I had to. The homemade catsup won't meet most Americans tastes. Overall it was fine, and the customer service was excellent. Just wasn't the food for me.
  • Photo of M J
    a year ago
    If you like McDonald's and fast food then you will enjoy this. Otherwise its not enjoyable fair, but you can say you tried curryworst.
  • Photo of Neal A
    a year ago
    Found by chance whilst strolling around the checkpoint Charlie area. Decent currywurst and chips. Friendly service. If in the area and in need of a quick bite would recommend.
  • Photo of aymats
    2 years ago
    We visited Checkpoint Curry 207 after visiting Checkpoint Charlie, when we were looking for something to eat. Actually it was the first time to taste currywurst for me. We liked the taste!
  • Photo of Martin D
    2 years ago
    I am a resident and tried out a lot of different Currywursts in Berlin. This is definitely one of the best Currywursts you can get in Berlin. The location is great and the two guys - Frank and Bülent - very nice, friendly and always in for a good laugh!!
  • Photo of MiriamBlazey
    2 years ago
    great currywurst sausage and very welcome after the footslog around the museum before we headed for home.
  • Photo of Stevie V
    2 years ago
    the very first time iv tried currywurst ever and after trying several others including currywurst museum I would say it was the best tasting top marks
  • Photo of davidwood33
    2 years ago
    In a town were Currywurst is bordering on a religion, this wurst bar was a good example of this Berlin delicacy. The service was friendly and fast, and the accompanying fries were fresh, hot and crispy. A great touch is the homemade Tomato Ketchup that is served on the side. Nice!!!
  • Photo of Mahendra M
    3 years ago
    Meals are tasty and priced reasonably. It was so nice and friendly and would recommend for any foreigner visiting Berlin
  • Photo of 141veronicam
    3 years ago
    I was told I had to have this before leaving. I tried it here and it was delicious. Then again, I may not know any better because I've never had it before. It has a curried ketchup and they can add more heat to the sauce if you ask. We had 2 of these and a beer for under €10. Good deal for quick street food.

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