Photo of CoDung in Nuremberg, Ba, DE
Photo of CoDung in Nuremberg, Ba, DE
Photo of CoDung in Nuremberg, Ba, DE
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Japanese Restaurant

sushi • soup • chicken • thai curry

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  • Photo of Inbal P
    3 months ago
    I had high expectations and ordered quite few items from the meanie. A lot of of the offered sushi included cream cheese and was fried. The sushi was over priced and not exiting to say the least. Would not recommend.
  • Photo of Luca D
    3 months ago
    I had a Miso soup and one of their menu sushi, the food was nice and the quality/price ratio very good but i had to pay cash because the minimum they accept for card payment is 40 Euros...I believe this is too much. In northern Europe you can pay a candy with card!
  • Photo of Nora0205
    3 months ago
    We were here on Saturday evening and it was fully booked but the hostess reserved a table for an hour later. When we were back we had a table reserved upstairs. No airconditioning was available and it was very warm. The only thing we did not like was the rudeness of the waiter. She was rude and unfriendly. But luckily we were served what we ordered and the sushi made up for it as it was perfect. It is recommended to book a table before you visit.
  • Photo of Bas V
    4 months ago
    We came here for a quick bite and very much enjoyed the vietnamese noodles. Fresh, well seasoned and aithentic taste. Restaurant atmosphere is informal and good for quick dinner. Service efficient. Place is very popular so would recommend to make a reservation.
  • Photo of ctgo
    4 months ago
    Unfortunately this place is totally overrated, the food is average and the service is mediocre. The waitresses were friendly but not giving the impression they take their job seriously.... Initially they were very quick but after ordering it was like they forgot about you, had to wait very long to request another drink. Finally when wanting to pay 28,5 euro with credit card they said the amount had to be a minimum of 30, and they refused to accept my payment.... if I would have had a bill of 15 euro I would understand but a difference of 1,5 euro is not significant in my opinion. In the end I agreed to pay 30 to avoid further discussions....
  • Photo of Zolbot
    4 months ago
    Food was great and good value for money. Would recommend anyone with an asian tongue to go there! ;-)
  • Photo of Ioana P
    4 months ago
    Very good platter for 4. Enough food, not too much to make one too full. Unlike most sushi places in Germany, the soy sauce is not too salty - it has the proper amount of salt that lets one enjoy the sushi. Fast service. The only minus: warm beer.
  • Photo of sheriffCarter
    5 months ago
    I'd say it's one of the best sushi I was able to find so far in Europe (Czechia & Germany mostly) in terms of taste of it. The service is okay, I wouldn't call it great, but it's decent. Rolls though are not so cheap and very small. Thus, in order to get full you have to order a lot of them, seriously. Also, they don't have anything like I used to have from any sushi place - free green tea, or a cookie/orange slice at the end of your lunch. Nothing like that really. Also, most of the sushi were kinda generic and looking extremely plain and similar. But again, I'm probably spoiled by great sushi I used to have in Vancouver.
  • Photo of matzeb595
    5 months ago
    The sushi CoDung is offering is the best one I had around the world. Lucky me, that I'm living in Nuremberg. Free Crabchips when you are seated. I love the fresh lemonades they offer. The sushi is outstanding. I always go for Menu 3 with "sushi basics" + something special. With the menu you can get a great meal with reasonable price. The Vietnamese curries are great, too.
  • Photo of Qusai K
    5 months ago
    it's easily one of the best sushi I had here in nuremburg, plus the service was really great the waiters were nice . I don't really know how to describe it but they were able to make going to eat alone less awkward for me anyways I really recommend this place is your are around .
  • Photo of Bahar V
    6 months ago
    So far the best veggie sushi I have had in the area!!! Staff was super friendly as well. 2 Thumbs up!
  • Photo of 1973Barth
    7 months ago
    I was there for a Biz dinner and it was quick and very good. The food was excellent and tasty. I was impressed about the operational performance while the Suppe came before the drinks but small details .big recommendation thumbs up !!!!
  • Photo of Jgc4248
    7 months ago
    Couldn't be happier with every aspect if this restaurant!!! For starters the shining star is the food everything is awesome so tasty and great presentation not to mention speedy service!! Yes the place is busy for a reason and it has great space and great opening hours and an English menu!! We chose to go here twice in a row on our trip to Nuremberg not only because it's great but the opening hours are so convenient too other businesses should take some notes here!! Would definitely visit again. Perfecto!!
  • Photo of YuliaSol22
    7 months ago
    Pricey sushi that is WORTH IT. Wonderful hospitality and atmosphere here. Ugh, I dream of this stuff. Fresh and high quality.
  • Photo of Oliver H
    8 months ago
    We visited the restaurant after quite a while. The restaurant in the center of Nuremberg is a bit small and Cody. But there are way to many tables for guests. The service is very friendly. What I really like are the pictures next to every offering in the menu. This makes it much easier to decide - some of the offers are kind of special. However, prices are very reasonable! The Sushi is fresh and tasty. However, in earlier times it was more special and unique. To make a long story short, the CoDung has become more a kind of mainstream restaurant. Everything is really ok, but it wasn't really outstanding
  • Photo of Igor S
    8 months ago
    Food was ok but similar to what you get in any Asian bar in NUE. Prices are higher though and you get waiting service. The service is poor and slow. They wanted to 'arrest' my mobile phone as i had no cash and their credit card terminal did not work. Indeed the sent me to an atm but wanted me leave something as a guarantee I will return. I guess many guests leave and never come back... why would they? Miso soup was tasteless, diluted with too much water. I needed to pour some soya sauce to be able to eat it. Pho soup with chicken was ok but as I said, no different than in cheaper places nearby. Main courses portions were small and dishes almost tasteless. There was absolutely no pleasure sitting there whatsoever. Music horrible - loud hip-hop. You would expect some smooth Asian music or something more subtle. Staff shouting to one another, delivery guys passing constantly by my table hitting me sometimes with some boxes... I have not tried their sushi but from what I had here this place is not worth the high reviews.
  • Photo of christina s
    9 months ago
    We ate here on a Thursday evening in early March and were lucky to get two seats at the bar. During our stay about 5 groups were turned away. Around about 8.30pm there were some free tables.The food is very good. My partner ate sushi and I the Thai coco mango - both very tasty. It's a busy place with the kind of hectic activity often found in Asian restaurants of this kind. But we didn't feel rushed. If you want to eat here, book a table or come very early or late.
  • Photo of J7408GKtomw
    9 months ago
    Sushi was fresh and tasty. Vietnamese food was good but not amazing. Location and service are nothing special
  • Photo of ckouw
    10 months ago
    It wasn't easy to get a free table, but it was worth to wait. The starters and the wine were great and the sushi was amazing. Their prices are more than good for what you pay. I would recommend this restaurant everyone who loves Asian food and especially sushi. But don't forget to book your table early enough
  • Photo of Anita F
    10 months ago
    Spartan location (nothing relaxing or enjoyable atmosphere). I would not suggest to go there if you want to have a special dinner or if you care about the environment of where you eat. The sushi was ok and there was a good variety available.

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