Photo of Tantris in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of Tantris in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of Tantris in Munich, Ba, DE
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German Restaurant

venison • course tasting menu • lobster • amuse bouche

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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
    Opened in Munich in 1971, Tantris is one of the best restaurants in Germany and one of the most beautifully designed dining rooms in the world. Its interior more or less unchanged since its foundation with Seventies design flourishes. The two Michelin-star French menu is exceptional too, and presented by long-serving staff.
  • Photo of Michelin  Guides
    2 years ago
    2 Michelin stars.
  • Photo of rcurtism
    5 months ago
    We visited in May and have thought many times about how to fairly review our experience at Tantris. On our swing through the Netherlands and Germany we dined at Vinkeles and Bord'eau in Amsterdam and Schwarzwaldstube in Baiersbronn in addition to Tantris. Tantris was the only disappointment. The pace of the tasting menu seems to be deliberately slow - I didn't get the sense that they were exceptionally busy or having a bad night, it just seemed like they were deliberately allowing about 30 minutes between courses. The meal just seemed to drag on forever, and even with pacing ourselves with finished our bottle of wine somewhere around the middle of the third course. We saw a couple seated before us who were enthusiastically greeted as old time friends by the host and wait staff. At one point they called their waiter over and told him to speed things up, making wrist over wrist motions. Expect to spend 3 to 4 hours consuming a 5 course tasting menu of occasionally delicious but not particularly inspiring food, possibly including a couple of serious misses (our dessert course was a real misfire). We would not go back even if someone else were paying for the meal.
  • Photo of Jbotha_MN
    5 months ago
    Visited 2017-08-11. I could not have imagined a better ending to my Munich trip than dinner at the 2 Michelin star Restaurant Tantris. Service was faultless and beautifully choreographed, not quite to the level of the former Five Hundred in Johannesburg, but still highly satisfying. Every dish was perfectly executed, packed with flavour, and beautiful on the plate. My only criticism would be that too many dishes featured a foam of some kind. Favourites were the sea bass with smoked eel, venison saddle with chanterelles, and goat cheese with tomatoes. We had a lovely conversation with the new sommelier, Nicolas Spanier. We talked about the champagne aperitif and the two wine pairings I chose, one for the main protein course, and one for dessert. All three are from small batch wineries and produced using biodynamic methods. Over half the wines at Tantris are biodynamic. After dinner we talked to maître d’ Boris Häbel about other sustainability efforts at Tantris, including their lovely red Tesla Model X. Soon our ride, a black Tesla Model S arrived, and we had to say good night, sad to leave, but thrilled with the experience.
  • Photo of NewYorkCityUes
    5 months ago
    Recommended by our hotel. Cabdriver knew the place and said it was fantastic. We thought the food was ok but it did not blow us away. 55E for a starter and some main courses up to 90E. Come on!!!!
  • Photo of Daan B
    6 months ago
    If you eat here you get a complete experience. Good food with a good service. The food is classic and simple but when you taste it it's nothing but simple. You will experience an explosion of taste and some deep and pure flavours. This combined with a smooth and professional service gets you pretty close to perfection.
  • Photo of Milantropo
    6 months ago
    I start from the end. The bill! If being a 2 stars Michelin allows you to put whatever price...then I agreee. But this restaurant is not, for my experience, a 2 stars Michelin, or maybe it is for the German standard but not internationally. Positive: service, raw material and partially location Negative: nothing special, no big creativity, wine list It´s a shame, but keep away if you don´t want to spend money coming out unsatisfied
  • Photo of oew
    6 months ago
    My employees gave me for Christmas as gift a visit to the cooking class of the Tantris Restaurant! The session was from 0900 in the morning and I left at 6pm Really tired . It was a perfect day , cooked a perfect dinner for 12 people , the group , and learned a lot and had a perfect afternoon dinner!
  • Photo of choco_nut_9
    8 months ago
    Our last night in Munich was spent at Tantris. Yes the food is excellent. Yes it is expensive. We enjoyed the food. It is creative in both flavour and presentation. I was surprised at 2 things. Firstly there was 1 amuse bouche at the start of the meal but no other courses or "tastes" were added which is quite typical of restaurants in this class. The second surprise was the size of the portions. Typically in a tasting menu you get just that, a small course that allows you to taste the flavours but is not a full course. Tantris portions are quite large. I could not eat everything. Our "main" course was the veal and they served 2 medallions. I could only eat 1 and even my husband could not finish my serving. Each course was prepared in a unique way and thinking back now, I would love to relive the flavours. The staff was very good. Unfortunately though we could see how structured they are in performing their tasks. When we spent some time chatting with one of the young servers, he was tapped by another server to tell him to move into position to serve another table. I do want to give a shout out to Mathieu, one of the sommeliers. He spent some time talking to us about his passion for wine. He was very cute because I told him that I felt that the service was very regimented but we understood that the clientele would not put up with anything more relaxed. His response was that he would be happy to do his job in shorts and a t-shirt! How true! The only disappointment we had was that we had been advised that they have a car available to take people back after dinner. When we asked, we were told that the vehicle was busy. After spending over 700 euro for dinner for 2 I would have thought they would have told us that if we wanted to wait for the car we could rather than their quipt response that they called us a taxi!
  • Photo of Theodore L
    8 months ago
    This is a very nice restaurant with excellent food but questionable decoration! On entering the place you might think that this is a Chinese establishment with Dragons and what have you! This is a big place and a piano somewhere in the center would add to the atmosphere a lot. The food is first rate as is the service.
  • Photo of jhspadt
    8 months ago
    I first ate here in January 2016 with business colleagues. It was, in a word, perfection. In all ways. It was not just dinner but a heavenly experience. One of the best, if not the best, restaurants in the world. All senses are peaked from start to finish. I look forward to going back in a few weeks.
  • Photo of sykik1
    9 months ago
    I lived and worked in Munich for a while, and Tantris was the restaurant I always went to with friends. The atmosphere is vibrant from the moment you step in the door...They make every guest feel special... and welcome. The food is exceptional !!! From the starters to dessert, literally everything on the menu is spectacular...and yes, it is expensive, but it is worth every penny. I made a thousand memories...and enjoyed a thousand amazing dinners at Tantris...There is no place like it...Enjoy !!!
  • Photo of JAGegs
    9 months ago
    My first visit to Tantris was as a college student in 2002. Perhaps the fact that it was my first European fine dining experience is why it hangs so fondly for me among the very best in the world. Every subsequent trip had been marvelous, each better than the prior, with me returning home to California to sing Tantris' praises from the rafters. I have sent countless friends and business associates, all of whom have had (at least, all of whom tell me that have had) marvelous experiences. If you have had one of these homerun meals at Tantris - the flawless cadence, one of a kind dining environment, spectacularly innovative cuisine, and a world-class wine program - then you know what I am talking about and can imagine how excited I was to finally bring my significant other to Munich for dinner at Tantris after playing it up all these years. Well we were just so disappointed. 1) They sat us in a room I had only ever seen used as a private space for large parties. We were completely out of the flow of the restaurant. No view of the dining room and all that it has to offer. There were 2 other tables seated in our room, one of which was also quite disappointed to have been put there. Very simply, seating in this adjunct room does not provide the Tantris experience, which does rely in part on design, imagery, and space to evoke the mood that is such a unique feature of the restaurant. We just missed out on that part, which in itself would have been enough to spoil the experience. 2) Perhaps as a result of where we were seated, we did not have the chance to interact with many staff at all. Usually, the wonderful team is one of Tantris' strong suits, as even with minor linguistic issues, I have always been made to feel so at home and welcome, with great conversation from the staff. This time we saw almost nobody other than our captain. 3) Our captain was quite awkward. While I chalked it up to some minor subtleties being lost in English / German translation, my dining partner really felt that he was awkward to the point of rudeness. When I think about his reaction when I asked for a particular red wine, that was not a fortified wine, with my cheese course, he was visibly taken aback, as if he thought I was making a very odd choice indeed. 4) Awkwardness and language issues are okay, but poor service is not. The second course of the tasting menu presented diners with a choice of A or B. We asked for "one of each" - as if to say, she'll have Item A, and I'll have Item B. The captain then brought us each the same course - so we would up with two Item As and no Item B. No problem, I thought: I alerted the captain. He apologized and said "ahhh I thought you wanted "one each" of the first choice, not one OF each! Sorry!" But he didn't fix it - instead he just stood there for a second, and eventually asked "so, it's okay, you'll keep that then?" I said to him "well it's not what we ordered, but we will eat it." Perhaps it is my fault, but I should not need to say to give him instructions. He should know there is only one answer at Tantris: take both items back, and return with the correct items. 5) From the kitchen this time, they presented the same exact accouterment on two successive courses in the tasting menu which, at a venue such as this, I consider to be unacceptable on the part of the kitchen. It wasn't something innocuous, either, like salt; it was something very specific and more design-driven than it was meant to taste good. I will get this wrong, but it was something like a beet tuile - a big, colorful wafer - and they had presented it as the main "visual accent piece" in 2 different courses in a row. One does not dine at Tantris to see this basic lack of thoughtfulness. In any event I am always so happy to be at Tantris, because I know what it CAN deliver when the entire operation is working as it should. But this time, I'm afraid, was just such a disappointment, and it was the one time when I really wanted them to be perfect so that I could share my favorite restaurant's exceptional overall experience with my favorite person. It was the worst time for Tantris to finally fail me, and it sure did. That said, I will return and give it another shot just as soon as I can.
  • Photo of Javier L
    9 months ago
    We met in Munich with friends just to go to this restaurant. I must say it was a really nice dinner, we took the 5 courses menu with wine peering. All products and dishes were really nice, and also the exclusive atmosphere and attention from the staff. But I must say that I have been in 2 other restaurants over 200€/pax and the experience was better in my opinion, this one looked very much like a regular restaurant both in presentation and kind of food. We were expecting something closer to The Fat Duck (in his good times), El Bulli or similar. Anyway we enjoyed our experience.
  • Photo of fs d
    9 months ago
    The eight courses tasting menu was amazing! The oxtail essence with gnocchi was one of pur favorites. Our dinner lasted four hours and was a great time . I would highly recommend Tantris to anyone who wants to have a great meal. The price is not for the faint of heart, but it is worth every euro.
  • Photo of Özge B
    10 months ago
    I went to Tantris for dinner. Unforgettable gastronomic journey from starters to desserts. I am looking forward to go back
  • Photo of Gordon175
    10 months ago
    I went by myself. I was able to get a reservation with just a few hours notice on a Wednesday. I ordered the 8-course tasting menu. I also ordered a glass of wine from their extensive wine list. The food and the service were both very good. The decor might not be for everyone but I liked it and appreciated that the lighting level is relatively high so you can manage to read the menu easily, something that frequently isn't the case. I really enjoyed my meal.
  • Photo of SydneySamS
    10 months ago
    We have been to all four two star restaurants in Munich and this one would be the last on our list of places to go back to. It has very interesting orange interiors and the staff are very friendly, helpful and good. The sommelier was also very informative and friendly. The vegetarian option was non existent and despite informing the restaurant weeks before our visit they had NOTHING to offer on the evening. I am sorry but, we have never been disappointed so in ANY Michelin restaurants around the world. The menu is unimaginative, presented like my local Bavarian restaurant and lacks fresh flavours. The kitchen is miserly and the Grüß aus die Küche was a Deep friend ordinary tasting dish. The veal was overcooked and chewy, the dessert just did not go together and the petit fours were inedible and I was disappointed that we ate it. At this level I expect perfection in pastries and way better visual presentation of the food. I think my wife would have sent back all the vegetarian courses. Despite knowing that she did not tomatoes, two courses came with it and when we sent one back, it came back with tomato broth the second time. Is it really that hard to cater for a vegetarian ? In today's world Michelin restaurants are offering exceptional vegetarian choices and this place was the worst by far for a vegetarian. Sorry but you have to do way better than that to have two stars and charge a lot of money for a meal. I just expect more. Truly disappointing experience.
  • Photo of FrancisRogerDuck
    10 months ago
    In a refined and timeless elegance with a '80 decor with warm orange/red and black panels. Elegant and comfortable chairs, perfect service and exhaustive wine list. Tasty marinated mackerel. Delicious caviar on potatoes/peas mash. Sensational sea-bass confit with yuzu and radish mousse. Perfectly roasted lobster with crustacean ravioli. Succulent sweetbread. Oxtail essence to die for and do not miss the almond soufflé with raspberries.
  • Photo of Gaea H
    a year ago
    A client set up our lunch here and said nothing in advance. My first impressions of the exterior and dining room was "i am back in someone's asiatic impressions room in the 1980's". I prefer more subtlety but the cuisine, served in 3 courses ,provided that and it was considerably inspired. We talked almost no business the entire time, consumed by the veal and other fine selections . Maybe the riesling helped.
  • Photo of Filipe B
    a year ago
    You might think this is not a budget restaurant. You are right! They are in the market for over 40 years and develop an amazing way to transform your dishes in a piece of art for your mouth. The ambient is beautifully decorated, the service is PHENOMENAL and the food is to die for. Big thank you for organizing a beautiful treat for me and my partner. Alex, thank you for bringing us back to the hotel at that magnific Tesla.
  • Photo of PeterR0we
    a year ago
    Perfect lunch in a beautifully bathed orange setting. Yes walls and ceilings draped in orange carpet giving a soft acoustic accompaniment to their fabulous tasting menu. Service, food and presentation was spot on. Sommelier dressed in a rather fetching suit was very knowledgeable and the wine pairing with the composition of the courses could not be faulted. The starter trout three ways was incredible. The Venison saddle was soft but sumptuous and balanced with the red cabbage and brioche. The apple tart and vanilla-brittle ice cream an elegant closing. yes pricey but will worth every euro.

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