Photo of St. Michael in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of St. Michael in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of St. Michael in Munich, Ba, DE
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St. Michael

Tourist Attraction

beautiful church • king ludwig ii • michael's church • counter reformation

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  • Photo of SJ_Taz
    3 months ago
    Near by marienplatz about 10min walking distace, this church on Sunday was fully packed with people but none of them was making annoying noise in the church. Truely holly and beautiful place. Recommend to everyone to drop by for a brief while if you r visiting the the city center anyway
  • Photo of charliedg2016
    3 months ago
    Enjoyed very much.King Ludwig and his family are kept in the crypt in the basement. worth a visit for sure.
  • Photo of CaptMancuso
    3 months ago
    We were walking around Marienplatz and trying to escape the commercialism and the crowds when we came upon St. Michael's. They were not holding mass at that time so we stepped inside; very glad we did. It's an incredible experience and worth the time just to view the interior of this historic church.
  • Photo of DCB95
    3 months ago
    St Michael's is one of the most beautiful churches in Munich. It is located in the centre of the old town area, and features many ornate gold features.The tomb of King Ludwig II is here, which unfortunately we did not know until after we left! King Ludwig II is a very interesting figure in Bavarian culture, so learn about him, then go see this site.
  • Photo of kpiddy
    4 months ago
    Walking along the pedestrian street of Neuhauser Strasse passed all the stores, cafes and restaurants, it's almost possible to miss St Michael's Church which is wedged in alongside other beautiful buildings. The front facade is simple yet elegantly decorated with statues and between the two arches of the front doors is a statue of Michael the Archangel. St Michael's Church is a Jesuit Church built in the late sixteenth century, from outside I could not have imagined the grand scale of the interior with a high domed ceiling, everything is painted white and heavily decorated, a wonderful atmosphere of peace in the busy centre of Munich. At the back of the church is an information board showing photographs of the church having been bombed during WW2, this is a stunning reconstruction of a beautiful church.
  • Photo of pathfinndr
    4 months ago
    This is one of my favorite churches in Germany, and in my opinion the most beautiful in Munich, by far. Angel sculptures and artwork are present throughout, and I love the bronze sculpture of the Archangel Michael, outside over the entrance, and the one by the holy water basin a short distance inside. Several tombs of members of the Wittelsbach dynasty are located in this church, including that of Ludwig II, the builder of Neuschwannstein Castle.
  • Photo of Mogeltoft
    5 months ago
    In the middle of the pedestrian zone close to Marienplatz you pass by this impressive building from 1597. Stop and enter, please. The church is far more interesting than the Munich Dome. It tells the story of the Jesuit power in the Renaissance. They were people with money and influence.
  • Photo of Simmelman
    5 months ago
    This was at 12h30. They usually put a notice outside stating dates when this happens. It takes about 20 min. It cisists of very good organ music and a short thought provoking reading- we had a poem from Mother Theresa. In a very busy city this was an awesome quiet time for us. Church itself is beatuful. Was inspiring to see a church actually using their location to reach people.
  • Photo of SL Y
    5 months ago
    Beautiful church. 2 heavy metal doors at the entrance. Looks like the doors are shut, but people going in and out. Church with lovely architecture and high ceiling. Large church music organ playing inside church. Good to pay a short visit
  • Photo of akshayanshu
    5 months ago
    This is one of the stark building in the midst of the market, white in color and once inside gives a soothing atmosphere.
  • Photo of jrhales77
    5 months ago
    There are several beautiful churches near the Marienplatz in Munich and St. Michael is one of them. Gorgeous architecture. If you like churches and are in Munich you must go.
  • Photo of Tom Z
    5 months ago
    Like Frauenkirche and St.Peters, St. Michaels is a must-see. Whether you're devout or not, the art is spectacular and does not take long to walk through. Just up from the Marienplatz.
  • Photo of John M
    6 months ago
    This is a beautiful church that you might not think to go in. I think it is one of the gems in Munich and should not be missed.
  • Photo of CJTravelerTexas
    6 months ago
    When visiting Munich, especially the Old Town, one has the option to visit few or many historic churches. St. Michael's Church, the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps, is well worth visiting. The interior is beautiful.
  • Photo of Alan F
    7 months ago
    At 12.30pm each weekday there is a little moment of peace from the throngs of shoppers outside. Peaceful organ music and a few words in German offer 15 minutes of meditation. The building is worth looking at in any event. Shame about the selfies!
  • Photo of Oldjack
    7 months ago
    This a large and spectacular church and apparently is the largest Renaissance church north of the Alps. Old Duke William The Pious who lived 1583-1597 made this the spritual center of the Counter-Reformation and he did a good job in building the church and one might assume his cause..
  • Photo of MarkTCalgary
    7 months ago
    King Ludwig II and many other members of the Bavarian royal family are in the crypt here. The church is gorgeous but the historical connections make it a must for the history buffs.
  • Photo of Loik A
    7 months ago
    St Michael est incontournable ! Superbement décorée, elle abrite la crypte où sont enterrés les Wittlebach et notamment Louis II de Bavière et son frère ! St Michael is really the place to visit in München. Beautifully decorated, the church offers also an access to the crypt were the Wittelsbach graves are to be found, among them those of Ludwig II and his brother Otto.
  • Photo of VimMcG
    7 months ago
    The church is lovely and found the history to be very interesting. Only wish the museum had some English translation of the text.
  • Photo of PeterAZ
    7 months ago
    The exterior is very large but not outstanding in design yet the interior is quite stunning in both size and design with an enormous altar. Still another example of the incredible wealth of the church and why even a tiny portion isn't sold to alleviate the poverty and suffering of so many is beyond me.

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