Photo of Marienplatz in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of Marienplatz in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of Marienplatz in Munich, Ba, DE
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christmas market • lots of shops • central square • street performers

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  • Photo of Jessa Wells
    5 months ago
    Glockenspiel (11 am, 12 pm, 5 pm)
  • Photo of Kelly D
    6 months ago
    Central city square
  • Photo of Vava nie
    a year ago
    For pics only
  • Photo of MooYo
    3 months ago
    I cannot imagine you visit Munich and not stop by the plaza. Great big Gothic church with the show twice a day. The plaza is always packed 10 minutes before the bell and the movement of the ornamental figures. Be sure to read the other reviews and know the times that the figures rotate for all to see. It's interesting to see it once so try to plan your time in the area around it.
  • Photo of bwheels22
    3 months ago
    When you go to Munich a must visit is the Marienplatz. Be there at 11 pr 12 or even 5 to see the musical performance by the famous tower animation . A mideval tradition and a must see. Plenty of shops,places to eat, but it does lack sitting for people who need a rest. Bring the family and mingle with the crowd. No cost and plenty to view,including people watching. Bw
  • Photo of Faizal B
    3 months ago
    1) Large open area with great walking potential 2) often has numerous public and private events going on 3) some limited food and beverage options near the tower including bike rentals Enjoy !!
  • Photo of BeauxMondesDesigns
    3 months ago
    A bustling square with lots of shopping,dining and people watching. The square is one of the city's great gathering spaces for special celebrations such as its annual LGBTQ pride day.
  • Photo of 878toddg
    3 months ago
    Always fun to watch the Glockenspiel. Also, Ratskellar restaurant is in the cellar of the Rathaus. Hard Rock Cafe and Hofbrau House are nearby.
  • Photo of IAN O
    3 months ago
    The beating heart of the city. This is a great square in front of the town hall. Always something going on from music to a political rally when we was there. The town hall and statues compliment and atmosphere is electric.
  • Photo of Richard S
    3 months ago
    We were only in Munich for a couple of days one which was spent at Dachau. But one of the highlights was a visit to Marienplatz, although sadly we missed the famous glockenspiel which only plays at 11am,midday, and 5 pm. Have seen it on you tube and it's looks spectacular,but just didn't fit in with our tight itinerary. The city square was very lovely with the new town hall and the old town hall,and the imposing statue of the Virgin Mary,and all the open air restaurants.There was an atmosphere of people just enjoying themselves and the place was very crowded as it was mid-summer and the weather was pretty warm. Munich would be a lively place when the festivities of the Octoberfest are happening. Lots of beautiful buildings all over the city and an excellent and cheap public transport system.
  • Photo of KLBTraveller
    3 months ago
    Last here 37 years ago and it has been my enduring memory of Munich so it was great to be back. Great place to just chill out and watch the passing parade or have coffee or shop or soak up its historical significance. The surrounding streets and neighbourhoods are just as interesting and enchanting!
  • Photo of RobBN
    3 months ago
    You will undoubtedly find yourself here at some point when visiting the city, if for no other reason than to see the glockenspiel at noon. All of the old city is an easy walk from here including churches, the market and numerous restaurants and shops.
  • Photo of ATS_F
    3 months ago
    So many shops and lots of cafes. All the main attractions are located near it. The town hall is amazing.
  • Photo of Michael R
    3 months ago
    The Marienplatz, is well the visit. It is easy to get by subway or the S train. Every hour the glockenspiel chimes and the charters do there dance. It's alway a must stop when I am in Munich Germany plus the shopping in the area is great you can find everything you need from Apple Store to the numerous banks.
  • Photo of m2swim
    3 months ago
    Lots of shops, lots of great architecture and a lot of people, both locals and tourists. It is a must-go when visiting Munich.
  • Photo of Ragz4
    3 months ago
    Shops, restaurants, bars & cafes! What more could you ask for? Get for people watching, but can get really crowded at times.
  • Photo of robeko1
    3 months ago
    Marvelous place to spend the day. Park your car and wander the area by foot. There is a lot to see and do in the immediate vecinity of the fabulous cathedral. We expected to spend about an hour, ended up walking the neiborhood half a day and regretting we didn't plan for more. Striking architecture, with modern marvels blending in nicely with the mediaval well maintaind structures. The dome is aexceptional sight; overwhelming, We even stumbled upon an inside courtyard on one side housing two restaurants. If you need a cool place and shade, to rest and sip the occasional beer, that could be a very glamurous one, and there are plenty more. The area is safe and unexpectadly cozy with plenty to explore.
  • Photo of alison l
    3 months ago
    We lived Marienplatz Great choice of shops The glockenspiel is well worth a look We viewed it working at 11am We only had 1 day to sightsee and would definitely recommend We are planning to visit again
  • Photo of Kaye H
    3 months ago
    All my subway / underground journeys seemed to end with me being here. It is a very busy city square with all the streets leading from it. It has the Ratskeller with the 'Camblewick Green' clock tower. A good place to sit and,people watch with a beer or coffee. I also liked the fact that chairs are available for you sit without you having to buy anything
  • Photo of travelingislandgirl
    Most likely you'll pass by this square just by trying to get somewhere else, so why not look around?
  • Photo of Rania N
    3 months ago
    Its easy to circulate around the area walking or with the underground train. Variety of shops and boutique, touristic but has local too who mainly work there or passing by for shopping.
  • Photo of Jennifer T
    3 months ago
    It is terribly crowded and also kinds of folks are out with gimmicks trying to solicit money but it is not a Munich experience with out visiting Marienplatz. You can feel the beet of the tourist scene in Marienplatz. It is busy regardless the time of day but it is also quite fun. It is great to get a pastry, sit on one of the benches or chairs and watch the people go by. Better yet take a look around at the architecture and the history.
  • Photo of PAMM67
    3 months ago
    Dont miss when visiting Munich. Its easy to reach and surrounded by shops and restaurants. Large and even when its crowded you always find it well worth visiting

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