Photo of L'Osteria in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of L'Osteria in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of L'Osteria in Munich, Ba, DE
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Italian Restaurant

pizza • salads • italian pizzeria • bruschetta

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  • Photo of Dieter Lang
    3 years ago
    Leckere Riesenpizza!
  • Photo of RBR-66
    4 months ago
    We had dinner on the covered terrace, which was ok but not very attractive place. The table was very small for our three huge pizzas. The pizzas were good quality, good value for money. My glass of white wine (pinot grigio) was not so good, I recommend drinking a beer with you pizza. Staff was unpersonal, maybe because they were very busy. All together, the place was ok for a quick pizza but nothing special.
  • Photo of westcoaster49
    4 months ago
    Stumbled onto this restaurant while wandering around the neighbourhood. It has a huge outdoor seating area decorated with live (potted) trees and a warm and inviting interior. It was warm enough to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine before my meal...which was the best risotto I've had outside Italy...and better than many there. The service was friendly and attentive. While not in the mood for pizza I couldn't help but notice they l;isted some 22 varieties on the menu. If the risotto was anything to go by then they'd certainly be worth trying.
  • Photo of GeorgeGulie
    4 months ago
    The best pizza and salads around. Cooks and half the staff are Italians. Very nice terrace with olive trees. Good prices for beer also :)
  • Photo of cjm2503
    6 months ago
    This was near to he Hotel I was staying in and I just fancied Italian and this happened to come up on my phone Maps. I wasn't disappointed and it was warm enough to sit on the terrace. Pizza and beer: now we're talking! The pizzas were huge, albeit pretty thin. And mine was a bit cold when it arrived. However, I don't actually mind cold pizza and towards the end, bar a small amount of crust even I couldn't manage ,it was certainly tepid at best. Service was attentive and beer arrived quickly and the pizza in a reasonable time. The atmosphere was pleasant and I don't recall it being either too noisy or too quiet. So if you fancy a huge pizza then head here!
  • Photo of oleshep
    7 months ago
    I recommend a reservation but the host was kind enough to seat us at a communal table. The pasta and pizza were excellent and the service was very attentive despite our communal table. If you visit the Marienplatz and need a short excursion for dinner this place is worth the short walk.
  • Photo of Robert H
    9 months ago
    Late night 11pm and where to go? l'Osteria is open until 12- however the patio is closing at 11 and you have to move in if you still want to eat. Pasta selection is OK, Pizza selection wide- and Pizza size is mega.
  • Photo of Catherine M
    9 months ago
    Arrived at restaurant and it was really busy but we got a table in minutes. Service was chaotic and slow but the food was excellent. Restaurant staff were very friendly.
  • Photo of lakanta
    9 months ago
    I got a recommendation for L'Osteria from a colleague, and we had two dinners there with colleagues. The ambience is nice, the location too. I had pizza's both times, which were very good (and big). A little downside is the loudness level there. Not so much from the guest but from the music screaming through the loudspeakers. Apart from that it's very recommendable.
  • Photo of scd00
    9 months ago
    I tried this place on arrival in Munich as it was next to hotel. The place was very busy and there was a good buzz about the place. The pizza was enormous but very good, and the service was friendly and timely. I had a nice evening and would definitely go back.
  • Photo of IIkarolina
    a year ago
    I like this L'Osteria for furniture, amzing little tables and amazing one really big table.. just wow. Food is as good as is other L'osterias, I like it, I always enjoy it. In this one I spotted that waiters cut bread for tables themself, for me it's mega disgustng, because they touch money and thousend other things and then the bread for you. Big minus! I wouldn't touch this bread. Believe me, I sat right next to the place where they cut it, I watched that very careful. Maybe most people don't care about it, but for me it's not acceptable.
  • Photo of dav0rinn
    a year ago
    Very busy Restaurant. You need to book table. Staff a very friendly. Food quality is average. Nothing special. The big advantage is location and staff.
  • Photo of jbaxter54321
    a year ago
    This is one of a small chain of L'Osteria restaurants in Germany. We went to this L'Osteria before going to a concert in the Gasteig. We had been warned that the pizzas here are BIG, and I can certainly say that one pizza and two desserts (between two!) was more than enough food. The food was very good, the outdoor seating area was very pleasant and the service was better than the typical Munich quality.
  • Photo of Richard S
    a year ago
    My wife and I tried L'Osteria near the Munich Gasteig on a recent trip where we stayed at the Hilton Munich City (so it was a convenient walk). We went twice for dinner. One the first visit we (not knowing) ordered a pizza each (mine 4 cheese and my wife's with prawns). BIG MISTAKE (literally) as the service is a full-sized pie! These were delicious and I nearly exploded by meals end since I couldn't stop until they were completely gone. On our second visit (having learned) we ordered more sensibly having the prawn pizza and sharing. Fantastic!
  • Photo of Jose M
    2 years ago
    I live near Gasteig and have been to L'Osteria quite a few times. I´m a fan of thin Italian pizza, and L'Osteria doesn´t disappoint. The pizzas are huge and decent in quality. Also it has a nice outdoors terrace to sit. Alas, the service... it´s abysmal, consistently poor. It´s really strange! First of all, it usually takes forever to be asked for your orders despite apparently having enough waiters around (sometimes just having a chat between them in a corner). In two different occasions my wife and I actually left in dismay and went somewhere else after having being sitting (and starving!) at a table for some good 15 mins without anybody coming to us (the place wasn't even half full). Also, if they do come and ask you for your drink, you´d better be ready to order your meal by the time they get back to bring it. Otherwise you´re up for another long session of waiting (and starving!). Apart from that, despite having a roster of different waiters and waitresses, they usually aren't particularly friendly or polite. And don´t even try to ask them for any little out-of-the-ordinary request (like say, lowering the music a notch), because it will be answered with a simple dry "no, sorry". If you inquire further, you'll only get increased unfriendliness and a "our manager doesn't allow that". It would seem the manager of this place has no interest in educating his/her waiters a culture of friendliness and respect towards their costumers, and you will notice and suffer this. Sometimes it´s so ridiculous that we even wondered if it was the contrary, that is: that there is a policy of actually making costumers feel unimportant, to increase the desirability/trendiness/coolness of the place. I don´t know. But that´s just poor management for a restaurant, in my opinion. Strange place... if they changed managers I would easily change the review to 4 stars, maybe even 5 if they were particularly friendly :)
  • Photo of Amin A
    2 years ago
    Was so good food but we were late so we didn't eat all why we want,pizza is two big for one person so should be shared easily and the Service was so good
  • Photo of John F
    2 years ago
    The food was excellent and cheap but the waiter let us sit forever even after asking for our check. He bused tables even though no one was waiting, talked with other staff, and refused to make eye contact. We weren't the only ones irritated by his lack of attention.
  • Photo of German1Traveller1
    Very good pizzas and salads (we haven't tried the rest yet), friendly stuff (but a bit slow), good location, as well as outside with good weather as inside.
  • Photo of Rich B
    2 years ago
    A short walk from the Holiday Inn/Rosenheimer Platz Station, this is a wonderful Italian restaurant. As often noted, the pizzas are big--enough for a 2 19 year old boys to share. We also had the gnocchi, a salad, and a crawfish pasta. All excellent, and served by friendly, cheerful, and efficient staff. Would love to go back some day. Definitely worth a try if you're in the area.
  • Photo of JohnB521
    2 years ago
    Our stay in Munich saw us visit this restaurant near our hotel on two occasions. Both times (Friday evenings) we were greeted promptly, given English menus and drink orders taken. Thereafter the service whereas always cheerfully given differed for the two visits; first time quick; second time very slow by comparison. First visit we ordered pasta linguine-paccheri salsiccia and a rucola pomodorini. The flavours were fantastic. Unfortunately the linguine was undercooked and tasted dry. Second visit we ordered bruschetta ( delicious mouth watering fresh) and linguine ragu alla bolognese, and risotto funghi. Both pasta dishes were flavoursome and cooked perfectly. The restaurant didn't or wouldn't provide tap water but bottled water was available at a premium price - ouch! Finally the wine bottle we ordered was brought to the table opened and not served. Cultural difference? Overall a pleasant restaurant with generally tasty food.
  • Photo of Ralpha
    2 years ago
    We visited this restaurant 3 times during our stay. On the first visit I ordered a PIzza without seeing how big they were. It was enormous (46cm. diameter). Even with some help from a friend, it could not be finished despite being very good indeed. We all (4 of us) enjoyed our meals. It is purely a Pizza/Pasta Italiano. We were very impressed with the Primitivo which came by the glass or in half litre or litre carafes. Our next visit was later in the evening just to sit and drink more of the Primitivo. There were only two of us on our 3rd visit. We asked to sit inside and then asked to change tables. But the music was so loud that we asked to go outside. Our game of musical chairs was dealt with calmly and helpfully. I steered clear of the giant Pizzas on this visit and we both had very good Pasta dished.

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