Photo of Hofgarten in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of Hofgarten in Munich, Ba, DE
Photo of Hofgarten in Munich, Ba, DE
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Botanical Garden

flower beds • english garden • beautiful flowers • water fountains

Munich 80593, DE
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  • Photo of Vava nie
    a year ago
    To walk and rest
  • Photo of marklaura2015
    3 months ago
    Enjoy a stroll through the King's garden, sit on a bench, read a book. In the evenings come to dance in the Diana Temple: Wed/Sun Salsa, Fri Tango / Sun afternoon Swing.
  • Photo of May L
    3 months ago
    unfortunately there seems to be a lot of renovation and construction around old town..and this garden also in one of the project... probably need to come back next year
  • Photo of J-biztraveler
    3 months ago
    In town for business. I didn't have time to walk through the Englisch Garden, but I did spend about 20 minutes in this garden and really enjoyed it. It was nice to see a beautiful, public space in the middle of the city, with both tourists and locals just chillin'. Luckily, there was a guy playing violin in the gazebo: the classical music really added to the atmosphere! Loved it. I ended up meeting an old German guy who was strolling around, eating a raw turnip-- he just wanted to talk to people and be happy so we chatted for a bit. Overall, a really nice slice of German life that I'm glad I got to experience on a work trip.
  • Photo of MijnlieverdFH
    3 months ago
    Most strategically located, this park can serve the purpose of having a greenery and the place to best settle for some rest. Tourists or locals need to have some place to take a time off. This is most needed in most cities. Coffee places and restaurants outside the garden vicinity but just close.
  • Photo of Anna H
    3 months ago
    This is a large park, in a square English-style formation. You have the palace on one side, a government building on another, and an arcade on the fourth. Thre is a nice little gazebo in the center. Definitely gives you a feel for how large the palace is, and to people watch.
  • Photo of Cybeeria
    4 months ago
    On previous visits to the heart of Munich, this was a haven of tranquility. Currently, however, there's a lot of renovation work and some areas are closed off. Chief among these is the Diana Temple pavilion where, in normal times, excellent dancers meet several times a week to enjoy their hobby.
  • Photo of Bograt17
    4 months ago
    Taking photos and escaping most of the hoards of tourists this place is a ice visit away from the hustle and bustle.
  • Photo of JBMIL
    4 months ago
    Tge Mucheners really do know how to rest and relax. This really well laid out garden contains the Chancellery, War Memorial and flower beds. Locayed next to tge Odeonplatz U Bahn Station, feel free to walk through the calm surrounds. Once finished jead for a bigger walk in the Englischer Garten next door.
  • Photo of italian71
    5 months ago
    To get away from the bustle of Munich I would advise a stroll thru these beautiful gardens. Take your camera!
  • Photo of Family4231
    5 months ago
    This was a beautiful garden to walk through. I'm sure in the early summer it would have been even more beautiful. This would have been a great place to stop and have lunch. It took about 20 minutes to walk through so take your time and enjoy. There are a lot of benches to have a seat on.
  • Photo of CodyMav
    5 months ago
    Coming out from Marienplatz to the English Garden, the Hofgarten seemed a nice shortcut, and the Dianatempel centrepiece was a pleasant surprise.
  • Photo of juliana c
    5 months ago
    Beautiful atmosphere, late afternoon people do play boule. A nice place to rest, before you walk to the english garden.
  • Photo of SL Y
    5 months ago
    A square garden. Grass, flowers and gravel paths. Some middle aged people playing some kind of ball game where they try and throw a ball closest to a small ball. Quiet. People sitting on wooden benches along the side of the garden
  • Photo of akshayanshu
    5 months ago
    This is patch of green near Odean Plaza on the way to the English Garden and behind the Residenzes. Musical nights are organized here. Not a very great place and can be skipped.
  • Photo of Theresa W
    5 months ago
    We didn't make this a destination but with the cute domes we had to walk thru. On the outer edge a row building though did not appear much open for public. My daughter at this point needed to use a bathroom and there were none to be found. The garden was well groomed, across a small street we found a map which showed we had come to the edge of the English Garden, it appeared very large and our time was limited so we headed back toward the Residence, on the opposite side of this park
  • Photo of George S
    5 months ago
    A pretty and rectangular garden adjoining the Royal Residence, Odeonsplatz, the Bavarian Parliament and the English Gardens. It is centered by the Temple of Diana from which radiate four water fountains. Very geometrical, picturesque and restful. Some nice photo ops also.
  • Photo of Meeda_Sam
    5 months ago
    It is really a very nice Park, not so big, but we could spend a nice relaxing time. At the middle, there is a small covered area (without doors), where we found some musicians playing beautifully. This was a nice touch to this park. The park is also well designed, the walkers paths are well structured so that you can walk around it and see all corners without effort. Needless to say that there are also some small fountains to complete the picture.
  • Photo of flyfisher66
    6 months ago
    We got out of English Garden and bumped into Hofgarten (Court Garden) while going to Odeonsplatz. What a pleasant surprise. Its a small garden as compared to English Garden but a nicely built well maintained formal European garden that is around 400 years old. Most old structures in the garden have been destroyed though. There is a nice temple in the center and few very nice fountains. A very nice place to relax for a while and move on.
  • Photo of kpiddy
    6 months ago
    The Hofgarten is a beautiful garden oasis originally designed and built at the beginning of the seventeenth century, unfortunately in WW2 it was destroyed and redesigned and rebuilt as seen today. The Hofgarten is located near Odeonplatz and the Royal Residence, it is definitely worth your while to find and explore. One of the key features of the garden is the Diana Temple in the middle, all the paths lead to the temple. On the day of my visit a violinist was playing in the temple, I sat for awhile in the temple listening to the beautiful music, it brought tears to my eyes, it was heavenly. The garden appeared to be much loved destination, there are plenty of bench seating around the many water fountains, it certainly is a pretty park to visit particularly if the flower beds are in bloom. There are no trees to provide shade within the gardens, I feel the gardens were designed to enjoy the sun and the outdoors, the perimeter outside the gardens is where you will find the shady trees. A picturesque European garden.
  • Photo of BostonTraveler62
    6 months ago
    It was a spot for royalty, next to the palace of the Wittelsbach family that ruled Bavaria for centuries. Now it is open to the public and is a lovely spot for a stroll or just sitting. You can walk through it on your way from the Altstadt center to the Englischer Garten.

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