Photo of Augustiner-Keller in München, Ba, DE
Photo of Augustiner-Keller in München, Ba, DE
Photo of Augustiner-Keller in München, Ba, DE
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pretzels • schnitzel • sausage • pork

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  • Photo of Pablo Gutiérrez
  • Photo of Cortizone
    2 months ago
    The atmosphere of this typically Bavarian tavern is exceptional. The food is delicious and selection of beers is huge. The service is unfortunately just soso
  • Photo of Gregorydublin
    2 months ago
    We arrived here after it was recommended to us as a true German pub/restaurant and we where not disappointed from the minute we walked in on Saturday night we where treated brilliantly by the staff and with a great atmosphere throughout the restaurant which by the way is huge inside and out and with amazing beers 🍻 and food 🍖 to match it is a must see and try if you want authentic German food and beer 🍺 it was 10/10 all round and I can’t wait to go back
  • Photo of moggym5
    2 months ago
    It was packed out when we went on Saturday night around 8pm, having not reserved we were asked to try the cellar area down about 40/50 circular stone steps, what meets your eye is pretty amazing with two 50 metre brick tunnels, raucous atmosphere and very hot! We were quickly seated as a couple, sharing a table with another group, service was "efficient" rather than friendly but how the waiters cope with the volume of beer / food is amazing. A truly great experience and it has the best beer in Munich, straight from wooden barrels.
  • Photo of TravelinKiki
    2 months ago
    We went to the Keller twice. The first time with friends after visiting the Wiesn, and the second time as a couple for dinner. The food was decent, though not stellar, and the service was uneven. The first visit we had not great service and a lot of errors in food and drink orders. The second visit was much friendlier service but took longer to get things. The food was better during our second visit.
  • Photo of Artemis-Sophia
    2 months ago
    Tasty traditional Bavarian flavors with a fantastic terrace for warm days. The beer could be the best Bavarian Lager!! It is a must experience for everyone that visits Munich.
  • Photo of markolopolos
    2 months ago
    This place is a must in the summer, with their large beer garden and great atmosphere. We went inside the beer hall for the first time and it was ok, not amazing. The obazda was too pungent, with a roquefort or such cheese inside, which made it difficult to consume. The pretzels were ok, bit old. The waiter was pushing for tips, which I never saw in Germany. It made the experience lacking (his name starts with a k, he is a turkish man)
  • Photo of Atanu_Maulik
    2 months ago
    It is one of those businesses which has become so famous that they have started taking their clients for granted. It is one of the most historic and famous beer gardens in Munich and they know that whatever comes, tourists will keep coming. So the service quality is terrible. I walked into their serviced area in the early evening. This place was not too busy at that time and gardens were virtually empty, yet it took five minutes of gesturing and hand waving before anyone took notice of me and offered me a place to seat. I tried some of the usual stuff, the pretzels, the roast pork and apple strudel. The guy serving me appeared to be one of the unhappiest persons around. The food was not bad, but I do not want to go to restaurants where it appears that they are doing me a great favour by serving me some food. There are a lot of less famous beer halls in Munich which serves better food and the server manages a smile or two.
  • Photo of Sibil J
    2 months ago
    Was in munich for oktoberfesr and after a day of drinking we came by for dinner. We all the pork knuckle and was both well priced and tasty!
  • Photo of Matt K
    2 months ago
    One of the main differences between Germany and the US is that of the shared table. Get over this. Don’t be shy and awkward. Some of my best and most memorable experiences are sharing tables with strangers only to become great friends by the meal’s end. Augustiner Keller is an awesome beer hall and beer garden. Yes, it’s usually busy and packed with tourists but the locals generally agree that Augustiner beer is the best beer, and Augustiner Keller is a great place to go to drink some of that awesome beer. It’s in a good location (only about a five minute walk from the Hoptbahnof) and like I said it’s a super fun place to meet different people from all over the world.
  • Photo of Eli V
    2 months ago
    This was the first stop on a beer tour that my wife and I did one night in Munich. This place is really neat, with a pretty interesting history,dates back to 1328. It has a massive outdoor biergarten (6000+ seats) and inside restaurant. We were actually seated in the cellar (due to rain), which was really a cool atmosphere. We only stayed for a one beer, but was definitely worth the stop. The beer was excellent and our German guides favorite, I would also say it was the best one we had on the tour. Definitely check out the cellar.
  • Photo of nderiley
    2 months ago
    Came here Oktoberfest week, which perhaps takes away from the vibe as more people are over at the real deal. We came at night, when sadly no one was outside at their massive, massive beer garden. We took our seats inside which had the band playing until about 9 and settled in for a few beers and some grub. Our server sucked. We practically had to tackle him to get his attention to order more beer or food and he was very upset when we didn't tip him much (you don't have to tip in Germany they make a living wage so tipping is truly an expression of your gratitude for service and his sucked) That said, the beer is good, I esp like their Dunkel. Food is avg german grub, meat, potoatoes and pretzel
  • Photo of MrVacation101
    2 months ago
    Expansive outdoor beer garden including self-service area. Cozy but large indoor beer hall with a timeless feel, Authentic Bavarian experience and highly recommended
  • Photo of Raisaaa
    2 months ago
    Everything was just so good. The restaurant is great decorated inside, the service was good, they even let us to come with a dog. The food and beers was really tasty. Must to be visited.
  • Photo of playabonita
    2 months ago
    There are many "Augustiners" in Munich; this review is for the large Biergarten about 10 minutes from the train station. Most of the charm is sitting outside under the chestnut trees, but we sat inside because it was chilly. We tried several places in Munich, and this was not the best. The food was just ok, with prices comparable to other large biergartens. The server was grumpy. Near the end our our meal she literally snatched a pretzel out of our bread basket then carried it to an empty table and put it in that bread basket. Very odd. Augustiner beers are great, and the chestnut trees very pretty. But I wouldn't go again for the food.
  • Photo of aitkeng
    2 months ago
    Excellent evening here. Food superb, great beer, lovely service and great out door table. Varied Bavarian menu, everyone’s food was excellent
  • Photo of Migs257
    2 months ago
    The food was awesome and the service was even better. Loved everything about this place. A must visit if you're in the area. And the beer was amazing!
  • Photo of Robkat1373
    2 months ago
    We stopped by twice when we were in Munich for Oktoberfest - once for dinner and once for a tour of the Keller. Great outdoor seating and a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy dinner and a liter. This was our favorite beer garden of the trip. Beer, food and service were very good. We were here during Oktoberfest, so it was nice to enjoy food and a beer without all of the crowds. Would highly recommend as an alternative to Oktoberfest and as a beer garden any time.
  • Photo of Bruce N
    2 months ago
    Called in for Sunday lunch during Octoberfest and while it was wet and the beer garden was closed, this restaurant was really great. While it was crowded the staff helped us find a place to sit, we ordered the local German fare and we found the Augustiner Blonde beer was really nice.
  • Photo of CLOWNnFLOWNroundTOWN
    We love our German beers and had never tried Augustiner before. This place was recommended to us by our City Tours guide earlier in the day so we had to check it out. We went during Oktoberfest so the atmosphere inside as vibrant, but still tamer, compared to some of the other places we'd visited while in Munich. (More vibrant than Löwenbräu, tamer than Hofbräuhaus.) It was a little chilly out so the biergarten didn't have too many people. Before finding a table in the bier hall, we checked out the "keller" or "cellar." This is where they once stored the beer before refrigeration. It is worth a stop if you're there. In the bier hall, there was a band playing traditional German music on stage. The hall was busy but not packed and we had no trouble finding a table. Our waitress was attentive and the food and drink came quick. My wife had the Munich-style wiener schnitzel with horseradish. It was definitely the best schnitzel we'd had in Munich, and maybe ever. I had the pork knuckle, which was super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. You can tell that they know how to prepare Bavarian food. We'd definitely put this at the top of our list when we go back to Munich in the future.
  • Photo of brent b
    2 months ago
    good food and nice beer selection. close to marienplatz so an easy walk. good service. large open place.

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