Photo of Pump Room (Trinkhalle) in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Pump Room (Trinkhalle) in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Pump Room (Trinkhalle) in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
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Pump Room (Trinkhalle)

Historic Site

Pump Room (Trinkhalle)14
tourist information • quick look • beautiful building • frescoes

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  • Photo of Tony F
    4 months ago
    Tourist Information
  • Photo of EmeraldDiva
    7 months ago
    It is a lovely building, but there is not really a lot to see. The tourist office is located inside so if you are there anyway it is worth a look around. Some lovely photo ops from the long balcony at the front. It is too close to town to miss, but I would not make a special detour to go there.
  • Photo of Aigars S
    9 months ago
    Lovely historical building with very well maintained interiors and wall decors, but you need a guide or more onsite information to have insight what is all about... only as there are no entrance fee and site is in the city center.
  • Photo of bigtyke
    10 months ago
    The building now primarily houses a tourist office. Some interesting murals. If you are near it, go in, but I wouldn't go out of my way to visit.
  • Photo of Katherine D
    a year ago
    This is worth at least a stop on your trip. What a very beautiful building with great paintings. I loved the location too because you can look out on the rest of the town. Don't need to spend very long here.
  • Photo of Chinapjs
    a year ago
    The outdoor wing close by the cafe has very large murals worth a quick look. The building was built in the 19th century.
  • Photo of Happy258
    a year ago
    The building has great history and lots of painting on the wall and ceiling . Cannot imagine it used to be a pump room . Tourist information centre is here too . There is a small cafe for guests to enjoy cakes and drinks
  • Photo of Werner W
    a year ago
    We visited Baden-Baden for the first time. We had drinks close to this place. The Trinhalle is a very nice big hall with amazing paintings, high ceiling and nice floor. Have a look and then a drink in the cafe which is close.
  • Photo of FlowerSwimmer
    a year ago
    The Trinkhalle is a really good place to stop for information about the area and events. The attached bar is really comfortable and staff is friendly. We had a snack of bruschetta. They have alcoholic drinks and nonalcoholic. It is right along the walking path very near the casino.
  • Photo of Ricky Y
    a year ago
    If nobody told you that it is a pump room, you would probably think this colonnade is part of a more important structure like a library or museum. This pump room serves the Kurhaus Spa complex I believe delivering hot thermal spring water with curative powers. It was built in the 19th century and was probably designed to match with the exterior of the Kurhaus. With a nice garden in the front, it looks gorgeous and is worth a walk through the arcade to take at look at the frescos and murals. There is also a Baden Baden tourist information bureau office here where one can get information on the town as well as purchase tickets.
  • Photo of Susan S
    a year ago
    Well located adjacent to some beautiful walking trails, We went to the tourist office where they sell maps and give out information when requested. Then we walked on a lovely trail that took us to little ponds, streams, a waterfall, ducks and a chapel.
  • Photo of nikky_02
    2 years ago
    The building it's self is beautiful together with the paintings however the lack of information makes the whole visit useless. Apparently each paint had a story be hide it however all the information was in Germany, having some small text in English would have really been great to help tourists understand the history be hide everything.
  • Photo of LMResende
    2 years ago
    It's not what we can call an amazing place, maybe a nice place to spend 5-10 minutes. Although it's located in a nice park, the building itself is quite simple with its figures of some german legends.
  • Photo of Suleyman A
    2 years ago
    Facade very impressive, nice painting at the entrance but inside only helpful tourist information center and a small cafe.
  • Photo of Sergey R
    2 years ago
    The object is one of those that you want to visit is mandatory. better bring a glass to drink mineral water. The building is beautiful, the walls are painted with frescoes.
  • Photo of Ray R
    3 years ago
    We wandered through here because it was next to the Christmas Market. There's not much to it. The architecture is beautiful and the paintings are very interesting. You can find out the history of the building from the plaques. We didn't visit the cafe or bar and didn't even realize there was an information booth here. Of course, we just thought it looked interesting and wanted to check it out. If you happen to be around it, then wander on through...don't make this a special trip from whatever might be your primary objectives in Baden-Baden.
  • Photo of Danielle D
    3 years ago
    This building, built 1839 and 1842, is nice from the outside. The outside gallery is "cute" with its decoration and paintings, but there really is not much to visit after you have gone down the gallery (in a few minutes). Inside, there is the Tourist information and a café. There were no signs of the "famous" water we could sample.
  • Photo of ruthjanet2016
    3 years ago
    The building is very attractive, but the fountain wasn't working so I couldn't try the water. The building houses the Tourist Information office and although friendly the staff were not particularly helpful and didn't seem too enthusiastic about recommending things to do in the town.
  • Photo of AlmaGreve
    3 years ago
    A way to evoke the 19th century traveller's experience of "taking the waters". The building is impressive, and for a very small price you can sample the supposedly health-giving waters. No money-back guarantee.
  • Photo of kn0wledgeseeker
    3 years ago
    The building itself is an attraction! In addition you can find answers to most of your questions reg tourism not only in Baden - Baden, but anywhere in blackforest region. Thankfully it was not very crowded, so Barbara could attend to us with a lot of patience. She was quite knowledgeable and helped with a great deal of info and being lively at the same time. Suggest to head to this info center as soon as you arrive in Baden - Baden.
  • Photo of Lizzie071
    3 years ago
    This must be the grandest Tourist Information Centre in Europe situated in the old Pump Room with its elegant columns. The lady there spoke perfect English and provided us with a map and information about concerts being held on the following days which were free.

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