Photo of Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
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Museum Frieder Burda

Tourist Attraction

modern art • richard meier • changing exhibitions • permanent collection is

Lichtentaler Allee 8 B
Baden-Baden D-76530, DE
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Museum Frieder Burda has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Claude B
    4 months ago
    Visited the Frieder Burda Museum and watched the exhibition with pictures of Rodney Graham. Very well made, not overloaded as you often see in museums. The building itself is a must and really well build.
  • Photo of yshargal
    5 months ago
    The building is of a very modern and beautiful design. I did not find much to see inside. Still it is worthwhile to go inside
  • Photo of sgec1105
    5 months ago
    This museum offers changing exhibits of modern art and admission is rather steep, so be sure and check if the exhibit is of interest to you. We saw the Rodney Graham, light box exhibit and thoroughly enjoyed it. The building is also beautiful and it was a delight just to be in that space. We found the staff at the check in area to be a bit officious and in the gift shop quite curt. A pity, as this is how you turn people off to art. Perhaps they were having a bad day.
  • Photo of Mandy N
    5 months ago
    A lovely, modern building both outside and in. We visited when the museum was dedicated to Rodney Graham's Lightboxes and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. When visiting the Firieder Bruder I'd suggest you check out what is showing first.
  • Photo of Sanjeev G
    5 months ago
    The museum has amazing collection of pieces of Art, the museum building itself is very spectacular, the museum dedicated to modern and contemporary art - should be a definite stop whilst in Baden-Baden.
  • Photo of sun284
    6 months ago
    If you haven't visited the museum,you have missed life Time opportunity to learn about Baden Baden.Do take audio guided which is complementary with tickets.No visit to this place is complete without visiting it.Photography not permitted.
  • Photo of EloZ523
    7 months ago
    We had been informed that this museum - dedicated to modern and contemporary art - should be a definite stop whilst in Baden-Baden, so we made it a morning destination during a recent stay in this resort town. While the building itself is a lovely, airy and splendid space – designed by Richard Meier - surrounded by greenery and right across an allée of majestic trees - we were a bit disappointed by the on-going temporary exhibition during our visit. Only one artist’s works (the Polish-born German Sigmar Polke) were on display in the 3-storey building; none of the founder’s permanent collection was on show; where were the vaunted late Picassos the museum had acquired? The museum shop was also a disappointment; tucked in a corner, it seemed to sell stuff made mainly from elsewhere. Anyway during our visit it was heartening to observe at least two groups of young people (some very young indeed) instructed or guided by docents to appreciate contemporary art.
  • Photo of lobobo
    8 months ago
    Check upfront if the current exhibition is your cup of tea. The museum building itself is spectacular. But usually surpased by the superb exihibition. Frieder Burder has the money and the connections to bring a number of iteams of a artist together which mostly have never been in a show anywhere. Usually you never get overloaded, because the museum has just the right size for an afternoon. The audio guide is always very good and informativ. There is also a small shop in the basement and a nice cafe in the neightbouring museum.
  • Photo of fifix50
    9 months ago
    The worst €13 paid during our holiday! Expensive museum promising and boasting works of Picasso and Miro on their marketing material! Unfortunately the exhibits change and neither of the mentioned artists were in site!
  • Photo of Raimund M
    10 months ago
    We had just 90 min left in your busy schedule and heard about this museum. So as everything in Baden Baden is walking distance and the Lichtentaler Alle anyhow worth a stroll we showed up at 10 am at the museum to see an exhibition of Sigmar Polke. fantastic, especially also with the Audio guide, and for me as one with Chemical background. Even more the museum is a dream of architecture using light and landscape views. Don't miss it when visiting Baden Baden.
  • Photo of periandro
    a year ago
    The Burda Museum building is an example of fine modern architecture, standing in Baden-Baden Lichtentaler Allee. The aesthetic lines of this architectural work are quite attractive. The luminosity level inside the building is a conspicuous feature thanks to the right architect Richard Meier’s conception and design. The building is moreover in perfect harmony with the park surrounding it and with the Kunsthalle, a state art gallery in neoclassical style, located next to that subject to this review. The Museum is simple as regards its lines and geometry, what contributes to a harmonious combination of elements resulting in an art work which looks like a picture in itself. The masterpieces collections of Frieder Burda consist of paintings by Picasso, Baselitz, Polke, Pollock and Rotko, among others. I felt like watching those painting and that’s the reason why I decided to visit that Museum. Unfortunately, instead of the works created by the said famous artists, the Museum housed at that time a dull provisional exhibition on candles with no interest at all. When I enquired, one of the persons who sold the entrance tickets about Picasso’s paintings told me that they were part of the permanent exhibition and that they were elsewhere. He didn’t know about the present paintings’ whereabouts. The entrance fee amounted to 13 euros, which I paid hoping that I could admire some art works by the stated masters. At the sight of the poor quality works there exhibited I just couldn’t feel but somehow swindled. As a consequence of the foregoing, it could be said that the Museum building is of a great artistic value and thus worth seeing. Nevertheless, once its façade has been observed, before paying for the entrance fee, it’s advisable to ensure about which kind of exhibition display it is housing so as to avoid bad surprises and deceptions as those referred to above.
  • Photo of mjay12345
    a year ago
    A relatively small building, designed by Pritzker winner architect, Richard Meier, who designed Getty center of Los Angeles, is home to modern collections of Burda. It has the signature clean lines of Meier's design. The galleries are roomy, airy and filled with natural light. It is located in a beautiful natural neighborhood. However, it does not fit well with the surrounding traditional buildings. The entrance fee is 12 euros. Some evenings, there are chamber music concerts from the nearby Festspielhaus, the musical and cultural center of the town.
  • Photo of EmmaWines
    a year ago
    An absolute star of a museum, the building itself and the current exhibit in September by Katharina Grosse. Whatever the exhibit don't miss this gem.
  • Photo of StuttgartAbc
    a year ago
    The Burda museum is localed in the center of Baden-Baden, in an elegant building, one of the best examples of modern architecture. It is more oriented on modern art, but we have seen there also several nice classical painting exhibitions, e.g. history of Geisburg dinasty from Wien.
  • Photo of Chinapjs
    a year ago
    This is one of Germany's better modern art museums. Not as far out as some in Berlin and Stuttgart, we liked it. Some of the paintings are whimsical
  • Photo of ithaca96
    a year ago
    The Burda museum is a work of art on its own, Surprising angles, light coming in from unusual angles, large, airy rooms for the art, all extremely inspiring. Katharina Grosses colourful, monumental works couldn`t be better placed. An absolute delight.
  • Photo of Horst B
    2 years ago
    Whether you are there to view Richter or Picasso or other key 20th century artists of note, this Richard Meier design is a work of art on it's own. The way light enters the various exhibition halls makes it a different experience every time.The Guggenheim, MoMA and the Tate are brilliant, but the Burda fits into this Park like nothing else. As a former native of this town, I am pleased that Mr Burda has made this investment.
  • Photo of David_iel
    2 years ago
    The building is a fine architectural piece but the temporary art exhibition within isn't worthy of the building. I'm afraid, as with much of contemporary art of to-day, the work of the artist currently featured is an example of the 'emperor's clothes'. Not worth the entry fee of 17 Euro.
  • Photo of rover28
    2 years ago
    The museum website does say that the permanent collection is not always on view, but we were underwhelmed by the shows on view when we were there. Nice setting in the park, and interesting architecture. But not worth the admission price if you aren't a keen devotee of the artists they happen to be showing at the time. Perhaps just a nice walk through the park and look at the building instead.
  • Photo of Prerna_Palekar
    2 years ago
    Must visit for architects and art lovers. Ckeck the event calendar online before planning the visit. You can also appreciate the building from outside. It is designed by lone of the famous architect called Richard Meier. I personally love his minimalistic design.

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