Photo of Kurhaus Baden-Baden in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Kurhaus Baden-Baden in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Kurhaus Baden-Baden in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
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Kurhaus Baden-Baden


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  • Photo of BritSpain
    3 months ago
    A very nice place for a night out if you're in Baden Baden. The Casino charges 5e entry fee and you need to show ID. It was very fancy inside, lovely rococo style, nice for pics! Get yourself 20e of chips for a bit of fun or go all out if you're loaded and know how to play poker. Generally quite dressy, drinks on average 8euros, not bad for a few hours of people watching.
  • Photo of Cristina C
    4 months ago
    Forse per le aspettative riguardo la fama del luogo abbiamo trovato un percorso limitato nelle 3 piscine.( una interna e due esterne), Piccola anche l'area superiore con poche saune. Abbiamo trascorso una giornata di noia, anche se le zone delle piscine con i getti d'acqua erano varie .
  • Photo of Nordick12
    4 months ago
    The Kurhaus is nothing more than a fairly average building housing a very stuffy old casino which requires a jacket to enter. I cannot honestly see any reason to visit.
  • Photo of Kuznetsov_Sergey
    4 months ago
    Говорят, что после того, как в городе был построен Курхаус, Баден-Баден стал "летней столицей" Европы. Великие люди того времени приезжали в Баден-Баден. Здесь бывали и Наполеон Третий, и королева Виктория, Александр Второй, Вильгельм Прусский, Бисмарк. А для людей искусства он стал Меккой: Достоевский, Тургенев, Брамс, Вагнер и многие другие регулярно посещали или жили в этом городе. А теперь в Курхаус ходим мы...
  • Photo of Sanjeev G
    4 months ago
    The Kurhaus is a spa resort, casino, and conference complex in Baden-Baden, Germany, At one point in her life, Marlene Dietrich declared that this was "the most beautiful casino in the world.Fyodor Dostoyevsky's The Gambler was inspired by the Russian author's visit to the Kurhaus casino.They did not offer jackets available . Staff was NOT friendly or forgiving.
  • Photo of Ralph_Pressley
    8 months ago
    We went to visit the Casino after dinner. My wife did not carry her purse so no passport. We were denied entry. We walked back to the room to get passports. It being a hot night I left my Jacket in the room. Having the passports but I had left my jacket in the room because of the hot night. We were denied entry. I was not willing to walk back to the room for a second time. They had jackets available but did not offer. Staff was NOT friendly or forgiving. The Casino is published as being very beautiful. However our experience was not.
  • Photo of slstretch
    a year ago
    This is probably my favorite outdoor European venue. We visited everyday as there was always something going on free. We saw at least three concerts while trying different foods and drinks. This is an outdoor venue but the show goes on even in the rain. There are also tents set up with covered seating and some umbrella tables. Different venders provide a variety of food and drink choices such as wines and beer. We really enjoyed the outdoor space and beautifully lite grounds at night. Every city should have such a space.
  • Photo of periandro
    a year ago
    It’s a complex consisting of a casino, a resort, a restaurant, a venue for conference and concert events, shops and a spa. Its construction started in 1821 under Friedrich Weinbrenner’s design. The eight columns outside at the outer edge of a portico by the entrance have a cylindrical shape and are topped by Corinthian capitals with gilded acanthus leaves, all forming a very attractive ensemble which is also attributable to the mentioned architect as well as the paired-griffins frieze of the grand entrance and the neoclassical interiors. Apart from neoclassical a variety other styles can be observed inside the premises. In that sense, the Florentine Hall style is Italian renaissance. Everything is original in that room from 1855 inasmuch as its decoration suffered no damage during the Second World War. The Salon Pompadour style is rococo and that of the Red Hall is baroque. In the Card Room there is a large photo of Jacques Bénazet, a French entrepreneur who for a long time fostered the gambling casino in Baden-Baden. He was able to give that city all the distinction once only Paris enjoyed and thanks to him the casino of Baden-Baden became the first one in Europe. The visit to all the complex outbuildings at large is highly recommended. The precious decoration of the interior is marvelous as regards specifically the sculptures, paintings, stuccoes, wall ornaments and furniture in general. The chandeliers are really amazing. All in that building was conceived with an excellent taste. Besides, going there in the evening gives one the possibility, among other things, to place a stake on the roulette and so ascertain if the odds of luck are on his side at the same time as one admires the valuable aforesaid decorative elements.
  • Photo of vanislecanuck
    a year ago
    We used to live near Baden-Baden in the late 70's when the nearby Canadian base was active. After 35 years we decided to go back and visit our old favourite places and one of them was Baden Baden. We almost did not visit as we had heard rumours that the area including Baden Baden had been hard hit due to the large influx of refugees. Not true. We found the town centre was as lovely as ever with extensive pedestrian only areas through the town centre shopping district. Expanded since we were there long ago. As to the Kurhaus, the area was clean and tidy and had one of the prettiest Christmas markets that I have ever seen on it's grounds. There was a few middle eastern lady beggars on the street but you see that everywhere any more. So please do not listen to rumours and exaggerations.
  • Photo of Cristina N
    a year ago
    This city is like being in a fairy tale and the Kurhaus with the lamps and the decoration and the music is absolutely amazing for a big event. The attention is good, all clean and very good organised!!!!
  • Photo of Chinapjs
    a year ago
    You cannot be overdressed. Jacket and tie a minimum and I felt underdressed. Think James Bond playing roulette. The place is beautiful and is three times as classy as anything in Las Vegas. The Baden Baden symphony orchestra plays here and tickets were hard to get. The Restsurant downstairs is very good. We only had cake and coffee. Expensive but good.
  • Photo of Narmeena
    a year ago
    It is absolutely a place that changes your image about casinos. This particular casino is a piece of art, containing fabulous architecture, history, art galleries and a museum like atmosphere. Worth a visit.
  • Photo of chibbles
    2 years ago
    For American tourists who have been to casinos in the US, this is an eye opener. This casino is more like a museum-fabulous art work, beautiful décor, quiet.
  • Photo of Ricky Y
    2 years ago
    Built in the early 19th century, Kurhaus is a combination of spa resort, convention facility and casino. With impressive corinthian columns, this classical structure has a remarkable history in hosting the 11th Oylmpic Congress in 1981 which elected Seoul and Calgary respectively for the 1988 Summer and Winter Olympic as well as a Nato Summit in 2009. Its casino has it glorious days and I believe it still is Kurhaus's major attraction as of this date. I had taken a tour of it and was really impressed by it opulent decor. While you are there, do not forget to take a look at the Trinkhalle arcade close by as well (pumphouse for the complex but an architectural art piece by itself). On the day of our visit, a crew was dismantling a sizeable temporary structure right in front of Kurhaus and I suppose this open space must have been used for performance and entertainment for the locals.
  • Photo of duhoz
    2 years ago
    A prominent historic building nestled in a beautiful park currently blooming with tulips and close from the heart of the city. Fantastic place to relax, have a coffee, walk or gamble in the famous casino.
  • Photo of Liviu L
    2 years ago
    Kurhaus Baden Baden it"s a wonderful place to spend an afternoon evening. There are many concerts and specially in Sunday it may be free.In the summer there are free concerts in front of the Kurhaus.
  • Photo of Ed J
    2 years ago
    Great stop to discover local pastimes and entertainment. If your lucky, you may even catch a local program
  • Photo of michaely416
    2 years ago
    This place is well worth a visit to fully appreciate the age of Baden Baden. Step back in time to an age well europe's high rollers would spin the wheel and let Lady Luck smile on them or not.
  • Photo of willbear75
    2 years ago
    I advise anybody to experiment at least once (the prices are outrageously expansive) an opera show in this place, great ambiance and good acoustic, the inside is less spectacular but it´s worth the view.
  • Photo of Elizabeth H
    2 years ago
    Nice place to sit down in a café outside. Have a cake and a coffee. We were listening to some singing and watching some dancing. Very entertaining.

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