Photo of Altes Schloss Hohenbaden in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Altes Schloss Hohenbaden in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
Photo of Altes Schloss Hohenbaden in Baden-Baden, Ba, DE
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Altes Schloss Hohenbaden

German Restaurant

wild boar • tarts • soups • home made

Alter Schlossweg 10
Baden-Baden 76532, DE
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  • Photo of ddissent
    9 months ago
    When I was stationed in Germany back in the early 90's I first discovered this place and loved it from the first time I saw it. Every time someone would visit me from the States, Schloß Hohenbaden was always a must visit. Even after 20 years this place still was an awe inspiring visit. Simply put .... if you're in the area, come visit this. It's not flashy, it's not fancy ... and rumor has it the restaurant isn't that great, but with free parking, and free admission, take and hour or two and wander around ... trying to imagine what it looked like centuries ago and what life was like here. Quite simply stunning!
  • Photo of Chun Yin L
    a year ago
    Visited the old castle ruin in the late evening on Christmas Day. Since light was not really sufficient, the castle seems to be quite eerie. To make matters worse, the tearoom which could have provided us with some comfort was under renovation. Hence, we left the ruin within 30mins. However, the scenery outside the castle was mesmerising. Especially when the sun is setting, you can see the whole Baden-baden in its night scenery. Worth a visit just for the scenery.
  • Photo of Francisco B
    a year ago
    This is a magical place. It is near the city of Baden Baden, but you will have to walk a little. The hiking trail itself is about 1 hour (depends on your pace). Try to go there alone and early in the morning - it is a wonderful experience. Do bring water, something to eat and some emergency toilet paper - the restaurant up there is closed for this whole season at least. The view from the upper floors and the tower is amazing, despite the fact that the interior of the tower does not have artificial light and the stairs are made of wood. Oh, and it can be pretty windy up there, so bring a weather jacket too, just in case. If necessary, you can do the uphill trip by taxi - it will be around 20 euros - and walk your way back.
  • Photo of Teajaye
    a year ago
    If you walk or cycle up to the Old Castle above Baden Baden, it will take 60-80 minutes walking, but at the top there is a wonderful castle ruin to explore, and a tea room with freshly made berry custard tarts to refuel your energy. The tea room has an indoor area and an outdoor courtyard which is a pleasant way to to have a break after a long walk up the hill.
  • Photo of 2013akelle
    a year ago
    We visited Altes Schloss on our way to Baden-Baden. We were there early in the morning and only encountered two other people while we were there. Restaurant was closed, no staff at the castle, but all the gates were unlocked so we were able tol visit the ruins. The castle is wonderful, the views amazing, and the kids loved it. A MUST see if visiting the area.
  • Photo of Kamila R
    2 years ago
    Huge ruins with lots of possibilites to enter. Reserve at least one hour to visit it, for sure it is worth of it!
  • Photo of HarryandMarie
    2 years ago
    We have been there twice once with our kids. The food varied from good to excellent and the service was fine and friendly. They make all sorts of kuchen and tortes and their selection varies. We noticed their soups are especially rich. They have an unusual offering of German dessert wines made with berries. You could go for the location alone and enjoy yourself, but this nice restaurant will make the experience all the better. We will return.
  • Photo of SaraswatiOm
    2 years ago
    After a few hours exploring the castle, we had the perfect lunch and coffee in the restaurant. The staff were attentive and patient with my limited Germany, but very happy when I switched back to English!
  • Photo of CamiRawlins
    2 years ago
    We came here for dinner for the ambience but were pleasantly surprised by the quality of food. Let me start with dessert! During our time in the black forest, we were searching for what we considered to be the best Black Forest Cake. We found it here, at this quaint restaurant. It was rich and had a perfect balance of alcohol. All the deserts here are home made and they will vary depending on what is available when you arrive. The courtyard where you eat has an indoor and outdoor seating area. The views are really quite lovely. We had the Wild Boar and Deer stew and the beef steak. Both were great. The meals are hearty and rustic. They do take credit cards but plan on cash since credit card machines can go down a lot. Also, the menu will be in German so plan on having a translator on your phone.
  • Photo of KimmyBee71
    3 years ago
    These ruins (dating from the mid-1400s) are very cool, very picturesque, and almost deserted. I can't understand why they aren't thronged with tourists, but I'm most grateful that they aren't. You can drive practically to the front door and parking is free. Be aware that there are multiple steps and access to the castle would be quite difficult for anyone who is not able to climb steps. The view from the top is amazing, and you can see not only Baden Baden and the surrounding area, but look out across Karlsruhe and the plains stretching up toward Frankfurt. It is easy to understand why someone would build a castle here; no attacker would ever be able to sneak up on this place. The day that I visited the wind was blowing just right and the wind harp was singing like a ghost in the breeze. Very eerie and quite memorable. The restaurant, which is attached to the ruins, is very good and offers a nice selection of menu items. For a refreshing drink, try the icy cold non-alcoholic Apfelschorle. It will cool you right off after all of those steps :)
  • Photo of Peter S
    3 years ago
    What a beautiful setting. In an old castle up on top of a hill overseeing the entire region. History and character to go with it merge with friendly and helpful service and simply nice people made this a great outing. We stayed at the castle for a couple of nights and had a variety of their menu for dinner including their Spaetzle and Schnitzel as well as breakfast with fresh buns and eggs in the morning. Look forward to coming back :)
  • Photo of Ticopotato
    3 years ago
    Very friendly staff, food was delicious and good value for price... Schweinegeschnetzeltes with Spätzle and beans are very recommendable. Also, great view while eating
  • Photo of FAHADalahmadi
    3 years ago
    We have been to Altes Schloss in Baden Baden in September 2014. It is a very beutiful incient castel that you could visit and enjoy the trip going up and down touring the castel parts including the forest in the back. The tour may take less than an hour depending on your intrests and there is a resturant up there that we did not plan to visit due to our schdule. I recommend to visit the castel that you can see clearly from Baden baden city which is not far a way by car, and you may tour the place freely.
  • Photo of Sarflunden
    3 years ago
    Its built into an old castle ruin and out of town. So your going to have to drive or walk and sharpen your appetite. I had pork & wild mushrooms with spätzle, green beans and a salad. Very well executed and more than I could finish. All washed down with a few excellent Ulmer beers. Not especially cheap but not expensive. There was one mistake on the order. Our charming waitress apologised and my colleague was very happy with what he got rather than wait for what he'd ordered. Afterwards we climbed through the ruins of the castle for our annual gaze around from the top point. A great view, good company and a very decent meal in the warm autumn sunshine. An afternoon to fondly remember.
  • Photo of Danielle D
    3 years ago
    The long weekend holiday of October 2014 (National Holiday, Reunification) was sunny in the region, so there were lots of tourits at the castle on Saturday and, understandably, lots as well in the only restored part of the castle, the restaurant. The terrace (without a view but very sunny) was full, so we went inside and found a table near the windows facing the valley. I was expecting a breathtaking view, as advertised, but the trees are so high that they constitute the view ... Food was good and honest but not out of the ordinary. I had the "émincé" (Geschnetzelte) and it was more a ragoût than an émincé. It was also a bit tough. It was served with home-made Spaetzle. The portion was gigantic and could have been shared. The parking is said to be very big on internet, but beware ... on a nice sunny day like this Saturday, it gets full very quickly (about 50 cars when we arrived at 11:00), but we went back down a little and found a niche in the road that allowed parking for 5 to 6 cars. A little 10-minute walk up and we were back at the parking. Don't hesitate if the parking is full to use this alternative. Reserve some time after your meal to wander around the ruins. It's worth it ... and free!
  • Photo of langerhans88
    3 years ago
    The good reviews are really surprising. Maybe the food is better, but what I saw at neighboring tables didnt look all that great. We had a cappucino and a hot chocolate, both of which were made from powder (while acceptable for a hot cholocate, I find this outrageous for a cappucino) and tasted disgusting. They charge 3,50€ a piece. Tourist trap-worthy for sure.
  • Photo of Craig S
    4 years ago
    We had a long hike through town and then up the mountain to the Altes Schloss and the surrounding cliffs. It was getting on toward dinner time and we were really too hungry and tired to hike back to town. This great little restaurant right in a corner of the castle met our need. We had soup and salad. Large servings, tasty and filling.There is lots more on the menu if you want a full meal, as well as a wide selection of beverages and desserts. Service was excellent. Menu available in english.
  • Photo of Velovino
    4 years ago
    Highly recommend this spot for all of the above! We drove to the castle and had a very nice german meal and followed it up with the castle and a little hike. There's a nice enclosed patio for cafe and dessert or your full meal and the owners are lovely!
  • Photo of Conseiller99
    4 years ago
    We drove up the scenic drive to this lovely spot within the ruins of an old castle. Several good sized rooms right in the tower. Tasty goulash soup and potato pancakes, other German specialties. Draught beer. Great views. We were travelling between cities, so had a minivan with luggage, and it was safe easy parking right outside. Really nice diversion above the center of Baden Baden.
  • Photo of frack77
    4 years ago
    So how much will it cost you from the Blue Radisson to the castle by taxi? One way about 12 - 15 euro. Is it worth it, absolutely. The fact that their is no entrance fee and you can explore away on your own is priceless. If only the wind would blow the right way to engage the wind harp! We only had a drink at the restaurant, we came here for the castle.

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