Photo of Borgo Agnese in Brno, , CZ
Photo of Borgo Agnese in Brno, , CZ
Photo of Borgo Agnese in Brno, , CZ
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Borgo Agnese

Italian Restaurant

degustation menu • foie gras • lamb • fresh fish

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  • Photo of 1ndigo
    4 months ago
    Being the number one restaurant on TripAdvisor for restaurants in Brno I will expect perfection on many aspects. Given the price of the dishes I also look forward to a memorable meal. But I was sadly disappointed. The food was pretentious with lack of taste in parts and the portions were so tiny that even when something tasted good it was less than a mouthful. I rated the restaurant this low because it deserves to be knocked of its top spot so that they may have an incentive to become what they strive to be. The potential is there, but it seems they either don't care or the chef just lost the passion.
  • Photo of FayeInAmsterdam
    4 months ago
    We found this restaurant in the Brno Gourmet guide and it is near the hotel. Friendly service, we had the degustation menu with 5 and 7 courses. One of the best dish was the tortellini with pulled pork. Very inventive! And the wine was excellent too. The prices are very reasonable for a very good restaurant.
  • Photo of Julien88
    4 months ago
    It was Friday. A friend called and asked what is your plan. I said: well, let's jump to our favorite place. so here we are. words can not tell all. we walked out with smile and satisfication. what else is needed to mention. it was another amazing evening with great companions.
  • Photo of Rulfian
    4 months ago
    Borgo Agnese didn't disappoint I went for solo dinner in late September Every aspect of the dinner experience is carefully crafted From the chef starter to the delicious grilled foie gras, and the rabbit in herbs, the wine recommendations to pair and he manhattan I ordered I had an appointment 1.5 hours after I started dinner, and j regretted it. Experience was so enjoyable that o wanted to prolong it
  • Photo of David J
    5 months ago
    Have been a patron and fan of this restaurant for years.... the food, service and ambiance was always perfect.... recommended it to anybody that would listen, We visited often, for birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, business meetings and celebrations for our friends who won stardance cz. BUT ITS CHANGED. We had a reservation for 8pm for our anniversary, arrived to be roughly greeted and then ignored, then eventually after some confusion where rushed to a table. We're given menus and again ignored, after catching the waiters eye I asked if we could order apparative drinks, they arrived and again waited until I caught the waiters eye to be able to give our order, we were not offered the meat or fish boards, we had to request them, we had to call him back for the wine list ...... the service, which was fantastic before has become diabolical, too rushed, no attention to detail, we had to request everything.... just not what it was. We were given our amuse bouche, no description, so we had to guess, delicious but wish we didn't have to guess the components unless of course it's a new party game ! The hot starters delicious although not hot, the mains fish perfect and tasty, the medium rib eye, very rare and very disappointing, has there been a change of kitchen staff as well as front line ? We gave up on ever getting a desert menu and just ordered coffee, asked for the bill 3 times and eventually paid. I'm hoping the accountable managers will take not of this report and act on it for the sake of their patrons and reputation, as borgo was always the perfect destination in Brno.
  • Photo of MERAL K
    5 months ago
    The menu is varies. Taste of the foods are very very good. Behaviour of waiters are very kind. You should visit this restaurant if you have a chance.
  • Photo of carolineg804
    5 months ago
    For Brno, it's a very expensive restaurant, so I was expecting an unique experience. I made a reservation, arrived at the scheduled time, and sit on my table. There was a lot of bread crumbs in my chair. I wanted to ask for the menu, and the waiter that was supposed to take my table was just talking out loud with a guy, that was probably his friend, sitting on the table next to mine. After a while, he brought me the menu, and continued talking completely relaxed with the guy, as if they were in a pub, or something like this. I asked for the grand tasting menu, with wine pairing. The bread of the Couvert was dry and old. The food, in general, was not bad, but it was nothing spectacular, at all. One of the wines served was a wine that was produced by the house, and it was just horrible, really alcoholic, didn't pair with the dish served. I just wanted to have a peaceful and good experience, but, in spite of being a fancy restaurant, it was so noisy, and it was not because of other clients. I was still having dinner, it was about 10 pm, there was just me and another couple at the restaurant, and the waiters started to clean up the salon! I just couldn't believe. When you're in McDonald's, you already expect that, but not in a really expensive restaurant. It was a lot of noise, forks being dropped in the floor, chairs being dragged, a nightmare. Because of this, I just hurried up to finish as fast as a could my dinner, and there was still 2 dishes of the tasting menu. The value that I paid, for sure, didn't worth the experience I had. It was one of the worst services I had in my entire life.
  • Photo of Thibaut B
    5 months ago
    I don't mind the price but I really feel fouled by TripAdvisor on that place. Really it doesn't deserve to be #1 in Brno. It wants to be sophisticated (not to say posh) but the food itself is very disappointing. Nothing to eat in the plates, tasteless and that rubbish name or description aimed to sublime something basic (some of the condiments really seem to be coming straight from some cans [not trying to be mean, just my personal feeling]). Definitely it has nothing to do with a descent Italian restaurant. To be avoided absolutely!
  • Photo of Robin B
    5 months ago
    I´ve been here several times and never regret! Great food made from italian or local ingredients. Don´t miss the food shop accompanied!
  • Photo of Ondrejsrb
    5 months ago
    We have decided to visit Borgo for the last dinner in Brno. What a surprise! Very nice food, polite staff and delicious Czech vine. The food is not traditional Czech food but it was a nice break from dumplings and have something "sophisticated" on the plate. I would definitely recommend to visit
  • Photo of Graham R
    5 months ago
    the food and service were of the highest quality. i ate the zander (perch) which was perfectly cooked and presented. As a visitor from the UK the price seemed to represent incredibly good value for money.
  • Photo of Jeff J
    5 months ago
    The food is fantastic. I used to live in the same building, so I sometimes got take-out when I couldn't get a reservation. Lunch is great there, too, and usually less busy. Great place to go for roast meat.
  • Photo of John M
    6 months ago
    Visited this restaurant for the 2nd time with a customer. Food was excellent as was the service. The waiter offer a platter of meat and fish which was not on the menu and was also great value. Will visit again.
  • Photo of baros1868
    6 months ago
    Spent here 5 days and ate 5 different restuarant in dinner time. The place is busy which is a good sign i thought. We got great service and all course was fresh and tasty. I left happy. Recommended.
  • Photo of Karen Y
    6 months ago
    One of the most impressive restaurants we have eaten at.. This is in terms of quality and impressiveness of the food and the value for money that goes with it This place is incredible and we tried to get another reservation here when in Brno to return but it was fully booked as very popular So we will have to make arrangements to return to Brno for this place !
  • Photo of ReikiAngelBlue
    6 months ago
    The service was knowledgeable and informed, the food Michelin standard and the atmosphere a buzzing mix of celebrations, business & family oriented. We enjoyed lunch so much we booked again for dinner the same weekend!
  • Photo of gibs0nel
    6 months ago
    The restaurant on very high level. The waiters are very pleasant and helpfull. Can give very good advices.
  • Photo of Evren B
    6 months ago
    We found the restaurant on trip advisor on our way to Praque. Even tough we did not have a reservation, they found us a table and treated us exceptionally well. The staff is extremely good and very friendly. We tried the petite degustation menu which we found amazing. This restaurant is a jewel. It is not for kids tough -- the level of sophistication this restaurant has requires customers who are serious about what they eat!! Kudos to everyone who helps to run this resturant!!
  • Photo of Iris N
    6 months ago
    I know Borgo very well, since I had a chance to visit this place on several occassion. What can I tell you about this place? The staff is very well trained, they are not just friendly and experienced waiters there, they are not afraid to make the step further to make your stay as pleasurable as they can. If you are interested to know anything about the dish, which you are about to order, just ask and you will get a full explanation including the methods used for preparation. Do you want to order something which is not on the menu? Well, that´s not a problem as far as they have the ingredients, they will make it for you, if you ask in nice and polite manner. There are two teams of employees working together, but both of the teams cooperate smoothly and you will not even realise how, but the waiter will always appear when you need something. However, they will not make you feel akward by being present while you speak. There is many types of courses and there is degustation menu available as well. If you decide to eat there, give yourself enough time to enjoy the place, the way it deserves. In the regards of cuisine, they have fusion cuisine so it´s very interesting mix between Italian, Czech and Asian cuisine. On the manu you will find vension dishes (typical czech) which are prepared in a modern way. But you can find there also Gyoza, octopus, sea food, homemade pasta or tofu- products very foreign to traditional Czech dishes. Borgo is very sophisticated place for demanding customers, who are looking for a new gastronomic experience with high standarts. The only negative aspect are the desserts. I wish I could say they are the same quality as the starters or the main dishes. I am sorry to say, they are not. So that´s certainly a point worth improving.
  • Photo of jurnecka
    6 months ago
    This is the sort of place with tiny rations of exquisite combinations. The only speck was slightly uppish staff but honestly they have a good reason for it even they did a good job nonetheless.

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