Photo of Bar Ktery Neexistuje in Brno, , CZ
Photo of Bar Ktery Neexistuje in Brno, , CZ
Photo of Bar Ktery Neexistuje in Brno, , CZ
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Bar Ktery Neexistuje

American Restaurant

burger • cocktail bar • non smoking • upper floor

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  • Photo of Tomáš M
    4 months ago
    The creators got it absolutely right and made arguably the most perfect classic bar in Brno. You can tell by details like a waiter constantly refilling your water you get with every drink. Prices are actually below average. And now they also make spectacular tiny burgers. Probably the nicest personnel I've ever interacted with.
  • Photo of Jaroslav V
    4 months ago
    Bar with a very high standard of drinks. Educated and friendly service and great atmosphere. The second floor provides more privacy. The lift to the second floor and is basement in operation.
  • Photo of Tatiana B
    5 months ago
    They literally have hundreds of rums and whiskys and everything else to choose from. Their cocktails are delicious and their food is the perfect thing to go with. The atmosphere is amazing, with great jazz music playing, and their staff are great. It's seriously popular (and deservedly so), so if you can remember to book ahead if you're planning to eat there.
  • Photo of Robin B
    5 months ago
    I love this place. The atmosphere and all the drinks are marvelous. The menu looks like fashion magazine, every drink have different glass and burgers are great - even the small one (for ladies). Unfortunately it is so popular that you can hardly find a place even to stay sometimes.
  • Photo of Or P
    5 months ago
    This place is amazing! The staff are really nice, the bar looks great, they have a huge variety of drinks and the jazz music makes you want to stay forever! They also have a tasty burger!
  • Photo of Jaroslav K
    5 months ago
    Many rums, whiskeys etc. And the bartender knows what to offer to satisfy your taste :-) And if you're hungry, there are hamburgers to feed you.
  • Photo of JanDeWin
    6 months ago
    Honestly? If you want a nice drink, great service and little alternative company there isn't better place in Brno. BKN is great mix of styles and stories which collides into delicious mix of enjoyment and endless amount of creativity... I didn't have better drink in Czech Republic.
  • Photo of Alexandra P
    6 months ago
    Large packed bar with great decor and great cocktails. They are all based on theatre names, the waiters are very informative and can help you pick something you'd like.
  • Photo of Michaela P
    6 months ago
    Love this bar and always come back when I'm in Brno. Excellent customer service, amazing burgers (chickpea burger is my favorite), great selection of cocktails and alcohol. Definitely recommend to anybody who visits Brno!
  • Photo of gibs0nel
    6 months ago
    The bar is let say new in Brno, but not so new around 3 years. It is very well organize and the stuff knows about their job. They are very helpufull and answer most of the questions. The choice of rums, coctails is very good.
  • Photo of iExplorEurope
    6 months ago
    Perfect place for a drink any time, any occasion, either with friends or business partners, or just enjoying a good drink on your own. Perfect drinks - known and less famous as well as original, wide choice. Good staff - kind and helpful Food- only burgers but delicious (it's a place for drinks not dinner) Nice atmosphere. Not a cheap place but worth the money! Highly recommended.
  • Photo of punkgs
    6 months ago
    Very classic atmosphere, with jazz playing in the background. Staff have extensive knowledge of the cocktails and can recommend you a drink, based on your taste. Own menu is good as well, with box chart of the cocktails - rather than a list, which makes it easier to choose a cocktail (how classic, how strong, how sweet/sour). We were there quite early, so had no issue with getting served, but I would imagine it can get quite busy. Also the bar extends to the street with some sofas. All 'n' all very classy, speakeasy atmosphere with friendly and knowledgeable staff. If you want to enjoy some cocktails, definitely visit this establishment.
  • Photo of David C
    6 months ago
    Definitely one of the best bar in Brno. Very nice premises, excellent burgers and drinks and very good location. Highly recommended
  • Photo of mareksucha
    6 months ago
    Say the name of the cocktail and they will create it for you. Great atmosphere and very good service.
  • Photo of Giuseppe D
    6 months ago
    I never tried before such hand made beer like you can try in this place.It is unique. They also have a huge list of rums and impressive international alcohol choice. When you enter inside you can find a realm of timeless fantasy. An experience to do for sure.
  • Photo of Maria J
    7 months ago
    This is one of very few places I have visited so far, where they know how to mix the drink exactly according to your tastes! Jus tell them what kind of tastes you like and they make sure to prepare the drink which suits you..
  • Photo of Filip K
    7 months ago
    recomended by a friend, it was billed as the hottest bar in town, but unfortunately it was far from it. It was pretty full to be honnest, but afer two hours i didnt really understand what the fuss was about. Overpriced and mediocre would be my verdict in few words.
  • Photo of Peter D
    7 months ago
    Honestly I am very thorn about this place. As my title suggests I had good, better, excellent but also horrible experiences here. But it averages out on a 4 out of 5. You need a reservation to get a place here on the busier days but you can get lucky and maybe come in during the time when someone leaves. The selection of spirits is vast and the cocktail selection changes in certain intervals but if you ask and they have the ingredients they will make it. As for food they have only burgers but they are good. Most of the time I had no issues with service either. However it happened to me a couple of times that the experience was just horrible. Felt like everybody else as higher priority to the waiters, drinks took too long, was sitting there with an empty glass for a long time. Once did not get served at all. However the good does overweight the bad with the amount of occurrences. One more great perk if you are there till the closing, they give you free soup before you go, not sure which nights though.
  • Photo of Georgios K
    8 months ago
    It is a lovely place. Great variety of drinks. Very friendly staff. They speak English quite well. You should definetely stop by for a couple of drinks.
  • Photo of Filip D
    9 months ago
    Bar Ktery Neexistuje is high standard bar with professionals bartenders. Place itself is in old building in downtown of Brno. Corner doorway. 2 floors if my memory are still on good mood. Lift inside bar is also fine, if you are kind of tired and need toilets, it's always good not to fall down the stairway. But anyway service is very good, drinks are very good, place is cozy with atmosphere of fine bar. I can only say "go and enjoy night in Brno".....

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