Photo of Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, , CA
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Sula Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant

Sula Indian Restaurant14.5
lamb • naan • curries • rice

1128 Commercial Dr
Vancouver V5L 3X2, CA
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  • Photo of Erik Reinhardt
    3 years ago
    I really suggest getting the Coconut chicken
  • Photo of Frankie_Hummus
    a month ago
    We lived on the drive for a couple years before trying this place. Too bad because we were missing out. We're regulars now. Fairly standard Indian menu, food is always delicious. Take out is quick and easy but the restaurant has one of the more pleasant atmospheres that I've enjoyed in a while. Great for a relaxing sit-down dinner with friends or family.
  • Photo of Zamil S
    a month ago
    Very good food with good selection. Reasonable price. However, the waiter was unfriendly at all. She was rude. When we asked for ice for the drinks, the answer was I already brought you some in a very bad manner. The management has to fix her attitude otherwise the customers will be very reluctant to visit again.
  • Photo of TeresaBCN29
    a month ago
    I consider a well-elaborated food and greatly tasty. I have been in other Indian restaurants, and unfortunately, all the dishes had the same taste and are difficult to digest (for me). You can order mild spice, and it is really soft. You can survive and differentiate all the ingredients. I think this is so important. The restaurant is spacious and all are designed in detail. The service was good as well.
  • Photo of irlundee
    3 months ago
    Having lived around Toronto for many years, the Indian cuisine had been a big let down. It didn't compare to the UK or UAE. However, Sula in Vancouver is as good as it gets. We had the lamb biriyani, lamb curry, butter chicken and chicken vindaloo, all of which were excellent. The kheer was also wonderful. Unlike most Indian restaurants, the portions are proper, it is pricey but you are getting quality.
  • Photo of LarsieB
    4 months ago
    We loved eating at Sula Indian Restaurant during our recent stay in Vancouver. If we lived in Vancouver this would be a restaurant we would be eating at regularly. The decor is lovely, the service was very good and the food was excellent, and so well presented. We were able to walk in and get a table for 4 without having to wait on a Thursday evening around 6.00pm. There was a great range of Indian food choices too, our daughter is vegetarian, attempting to be vegan and there were plenty of choices for her which was appreciated. For an idea of cost 4 main meal dishes, 1 basmati rice and 2 servings of Naan bread cost us approximately $68 before tipping our waiter.
  • Photo of Anupks
    4 months ago
    I've been here a couple times now and each time it has been fantastic from the service to the food this is definitely one of the places I plan to go a lot. The menu items specify if they all gluten and dairy free and everything from the appetizers to the desserts are delicious.
  • Photo of Bob S
    5 months ago
    Sula serves high quality Indian cuisine at prices much lower than the iconic VJ's restaurants. They deliver all of the classic dishes for less than $20 without failing on quality. Their rack of Lamb is awesome. The butter chicken and chicken pakoras are amongst the best we have eaten. All of this without a 2 hour wait!
  • Photo of BellaSaskatoon
    6 months ago
    Dinner for four, they were Sula veterans we were newbies. The food was fantastic, the best Indian we had ever had in our multiple decades of fining. Just superb, or excellent, from the appetizers to the mains to the desert. You know the kind of place where you regret you can't just stay and eat one of everything? Very nice selection of beer and wines. The service was friendly, attentive and done with good humour. Such a pleasure to have good acoustics to accommodate our talking during our 2 1/2 hour Sula sojourn. No attitude at Sula, just a very delicious and comfortable excursion into superb Indian food.
  • Photo of ccvvbb
    7 months ago
    The highlight was the Coconut Chicken ($14); but we also really enjoyed the Veg Samosa ($7) - two of them cut into halves and sprinkled with slivers of onion, red pepper and carrot. The Papadum ($3) was classic and crunchy (two pieces); the Basmati Rice ($3.50) consisted of a nice heap with a handful of green peas sprinkled on top. The Cucumber Salad ($8) was a healthy portion of chopped (mostly raw) vegetables, but lacked much flavour - it needed more, or different, dressing. The place was mostly empty when we arrived, but the server advised us that our table was reserved for someone else within 90 minutes - I liked having that info and we paced our meal to finish well within the time they had. It seemed surprising that they seated another couple right next to us in an otherwise empty restaurant, and they also got the same info about another reservation later on. Explanation: the place mostly has tables for four, so the groups of two get seated next to each other. I’d return here and try more of the menu.
  • Photo of GrandPanjandrum
    8 months ago
    We stopped for super on our way to a concert. I am very familiar with Indian cuisine, and was attracted to this place because it identified its gluten-free and lactose free dishes... necessary for my partner. We were welcomed warmly by a delightful young man from Nepal. The restaurant is comfortable, quite spacious, and nicely decorated with water features in the dining area. I ordered the Lamb Spinach Curry, medium. The best I have had EVER!. She ordered the Coconut Chicken curry, which she enjoyed very much. I found it a little sweet. Missi Roti - flat bread made with chick peas made a nice gluten free option. Topped off with a draft beer (she had a nice Pino Griggio), it was a delightful meal. As our waitress suggested when we told her this was our first visit, "You will be back!"
  • Photo of Dalecorp
    10 months ago
    A first visit to Sula provided an outstanding (although not exceptional or extraordinary) culinary experience. All dishes were very, very good accompanied by solid service in a warm and eclectic atmosphere. The ownership should be commended for the ambiance created within, as it is rare nowadays to find an establishment that places a diners personal space ahead of the monetary gains of cramming together as many tables as possible in to limited space. It really is the 'space' that makes this restaurant, while no complaints can be offered up on the food. The only grievance of significance is the difficulty of available parking in the surrounding area.... Worthy of special mention are the Lamb Vindaloo, Coconut Chicken and Tandoori Vegetables, although all dishes sampled were delicious. Definitely worthy of a return visit.
  • Photo of TheHappyCanadian
    Joined a group of friends for dinner. They take reservations, which is nice. Tables not too crowded and beautifully decorated. Tons of gluten free opinions and they even have a separate GF fryer so I was able to enjoy pakoras. What a treat. We shared a half dozen items... all gluten free and all very tasty. Serving sizes not huge and a little on the more expensive side but well worth it! Will be back!
  • Photo of Mobska
    a year ago
    Three visits to this restaurant in last few months since I have discovered it, and every time the food, service and atmosphere have been wonderful. I absolutely love this place. The décor is tasteful and food is yummy. Typically we order too much food just to have leftovers for the next day. My favorites are; tandoori chicken, shahi paneer, bhaigan bharta and usually complete the meal with a lamb or beef dish. The lamb vindaloo is fantastic (and I don't normally like lamb). Each dish is unique in flavor and wonderfully balanced in spice.
  • Photo of Christine H
    a year ago
    This restaurant has great service, wonderful ambiance and fabulous food! If you like pakora, try the vegetable pakora, it's my absolute favorite. The food is so well prepared, the flavours are never overpowering, which I can find with some restaurants, Sula does it perfectly! I would make a reservation as to not be disappointed, I have arrived on a few occasions to a full house, so now I reserve.
  • Photo of Madelief2016
    a year ago
    A restaurant with great ambiance, great service - especially if your server happens to be named Nico - and lovely-tasting foods. Obviously pretty popular as it was pretty crowded on a Sat. night at 8:30 and only too bad that it closes at 10 p.m.. Exactly! But this is one restaurant you want to remember to go back there pretty regularly!
  • Photo of CaliforniaFellow
    Note the overwhelming number of high-rating reviews. There are reasosn: High quality ingredients in a lovely atmosphere...with a capable server. We greatly enjoyed our meal. It can be a bit noisy, howevert.
  • Photo of Amgadr
    a year ago
    we tried a new south Indian Antares and we very impressed. The sauces were exceptional. The art of Indian cuisine in my opinion is the subtle layering of flavor...and Sula did it masterfully
  • Photo of Angela M
    a year ago
    My husband and I do not frequent restaurants often as they usually disappoint us. This makes Sula Indian Restaurant on Commercial Drive an exception. We first found it last December after a show at the Cultch. We were so satisfied with our dining experience that after a show last week we decided to go there again. The atmosphere is pleasant, well patronized but not too loud. It seems as if the restaurant is attended by regulars as many diners felt comfortable chatting with the owner/staff and thanking them by name. The portions are generous. A bottle of water is automatically placed on the table. The food is carefully prepared and delicately spiced. We enjoyed the samosas, the grilled platter, garlic naan and basmati rice. All the dishes that we saw brought out looked delicious and we will look forward to trying something different on our next visit. The only suggestion for improvement would be for the water to be cold and filtered. We enjoyed a bottle of wine with our meal but the water was warm and tasted like tap water, which in the city comes with a hint of chlorine.
  • Photo of Margush
    a year ago
    Sula was a good choice for us while we visited Vancouver because we wanted to explore many different sections of this beautiful city. This Indian restaurant is one of many, many ethnic places along a section of Commercial Drive. The food was graciously served by a charming young waiter from Bombay and everything was delicious. This area was developed largely by Italian immigrants as is obvious by the numerous restaurants,Italian clubs, etc. We took a bus from downtown which was fine but be prepared to ride through some rough areas with desperate-looking homeless people: very sad. I only mention this because, at that point, we knew so little about the city's diverse neighborhoods.
  • Photo of Miss M
    a year ago
    This is my favourite place for butter chicken and Mattar Paneer. Naan is amazing particularly the one wuth Nuts and Fruits. You get a huge portion for your money.

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