Photo of Sitar Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Sitar Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Sitar Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, , CA
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Sitar Indian Restaurant

Indian Restaurant

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  • Photo of queenspr
    5 months ago
    Was initially sceptical about entering in here as not the most welcoming frontage. Went in anyway and the food was very good and at least 80 Canadian Dollars (6 people similar dishes) cheaper than other one ( Salam Bombay) we visited. The food was very similar as if the chef was from the area . Not much to add really as it was a very similar experience as the other one except for the setting and the prices. If you are going for food than this one is my preference but if you want slightly upmarket then the above mentioned especially if you are trying to impress the other half
  • Photo of JuRut
    5 months ago
    Quite a nice place in a good location, pretty good service and decent Indian food. Since we have visited 20 Indian restaurants in different countries, I can say that this place is OK. Not the best.
  • Photo of Michael M
    6 months ago
    Couldn't fault service or ambience but food was very disappointing. Starters were the best onion b tasty, but the fish pakora has simply no taste of fish or for that matter much else. Mains went downhill completely. Rogan gosh has no tomatoes, and a few frozen peas and tiny carrots, reasonably tasteless, Chanda Masala describedas hot, has no spices whatsoever and very disappointingly all food was tepid at best, no the rice was cold. A request for boiled rice was met with a reply that Pilau rice is boiled...yes but it had egg and peas in it, but unwanted. Not recommended.
  • Photo of Retired_Miami
    7 months ago
    We were walking in Gastown and stumbled upon this restaurant. What a great stumble. We had chicken curry and chicken korma. Great spices. Service spot on. Great ambiance in a nice old building. This place is a winner for locals and cruisers who are in Vancouver before or after the cruise.
  • Photo of MandM559
    8 months ago
    Came upon this restaurant by accident whilst wandering around Gastown, but we did fancy an Indian meal and this fitted the bill! Good service and good basic food, with a nice table by the window so we could continue to "people watch".
  • Photo of C R
    9 months ago
    I ordered a lamb curry and some naan and loved the food, the location and feel of the restaurant and the service. If you like Indian food, this is the place to eat in Vancouver!
  • Photo of Denali92
    10 months ago
    For adults with a knowledge of Indian food, this restaurant is probably fine, but with hungry kids and in search of a place where the lines were not too long, we made a mistake. The lack of customers and busy tables - when many of the other Gastown restaurants had extensive lines told a story that we did not pay attention to. Ultimately, for the parents it was an adequate meal, but the kids did not enjoy it and we left disappointed and felt we had paid a fair amount for a mediocre lunch - lesson learned. My real point about the headline was that the waiter did not really help us in terms of making good choices for 3 kids that liked mellow chicken curry at home, but had never really been to an Indian restaurant. What we got in the end - just did not work out.
  • Photo of ABandura
    a year ago
    What a beautiful place to sit and people watch and eat great food. The butter chicken and chicken korma were amazing. Great service. Would definitely go here again!
  • Photo of JerryP2048
    a year ago
    Reasonable menu, I was rushing, and the food was fine. Rogan Josh, peppery rather than hot in an Indian style but fine. Very good garlic naan helped it down. Service was attentive and in no way overbearing. I really dont know what to expect from Indian restaurants in Vancouver but this was good, satisfying and perhaps worth 3.5 stars rather than the 3 above. I love Indian food so I dont want to mislead by saying really "Very Good" but it was more than adequate and in no way would I say, dont go there.
  • Photo of amritabajwasingh
    If you're a vegetarian like me and wanting authentic indian food in gastown...look no further. Not the best in town (I love Vij's, My Shanti, a couple of haunts on Main etc.) but definitely up there!
  • Photo of amesjoe2016
    a year ago
    Location is great but food and service do not do justice to the location. The owner has to put some love and passion into it. Butter chicken and other dishes the three of us ordered were not hit with us. Nothing bad but nothing outstanding either. It can do so much better.
  • Photo of Judy L
    a year ago
    I had lunch with 2 colleagues at SITAR today. I hadn't been there before. It had a nice atmosphere. The menu was standard; nothing impressive. The food was okay, but nothing impressive. The restaurant wasn't that busy, but I still had to ask the server/patron to refill my glass with water. I've never heard positive or negative reviews about this place. It was conveniently close to my colleague's office. That's the best that I can say about this place, unfortunately.
  • Photo of susan201509
    a year ago
    If you want excellent Indian food with savoury sauces and aromatic spices in Gastown this is the place to go. It is not a place for those who want to be seen eating trendy food that is overpriced. The onion bhaji was crispy and well spiced. I had the tandoori fish which was perfectly marinated and came to the table sizzling with onions and peppers. I would definitely look up the restaurant on my next trip to Gastown.
  • Photo of xocolot
    2 years ago
    In a word, mediocre. Stuffy, uninspired. Not particularly tidy. Inexpensive. Dessert was a just a bad idea. House wine took the edge off.
  • Photo of stl2naples
    2 years ago
    I know this has been here for a long time....just check out the bathroom. YUCK! If it the bathroom looks like that for customers to see-can you imagine the kitchen? I will say the samosas were good but isn't all fried food?
  • Photo of deejay17
    2 years ago
    We strolled into Gastown on a Friday evening in search of a meal This restaurant was open, it was central and there were no long queues, We soon discovered this was not because the food was not good. Service was quick and efficient, the food was tasty and we enjoyed our meal. The staff were not effusive but they got things done and the cost was moderate. Definitely a place we would return to if we pass this way again
  • Photo of Angela3950
    2 years ago
    After walking around Gastown in Vancouver, we decided Indian food would be a good choice over burgers and beer (although I did partake of a Tuborg while here) We ordered what we generally get-chicken tikka masala, rice, naan and tried something different, Roganjosh Beef cooked with coconut, almond and spicy sauce. All very good, no complaints. Food was hot and mildly spicy. The server said we could get it REALLY spicy in the future. So ask about the scorch level in case you're concerned. Would go again and recommend.
  • Photo of Abogail
    2 years ago
    We had a very enjoyable meal at this establishment. The staff were very pleasant but lacked personality. The food was well prepared and the plates were very warm when brought to the table, not every Indian restaurant does this. I can recommend this place for a good evening meal but not a place to linger as it completely lacks atmosphere. I would go back.
  • Photo of crisvilasboas
    2 years ago
    The restaurant is in an amazing, amazing location! It could make better use of this and make a cuisine to match! I went to this restaurant for lunch. I decided to try the menu of the day. The appetizer was an Indian bread, which was not very good. I've eaten better at other Indian restaurants. The daily menu was very simple. And the side dish with chicken was very little! According to the restaurant for two people, but had plenty of water with curry and some chicken! For the price, it should have enough food for two (as it promises). It was not a totally bad experience. I repeat (to see if improved). The service is good (nothing exceptional). The decor is cool. I hope that you get better!
  • Photo of RV70
    2 years ago
    We had late lunch and ordered 4 dishes and two bread types. Service was slow and with no smile, we were served papad and chutney after 15 minutes and our food after 25 minutes. We were surprised with really less quantity of curry preparations. None of the serving was enough for even a single person. I just hate it when pricey restaurants like this do not give you good food quantity. As a result they force people to order more and that's what We did. Food's quality was good, we enjoyed it. However it was an expensive lunch. Won't go again.

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