Photo of Pho Express Ankor Noodle House in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Pho Express Ankor Noodle House in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Pho Express Ankor Noodle House in Vancouver, , CA
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Pho Express Ankor Noodle House

Asian Restaurant

Pho Express Ankor Noodle House14
pho • soup • noodles • chicken

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  • Photo of Laura Green
    3 years ago
    bargain food that is worth is price, not the best
  • Photo of Paul H
    3 months ago
    Ordered the pho with pork, very flavourful. I would return to the restaurant if in the area. Restaurant interior is ok but pretty dated
  • Photo of Philip G
    7 months ago
    Worst experience ever! Not only did i find hair in my food, there was also a rodent running around in the washroom. Plus these people had the audacity to automatically add gratuity to my bill!!! When i asked them about the extra charge, the old asian woman said: "We automatically add the tip when serving all Asian customers, because they don't tip!" WTF!!! As far as I'm recall, tipping is based on customer discretion--not a right!! I will report these people, they need to be shut down!! The nerve of that old woman!!! Go elsewhere, these people don't have manners!!
  • Photo of Lance D
    8 months ago
    The food here is good but definitely not exciting. My favourite is the seafood pho, a safe dish. My wife's favourite is the mango salad and the beef pho. The owners are the most unsmiling couple you'll ever meet. I think I saw a touch of a smile on his face once but it disappeared within a second. But their staff are great and very friendly and more than make up for their lack of happiness. You won't walk away saying "wow" but you will say "hey, that was okay, let's go back again sometime".
  • Photo of ryont
    9 months ago
    I was going to this neighborhood and my friend and I wanted to have some Pho. So we went there around 12:30 pm on Wednesday. It was not busy at all and Pho came right away. Food was good, not too bad but it was very average. I guess it is hard to survive the food competition around this area, but restaurant looked a bit dirty and I did not find they are eager to serve the keep the restaurant busy. Yes their location is so convenient on Robson and they don't have to fight to get more customers. But do I go back? Maybe yes only if I really want to eat Pho and if this restaurant was the only choice for Pho. But I'm afraid to say I am not keen on it. Out of 5 stars; Food: 3.5 Service: 3 Friendliness: 3 Ambience: 3 Price: 3.5 Portion: 3 Total: 3.3
  • Photo of GlinysW
    a year ago
    It was Christmas Day and we had a traditional dinner booked for the evening. We wanted something warming to drive out the winter chill. The pho was perfect- generous, well flavoured and comforting. Service was excellent and although we had to wait a little while for a table, the waiter took our oder before we sat down to minimise waiting time. So thoughtful.
  • Photo of Stephanie L
    a year ago
    This is a great place, family owned restaurant, quite cheap Very good value and very good service. The food is really good.
  • Photo of juliem1962
    2 years ago
    A place you have to go to when visiting Vancouver, or if you live there go there anyway. I ordered beef Pho. I got a large bowl of yummy Pho, lots of meet and veges, and soup full of flavour. I wish I could have brought some home with me. Very reasonable price.
  • Photo of WendyFR
    2 years ago
    I had a cld and had resently read a book that took place in Korea and decided to try something new, so I wondered in to the restaurant and the server asked my likes and dislikes and the next thing you know I had a large bowl of soup like stew. It had chicken vegetables and broth along with noodles. Very tasty! friendly polite server. I will be back...hope this was helpful.
  • Photo of Susan P
    2 years ago
    Loved the food and the service. Very casual place. Only bone of contention was that they took only cash and CANADIAN debit cards.
  • Photo of MMH0076
    2 years ago
    Have come here a few times now and their food is consistently excellent. If you want simple authentic pho, bun or banh mi then you can't go past this place. Best of this cuisine in the west end. And oh so cheap!
  • Photo of James A
    2 years ago
    This one is on Robson street which is full of restaurants all the way down and I just happened to get to this place as the rest of them were about to close. The decor inside looked a bit cheesy, but as soon as I sat down I started to like it and it did kind of remind me of Vietnam and the food there which was from great to terrible. This place was very good and the price not to much considering this is Vancouver rather than Da nang or Ho Chi Minh City and I was very happy with my meal and service. I do suggest you try this place if you like broth noodle soups because this place has nice options. Enjoy!
  • Photo of Anna M
    2 years ago
    We love Pho and know there is an art to it. We ducked into this place for lunch and were happy to find it. They have a large selection of Vietnamese items. We ordered fresh spring rolls and a large bowl of chicken Pho. Perfect for two. Be sure to spend $2 extra to get vegetables like broccoli, carrots, celery and bok choy. There is an outside patio and plenty of tables indoors. Good for families too.
  • Photo of Tsetska
    2 years ago
    Love it. If I need a pick me up, I head here for the awesome pho and the spring rolls. Can't get enough...even the small pho is enough. Great service too.
  • Photo of Yvon L
    3 years ago
    We just picked a little spot and sat down... there was air-conditioning, few people in the middle of the afternoon... we had great service, very good food, in a great setting that was perfect for getting away from the heat and the sun. The prices were quite cheap for the quality and quantity. Definitely recommended.
  • Photo of billybob101
    3 years ago
    I know this place has a few different locations, I've just been to the Queensborough Landing version in New West a few times and I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised. I had the Pho - with well done and rare beef and its great! Pretty heavy on the noodles, but the beef is tasty and so is the broth. Exceptionally tasty spring rolls, pretty good salad rolls. The "cash only" policy is a little annoying (at least at the New West location) but for sure I'll be back to try other dishes!
  • Photo of Holiday4Princess
    3 years ago
    Great food, nice people, food court fast service, easy location, on hornby near pender, downtown Vancouver. Other kiosks too
  • Photo of Tsetska
    3 years ago
    I've been here four times now, each time for my go-to pho with rare beef. It's among the best I've had (being a pho consumer for about 7 years now). All the other dishes I've had with friends have been great too, like the deep fried spring rolls. The service is always very, very quick and attentive. A nice and clean enough place; the decor is kind of old but a nice environment anyway. It's great that they have a diversity of food styles from the various south east Asian countries. They don't take credit cards if I recall.
  • Photo of LucyHud
    3 years ago
    Got into vancouver late on a Friday night. Staying in the west end was seeking pho. Pho express was just closing however they offered us a take away option. I am usually hesitant to get pho take away however I am glad I persisted. They separated the meat and noodles from the broth for self assemble at home! They also included how sin, chilli, lime, mint and bean shoots. Was delicious! Doing rolls were a treat also
  • Photo of SCgirl888
    3 years ago
    We had a great dinner at Pho Express. The price of $7.99 for lemongrass chicken was such a deal. Started with the salad rolls - beef was good but the mango was quite underripe in the mango roll and not very good. The rolls were also a bit hard. Overall, I would recommend this place.
  • Photo of Ben W
    4 years ago
    Since I was already in that area, today I was in the mood to try some food in Vancouver’s West End. So I went to one of the small restaurants in the Robson Street, close to Denman Street. The name indicated Thai and Vietnamese food, but most of the offered dishes were Vietnamese cuisine. I ordered fried squid (as it was written in the menu, but the service person who was also cooking called it calamari) and Lemon Grass Chicken, Pork Chop, Egg, Shredded Pork with Rice. The served tea was pretty tasty and also the water tasted surprisingly better than most water I got in other restaurants. The atmosphere was good, it was not a big restaurant, and it seemed that it was managed by a family. The decoration in the room was a wild mix from everything (Thai, Western, Chinese,…) and didn’t fit so much to the served food. The fried squid was good. I appreciated that they didn’t put salt on it. So everybody could salt it as they wish. Only the sweet chilli sauce that was served with the shrimps didn’t fit to that dish at all. The main course looked good. But also here the sauce was not that what I usually got served to it. It didn’t have the typical taste. That sauce seemed rather to be mixed up from some sweet chilli sauce with a bit of vinegar. So was the taste of the entire dish not so great. And despite the picture in the menu shoed two eggs, it was served only one. Nevertheless, the size of the serving was good. Tthe pork chop and the lemon grass chicken were not bad. The shredded pork just looked ok, but was completely tasteless; disappointing. Only the price was pretty good for a downtown area restaurant and the size of the serving. I really ate already much better Vietnamese food at other places. Perhaps here the saying is valid too: Cheap price – cheap quality…. This restaurant gets only 2.5.

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