Photo of Hoang Yen in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Hoang Yen in Vancouver, , CA
Photo of Hoang Yen in Vancouver, , CA
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Hoang Yen

Vietnamese Restaurant

Hoang Yen14
noodle soup • bun cha • spring rolls • fish cakes

5083 Victoria Dr
Vancouver V5P 3T9, CA
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  • Photo of Laura Green
    3 years ago
    a very local place with awesome fish cake soup
  • Photo of IVegas
    4 months ago
    Been coming to this small place every time I am in Vancouver. This time we have a big party. We don't mind the wait nor splitting up the table. For great food, it's a small price to pay. This time we tried out quite a lot of different dishes. Again their fish cake noodle soup (Bun Cha Ca) is their signature dish. For newcomer it would be amiss not to give it at least one try. I can tell you from personal experience eating lots of Vietnamese dishes over the years in US, Canada, overseas including Vietnam, this Bun Cha Ca ranked as one of my favorites and not a common dish everywhere. Anyway it's a very good restaurant (I am talking about food only, don't mind the cramp space, not so sanitary kitchen, ugly decor, rush service etc) that their other dishes are also excellent including regular Pho Dac Biet, Guoi Guon, grilled meat/rice etc.. Final bill for 5 were roughly CAD $15/head, lots of leftovers to take home. Down right cheap.
  • Photo of ShilohinBC
    5 months ago
    My Vietnamese friend insisted I try the bun fish cake soup in this small restaurant, but we have to go early, ie: before 11 a.m. for lunch. There is always a line-up outside this very popular place so you had better make time for a wait for a table. Bun soup is different than pho - the noodles are different and here you can order soup made with choice of crab, fish, or squid cake. Also different are the spices used in the soup base. Menu is large and they also serve the ubiquitous pho as well as spring rolls, etc. But is the the bun soup that most people come here for.
  • Photo of Kimbalee W
    7 months ago
    This place is not one for your typical beef noodle soup. If I got my information right, this place serves specialty northern Vietnamese food. Don't expect service to be awesome because this place is packed, Jampacked all the time. Expect a lineup of at least 3 to 4 tables and you will be happy. Choose only from one of the two special noodles: the dill noodle or the crab noodle, and you will be in for a surprise because you cannot find this anywhere else. Other than the typical sprouts and basil leaves as complement to the noodle dish, asked for the spiralized vegetables… They add a great crunch to your noodles. I like their chicken wings and spring rolls too.
  • Photo of Zara1314
    8 months ago
    第一次到臨是晩上6:30pm,未入座店員告知售罄,相隔數個月下午2:00pm抵達,還是不能避免在店外等候,看見大部分是4人枱,數張枱也只坐著2人,位旁放著包包,而主力寫單、收拾枱、安排入坐只一位店員,人手不足的情況下,是其排長龍的原因。點了其招牌#24 Fish Noodle、炸魚餅、凍越南咖啡,麪條像意大利粉,份量不大,值得一提是綠色配菜、芽菜、香芹菜頗多,湯底頗清,很重魚露味,魚片、魚餅肉嫩,有別一般越南牛肉粉的做法,個人較喜歡越南粉麪質,所以沒有想像中吸引,而咖啡亦欠回金味。
  • Photo of Surreytraveller59
    9 months ago
    My Vietnamese friend recommended this restaurant after hearing me describe the Cha Ga we ate in Hanoi on our recent trip to Vietnam. In Hanoi, we ate this as a stir fry whereas this is a soup version with the same herbs and seasonings. We ordered #24 (fish cake) and #25 (squid cake) and it was everything I was looking for--recreating the taste sensation of that lovely lunch in Hanoi. The restaurant is tiny and you might have to share a table with another group but the service is quick and friendly. We had an early dinner to avoid the line-ups as described on this site and there was a line-up forming by the time we left. We will be back for sure!
  • Photo of LHOVancouver
    a year ago
    People have been raving about this little shop on Victoria and 37th for months now. We had to find out what all the fuss was about, and we were sure glad that we did. Flavours are clean and fresh, staff are friendly and hardworking. Must try the Fish Cake Noodle Soup (Pho) that that they are famous for. But all the food items were tasty. Prices are really good value and we'll be back...Only drawback is size, just 25 or so seats, so might be a wait...But it's worth it...good luck and enjoy!
  • Photo of ForeverRoamin
    2 years ago
    I was introduced to this place by a local friend that has been coming here for years. I typically go for the beef pho when I go to a Vietnamese noodle shop but my friend told me to give the Bun Cha Ca Dac Biet a try. My wife usually doesn't like going to pho restaurants as she can't stand the smell, but she makes an exception to this place! The restaurant is pretty small (appx 8 tables) and there is usually a line up for lunch over the weekends. The wait is worth it though. I've become quite a regular at this restaurant. They are on vacation currently for the month of February and part of March 2016. Give them a call before you show up to confirm if they are open.
  • Photo of JoyousFoodie
    2 years ago
    Was recommended by my friend to try their Bun Rieu (crab soup) and the reasonable price. I tried it and it was SOOOOO GOOODD. You can really taste the crab flavour. Not spicy at all, you may add some chillies and condiments if you like. I've also ordered their Spring Roll, which was pretty small, not the usual size they serve in regular Pho restaurants. Place was small, but I came around 1pm and it was not too busy. Will come back here for sure.
  • Photo of NoshAndNibble
    3 years ago
    Team Joe's House came here for some pregame and I had the Bun Cha Ca with a side of spring rolls. This bowl was interesting because it was my first go at a seafood broth instead of my usual beef broth. It was still savoury despite being less oily (as clear as Le Petit Saigon) than most pho places. The ingredients used (fishcake, tomato, dill leaves, tofu, and water celery) were very absorbent of the broth and the noodles were a thicker kind compared to pho. To my pleasure the giant bowl went down very easily and the noodles chewy and not brittle (looking at you, Pho Hoa). It was a different style of pho than I was used to, but it was delicious. I also got a side of spring rolls and while I didn't like them as much as southern style spring rolls, they still dipped well and crunched in all the right places. Photos and full review at:
  • Photo of IVegas
    4 years ago
    I second the previous post on the Fish Cake soup noodles. I went there first ordered my usual Pho Dac Biet, a standard Vietnamese dish. It was ok, a little on the slightly salty side on the broth. Then I noticed almost everyone ordered the same dish and I asked the waitress and was told it was the Fish Cake noodle soup, the vietnamese name was actually emblazoned on the back of their T-shirts. Next visit I ordered that dish, indeed it was delicious. It was light, sliced fish cake was fresh, few pieces of tomatoes in the broth cut down the usual heavy meat broth taste and the noodles are not the usual pho type but the slightly thicker round rice noodle. Overall, enjoyed it very much.
  • Photo of TravelBugsEB
    4 years ago
    This place sells quality fish cake soup with real redfish cakes that are delicious. Their soup is not as salty as most others, but the flavour is a bit lacking in distinction despite the pedigree of this family history in opening many restaurants across Vancouver. The bathroom facility is abysmal.

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