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DD Mau

Vietnamese Restaurant

lemongrass chicken • banh mi • salad rolls • bite

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  • Photo of Kelly K
    4 months ago
    Went there after seeing an episode of you gotta eat here. The vermicelli was just ok. Too much noodles and not enough vegetables. The bahn mi was good. I have definitely had better though. All in all I wouldn't go out of your way to eat here
  • Photo of Parisa P
    10 months ago
    One of the best sandwiches I ever had! Our whole family had lunch there. They have great choices for any ages, kids, adult and seniors. We loved their Grilled Lemongrass Tofu, Rice Noodle bowls, Kimchi, Kale Salad, Ginger tea and their special which was Tofu sandwich with kimchi, jalapeno and all the goodness. Lunch time is very busy, but it worth waiting in the line-up.
  • Photo of miha31
    a year ago
  • Photo of Walksy22
    a year ago
    I've been to DD Mau a few times (usually when I'm downtown) and it never fails to disappoint. Their Banh Mi's are always fresh, tasty & just plain good. I went with one of their specials this time - the Chicken Schnitzel which was awesome. It had a spicy coleslaw with it that accented the fried schnitzel perfectly. I usually always get the Lemongrass Chicken which is a staple everytime I go. The crew working is always friendly and they even have an app you can order through your Smartphone ahead of time.
  • Photo of Bonnie H
    a year ago
    I just ordered the vegetarian banh mi with a side order of the vegetarian salad rolls (with peanut sauce), and thought it was great. I've had several banh mi that have really wowed me before, and while this one didn't make me swoon, it was quite good and a solid choice—perfect for what I wanted. My first bite was good, but it seemed to get tastier with every bite. The sandwich was large enough for dinner, so I'm saving the salad rolls for lunch tomorrow. If they're even half as good as they look, I'm set. Random notes: Takeout time was 15 minutes from when I called and was ready when I arrived. Customer service was nice, friendly, expedient. Inside is small, but perfect for solo or casual dining. (I'd probably recommend takeout vs. dining in.) Fruit smoothies and other drink options look amazing; I think I'll try one next time. Beware the power of the jalapeño! My sinuses are cleared out now. If I lived in town, I'd likely go here at least once a week. I definitely recommend it, but would not call it a "must-do" when visiting Vancouver.
  • Photo of David G
    a year ago
    Excellent tasting food. The staff are very friendly and make the effort to get to know you and ensure you are happy with your order. My new favourite is the salad rolls!!
  • Photo of Mark T
    2 years ago
    Nice selection of their versions of bahn mi. Tried the traditional version and was disappointed - bread was too dry and the pate and meat was not fresh. The bbq pork was good, but lacked the generous portions I'm used to. Prices were on the expensive side.
  • Photo of Lawrence H
    2 years ago
    The ability to get a vegan banh mi brought us here, and we weren't disappointed. I've had better rolls, but the rest was really good, and being able to have kimchi on it was a nice touch.
  • Photo of imtheyummyone
    2 years ago
    Je suis arrêté me chercher un sandwich pour manger chez moi. Plusieurs choix, je me suis laissé tenter par le bahn mi au poulet à la citronnelle. Le sandwich était très bon, ça fait changement d'un Subway ou Quizno! Par contre, peut-être un petit peu cher pour la grosseur du sandwich. Mais je vais définitivement retourner en salle à manger quand même.
  • Photo of JackinVermont
    2 years ago
    This place has really nice tasting bahn mi. They have a nice twist on the slightly cheaper ones you can find elsewhere. The crispy pork were amazing. We try to not repeat places when we travel but we got them twice-very good picnic material.
  • Photo of Renegade225
    3 years ago
    Having 'You Gotta Eat Here' recently featuring DD Mau I simply had to visit this cafe to enjoy one of their sandwiches. The premises were appealing but somewhat plain in it's decor. I ordered the BBQ duck sub with an expresso which put me back about $15. At $10 to $12 it would have been a deal but I felt that $15 was a tad rich.
  • Photo of babynat
    3 years ago
    featured in "you gotta eat here". we had the bbq duck viet subs. bread was a bit dry and hard. duck and veggies were great. too bad the bun disappointed. place was clean. street parking out front.
  • Photo of Grant L
    5 years ago
    Went to this place to check out what it was all about. Could it be that there was finally a Vietnamese sub restaurant in Yaletown? I had to see for myself. They've got an interesting menu with subs and hot plates. I decided to go with the original cold cut sub and my girlfriend went with the lemon grass chicken sub. The subs were prepared to order right in front of you. They wrapped up both subs neatly with a cut in the middle and through the paper so that it can be torn apart easily. Just looking at it, it looked great, the sub wasn't too big and had lots meat, pickled vegetables and pate in the middle. After taking my first bite, something was definitely wrong. It was cold (I know it's supposed to be a cold cut sub) but it was cold as though it was sitting in the back of the fridge. Another thing was that the bread was a bit hard. Probably because I went there for dinner and they probably had it out the entire day. My girlfriend's lemon grass chicken sub was pretty awesome because the chicken was made to order and steaming hot, but again that bread was still kinda tough for my liking. The subs were $7+ and were ok to good. There are other places where you can get a Vietnamese sub where the bread is crusty on the outside and soft on the inside for $5-$7 which isn't a whole lot of difference in monetary terms. Would I come back? I'd probably try this place again in 3-6 months and see if the cold cuts are no longer frozen and if they decide to bake bread later in in the day or will try it in the morning.

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