Photo of Yunaghi in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Yunaghi in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Yunaghi in Toronto, , CA
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Japanese Restaurant

course tasting menu • beef • sushi • sake pairings

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  • Photo of Elisa Violante
    3 years ago
    Chilled corn potage
  • Photo of Chris R
    a year ago
    The only question is why isn't it packed? This is one of the most interesting restaurants in Toronto, such a creative and inspirational fusion . . . We've come here for quite a while, so this review covers a number of visits - all delightful, all different, all quite good. Every visit brings a change to the menu - the tasting menus change, the ideas change (brunch this summer was quite special and the noodle night was a very cool idea) - the chefs are creative and inspired. The whole experience is always filled full of such carefully conceived and executed fusion ideas. Presented with exact and such attentive service, very nice ambiance and such attention to every detail. We only get here 3-4 times a year, but every visit is a home run. It's unlike anything else, and it deserves to be full. Can't wait for what comes next!
  • Photo of Amy W
    a year ago
    I've decided to give this restaurant a try as I wanted quality good Japanese food to end my Friday. Anyways, the reservation paper crane, they wrote Mr. Wang instead of Ms. Wong. So I've sent it back and the service was excellent. They wrote a new one for me and apologize. My boyfriend and I ordered the $100 tasting menu. There is a choice between the $80 and $100 tasting menu and they only serve tasting menu. I ordered the pairing drinks for additional $45. The roasted duck texture was rough, the sea lettuce jelly was blend. Only the Kobe Beef Tartare tasted good. There was a course where there was winter melons, again it was blend and nothing to write home about. The Yakimono- the beets overpowers the beef flavour. The lobster was not bad. I feel like the Shokuji, chicken, carrot and nori was like to make sure you are full towards the end. The Kanmi-Matcha, Yuzu, White Chocolate, Pistachio. It felt like a deconstructed dessert where nothing really went well with each other. The waitress was friendly and service was good. Anyways, a little disappointing.
  • Photo of DavidCfromToronto
    My wife and I ate at Yunaghi for the 3rd time in a little less than a year. Each time the tasting menu is completely different and strikingly original. There are many fantastic restaurants in the city but we find Yunaghi to offer something truly special with their unique creations. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of csaf2016
    2 years ago
    Stumbled onto this tiny wonderful japanese fusion restaurant a few months ago and have now been three times. Others have reviewed all the dishes in detail so I won't. The menu changes seasonally and they send you an email when there is a new one. Everything is clever, flavourful, delicate and beautifully plated. Chef is in the open kitchen with only two other cooks. Fun to watch, fun to eat, really worth the trip. Reserve - they only have about a dozen tables.
  • Photo of jeromestgelais
    2 years ago
    Very disappointed. Was expecting a lot after reading the reviews. The portions size are very small and the tastes of each plates had nothing spécial. The plates are very cute to look at, but once you eat it it doesn't stand up to it. Would not go back, and would not recommend it.
  • Photo of Miranda S
    2 years ago
    This is an intimate restaurant that only seats about a dozen. The menu is set, with the only decision being number of dishes. We had the 9-dish option, and it was a truly excellent experience. Each dish was a visual masterpiece and the flavours were divine. Highlights included charred burdock root, parsnip tofu and chai latte mousse. One of the best meals I've had in Toronto. When I confirmed my booking by phone, I chose the bar option rather than a table, thinking I'd be able to see into the kitchen. But only half the bar seats do, and my view for the meal was the restaurant's spirits collection. But this was the only disappointment. I'd choose a table next time - or ask for the kitchen view - but I wouldn't hesitate to go again.
  • Photo of TorontoFoodie1
    2 years ago
    The only option is the tasting menu with no substitutions allowed, so you have to be adventurous. The meal was a true adventure of the senses, excellent food and very unique.
    2 years ago
    Have tried to go to this restaurant on several occasions, but always had to cancel due to unexpected events. After having read the reviews, I was hopeful, but concerned about some of the comments. Let me assure you, this restaurant puts on a first class tasting menu. I'm not sure what any of the past complaints have been based on, but from the point of view of novelty, inventiveness, taste, value, and overall experience Yunaghi competes at a world class level. It is certainly as good as some of the best restaurants in NY and LA that cater to the same space. We had the 7 course tasting menu,accompanied by the sake pairings. All four of our party (all very experienced international diners), we're delighted with each course. All 7 courses were well received, well spaced, well matched, and completely consumed. I understand they change the menu seasonally, and we will certainly be returning. Thank you Yunaghi for a truly excellent experience.
  • Photo of Toronto_SciTeacher
    As a self-proclamed sushi, or specifically OMAKASE obsessed food snob, there arent any restos in Toronto I havent tried. When it was announced that a new, chefs selection japanese resto opened up, I had to give it a go. Being a HUGE fan of Kaji (chef knows us by name, coming in every few months) Nami, Hiro and other japanese restos serving omakase, I had high expectations. Here are my thoughts Cost: High - $80 pp which is lower than Kaji (100-120) but you do not get even half as much food. - each "dish" comes out with one or two items that are TEENIE. The famous "platter" you see in all the pics as morsels the size of my pinky. And as much as I appreciate good food, I would not want to leave hungry. This was too small for even me, a 100 lb asian. - sake tasting was $50 which seemed like a deal, until you realize its only 4 glasses and you're wondering if its equally paired with dishes. its not. Sip slowly. - dinner for two with drinks was $350 with tax and tip Food: Good - most were inventive and interesting but lacking of depth - needs more NUTRITIONAL value!!! - need to add more dishes Service: Great - very attentive (there were only 5 of us in there) - gave us an extra desert because it was our anniversary
  • Photo of p t
    2 years ago
    We didn't know that Yunaghi Gastronomie Japonaise Toronto had replaced Ici Bistro until Amy Pataki gave it a 4 star review in the Toronto Star recently. Of course that meant we had to visit as soon as possible. Amy was correct and we very much enjoyed the kaiseki style meal a convergence of Japanese and French cooking styles. It was well worth the trip to Manning and Harbord. We drank Asahi Kuronama Japan 5% ABV 334 ml. and Sake-Sangria - Sake Cointreau Peche lemon juice white wine fresh fruit mint leaf. We ate a large number of dishes including: Hamachi "Warm" Sashimi -hamachi, sesame sauce, dashi tea, masago arare, chive; Hassun (Appetizer Combo) - shrimp aspic, homemade tofu, braised octopus and rapini, mackerel sashimi and cured chicken, conger eel sushi with jalapeno purée; Owan - chilled smoked dashi-ssoise, beef rillettes and corn pâté, chili sumac; Vege - winter melon hisui-ni, dashi beurre blanc, pickled golden beet, acorn squash black olive soil, chive oil; Chawan Mushi - aonori ankake, okra, shaved grana padano; Nanban - sous-vide salmon, house-made harissa sauce, pickled vegetables; Pork Roulade -boudin noir, yuzu-irizake monte, preserved lemon gel, marinated yellow zucchini, sake brined fava beans, arugula air; Iimushi - Japanese sticky rice, plum vinegar pickled ginger, marinated honey mushroom, leek emulsion; Kabocha Squash Biscuit - custard cream caramelized pumpkin seeds spiced kabocha purée crème de nougat; and Anko and Chocolate Mousse - house-made tsubuan, edamame foam, sable. It was an 8 course dinner for two $205.66 (Gratuity $34.00). The 8 course tasting menu is $80 per person. Pairing Drinks are $40 per person. Sake pairings are $50 per person. The less expensive 7 course tasting menu price is $68 per person. Pairing Drinks are $34. Sake Pairings are $42 per person.
  • Photo of Canadian1_10
    3 years ago
    The restaurant had very nice service in a pleasant, small atmosphere. This is perhaps the only good things about the Yunaghi experience. Unfortunately the tasting menu was a huge disappointment for me and my guest, who found all the food too salty, and didn't appreciate the excessive repetition of dashi broth, winter melon and soft tofu. The fish quality was mediocre at best, which was a huge shock. The Yunaghi Caesar beverage was easily the worst Caesar I have ever tasted. The fusion of French and Japanese has potential, but Yunaghi didn't achieve it. Save yourself $300 and rather go to one of Toronto's many other options that are vastly superior.
  • Photo of Milian1128
    3 years ago
    Welcome to the Japanese French culinary art restaurant. Table reserved by cute little folded birdy. Japanese Kaiseki inspired 9 course meals testing menu, this first course already made us speechless! Beautiful presentation and surprising taste! We were literally in heaven for a good 2 hours!! Owners are super nice and server explained every dishes! Make sure you have enough time before you come visit. The whole meal does take up to 2 hours to finish. If you are planning to drive, I will recommend you to cab it, because the streets are around are extremely hard to find parking. If you never been to this restaurant, try it out, you will definitely experience the difference.
  • Photo of Peter_Toronto_10
    3 years ago
    I love this place, the food is so imaginative, the presentation is dramatic and the blend of flavours surprises with each bite. The staff is so attentive to their descriptions of the food and to their pacing of the meal.
  • Photo of David H
    3 years ago
    A marvellous tasting menu (9 courses as I recall) with optional wine or sake pairing to go along. Beautiful presentation, lots of lovely and interesting tastes that I never would have ordered to try. Not inexpensive, but not too crazy either. We never felt rushed, yet the attention to detail and service were exceptional. If you're a lover of Japanese food or are open to new taste experiences, I highly recommend giving Yunaghi a try. Do book ahead though. We saw several people turned away at the door as the place was fully booked all night. (Note: attached photo is just one of the courses)
  • Photo of RMCMD
    3 years ago
    Everything about our dinner was elegant. The service, attention to the description of our food, the delivery, the presentation and the subtleties and combinations of the ingredients. Each course (omakase style) was a delight. Most were things I hadn't seen or heard of previously. I would recommend the whole experience as a demonstration of Japanese refinement.
  • Photo of Roxtor
    3 years ago
    Yunaghi is a small busy restaurant at the corner of Manning and Harbord. The food is easily one of the best Japanese in the city. Very creative and tasty dishes.We had the tasting menu which was excellent. Service is crisp and friendly. I thought the price was very reasonable for the quality of the food and the pleasant experience.
  • Photo of Smorg1
    3 years ago
    Innovative, thoughtful, unique Japanese tasting menus (option of 7 or 9 courses). This is not a sushi restaurant. This is not izakaya bar-food. Expect multiple small courses of artfully crafted plates - some with many elements carefully constructed. Friendly and passionate waitstaff take the time to explain what's on the plate. I recommend sitting at the bar facing the kitchen so you can see the chef and associates in action. I have to also make note of the excellent and unusual cocktail list - really quite well done. This is a unique dining experience in Toronto and well worth every penny. My only (minor) complaint - the dining room lighting could be better's a bit dim.
  • Photo of james-smith-uk
    3 years ago
    Authentic Japanese food. Choice of 7 or 9 course dining menu, can be paired with wine. Great presentation, informative descriptions with each course, left feeling very satisfied. What it lacks in decor / ambiance as a local neighbourhood looking place it more than makes up for with the quality of the food and wine. Highly recommended. It's not a big place so i would book ahead (online reservations via OpenTable or by phone).

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