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The Monarch Tavern


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  • Photo of ButterflyGalFlorida
    "The guys" get together a couple of times of year for "lunch" at the Monarch. Typically, they pick up sandwiches at San Francisco's downstairs (but not this time - apparently the new owners have changed the menu and the recipes, which are not favorable). Veal sandwiches were purchased around the corner at "California" and brought up to nosh on while the fellas caught up on the news with one another. The Monarch ENCOURAGES you to bring your lunch with you while you enjoy their beverages. The Monarch is a traditional old tavern - the Men's Room is no longer there and women are now welcomed by the staff. The beer is cold, the atmosphere is down-to-earth and welcoming and the good times do roll.
  • Photo of mark_p_bury
    2 years ago
    I booked the Monarch in April 2016 for my 40th party. I worked with Mike who could not have been more helpful providing details on renting the space and organizing the music. The cost of rental was incredibly reasonable. Not just Mike but the whole staff were friendly and professional. Everyone really enjoyed the space, food and drinks and the music/sound. Would definitely recommend the Monarch to anyone looking for a music venue.
  • Photo of Sarahdym
    2 years ago
    A city original the place feels cool without trying too hard. Caught a live show on the main floor without expecting it. Tasty cocktails, craft beer and unpretentious staff. I'll be back!
  • Photo of krhanson
    2 years ago
    Came to Monarch for the Trash Bash. It is a great venue, good drinks, and the show was great. I would visit again. The bar had a good vibe, and we all had a great time.
  • Photo of Desi D
    2 years ago
    Second year in a row I've celebrated my birthday here on the second floor. It's a relaxed, chill place that doesn't feel pretentious, where you can just have a great time with friends. And there was a DJ who played whatever we wanted; at the end of the night we were just having a blast dancing. And the staff was so great!
  • Photo of TheHerminator13
    2 years ago
    My dad used to come here in the 70's and 80's. Loads of history! Great vibe, booze, food and music on certain nights!
  • Photo of Loving_Canada2014
    If you love ribs : This is the place to be If you like to try out new beers : Come here Looking for typical pub fare like nachos, chips,etc : Sorry go someplace else! Great ambiance, lovely staff , good service, very nice upstairs lunge area and from what I figured from my rib eating friend's faces the ribs are incredible!
  • Photo of Lisa B
    3 years ago
    I had heard OF the tavern many times over the years, but it took until 2 weeks ago to actually visit in person. First off, the atmosphere is fabulous. They have a pool table, a pinball machine, darts, lots of TVs for game-viewing and excellent staff to recommend a pint of whatever your heart desires. I went with a friend and we could *not* have been more delighted with the vibe/surroundings. We even played a few games of pool with a neighbourhood stalwart who shared that he's lived in the area for over 28 years! He was colourful, full of life & absolutely hilarious. This place has a little bit of magic in it. We did not eat in, but were very curious about the places nearby visible from the 2nd floor window, which seemed consistently busy with take-out orders. Hands-down, for a pint & a good conversation, this place is not to be missed.
  • Photo of krazykritik
    4 years ago
    Since I had to go to Toronto AGAIN for medical treatment, my son who was accompanying me wanted to see a Leaf game. Knowing the price is out of our budget, we decided we just wanted to watch the tilt at one of Toronto's many taverns that show the games for Leaf fans. So I began an extensive search for a "geared to Leaf fans" place that was not too far from the Travelodge Hotel on Dixon Ave. where we were staying. I kept seeingthe name "Monarch Tavern" appear so I began checking it out on TripA and the net. It hstated that it had a simple and affordable menu, as well as 15 types of COLD draft beer for customers. My son loves to have a few cold drafts when taking in a Leaf game at home pr anywhere, while I like my cold pop and simple food. The only issue I had was since it was shown as a good old-fashioned Leaf Fan's venue, I wrote to the owner, Michael Dorbnyk, to see if we needed reservations. The very next morning, I was surprisingly greeted with a message from Mike, who said, no matter how busy it was going to be, that I was to simply introduce myself to Amy, Julia, Patty(?) or whoever else was there and that they had been instructed to give me the best seats for the game. I did not expect such a prompt and friendly response from someone who didn't know me from Adam. I called that day to thank Mike but learned he had gone on vacation, yet they were aware of Mike's instructions and looked forward to meeting my son and I and serving us to whatever we wished. The "Monarch" was perfect for our needs. Due to my severe illnesses, it was the down-to-earth, classic neighbourhood meeting place that have sadly disappeared from too many neighbourhoods. As soon as I introduced myself, Amy immediately began treating us like we were long lost friends that had returned home. The bar was very quiet at that time, but she and the bartender, Mike, got us an upfront table with old-fashioned comfy chairs, got us comfortable and took a drink order. No pushiness, no expectations of what to spend or buy, just excellent, old-fashioned, beautifully friendly service. My son ordered a draft(yes! it is the coldest draught beer he'd ever ordered, just as they said.) I got a freezing cold Coke and a glass of ice and soon found myself stuffing my face with a large order of yellow flesh fries for the low price of $5 and couldn't even finish them. My son, Shane, was really enjoying his ice cold brew which was only $5 or $6(?) for a healthy glass(16 ounces I believe)which is the best price we had ever incurred in a Toronto bar. The place has 2 large screens and was not overly bright, which due to a huge tumor in my face and sinus, is exacly the way I like it. The game was soon to be on so the bartender immediately set the channel up, turned the volume up a bit, and checked on Shane and I to see if we needed anything to make us more comfortable. Shane ordered another flavour of draught{lug tread(?)}, took down about a quarter of it, and smiled his huge great smile to show he approved of this one too. I had my usual 'sip' and it too was as awesome as the first one. I got another pop and we settled in for what we hoped was going to be a great game. I am giving this story in length because how often does one show up at a classic tavern in Little Italy and receive the type of service we did. OH! I forgot to mention that EVERY time there's a leaf game, there's a special on. That night, Saturday, it was a MASSIVE Italian sausage and a 16 ounce draught for $10 BUX! So my son got it and the sausage was huge and according to him, spot on. And of course, the beer was great too. LOL I cannot drink much nor eat due to cancer, but seeing my son enjoy himself so much was worth the 1,000 kms round trip. Then Shane, and this is important, decided to try the Monarch's infamous Navy Bean Soup with smoked ham and the Bar's homemade hot sauce. The sauce was potent and I could hardly tolerate the odor of heat, BUT that's exactly how my son loves it. There was where my ONLY complaint, and it's a small one, comes in. I felt that for $8 the bowl of soup was a little short on size, despite the fact that the quality of the soup almost made up for it. I realize that homemade items like that are more expensive but it should have been in the $5 - $5.50 range as it was maybe 6 ounces maximum. But to all the staff and the cook, no hard feelings held ok? They also had a pinball machine, which is one of my all-time favourites distractions ever. Oh, and people? Please level the machine out. I am a former pinball wizard tournament champion and really get irked by an unlevel machine. I would have played all night but the unlevelness quickly sent me back to the table. This by no means takes away from my 5/5 score for this memorable trip back to great memories of Saturday Night games spent at local taverns where me and my bestest buds gathered for the great Canadian Institution that is Hockey Night In Canada. By mid-first, the place had a vocal, yet well-behaved crowd backing the Leafs and chowing down on a small, but well-varied menu of great burgers, fresh cut fries, and other homemade items that made one's mouth water as they were being cooked in an open concept kitchen. The manager on duty, Christian, is a super nice guy who struck up several great conversations as did the waitresses. Other interesting draws for the monarch that they offer are cd releases, Tuesday nights where one can bring their favourite vinyl record to get played, and many independent artists who play live on different nights. Simply, the Monarch Tavern on 12 Cinton in Little Italy is afabulous venue for people who want to escape the headache-giving corporate venues that overcharge for all products and are far removed from the idea of the sadly-missed neighbourhood taverns of earlier days where everyone went because they knew your name and considered everyone "a friend". We will be returning given the opportunity and can honestly say, if you're in Toronto and are looking for a simple place to spend an easygoing evening with a quality bunch of good folks, mosey on down to the Monarch Tavern on the second floor at 12 Clinton, just off Bloor East in Little Italy. And the cost for our evening of three ice cold beer, two frosty Cokes, huge order of fresh cut fries, huge Italian sausage, excellent homemade soup + 20% tip for service second to none, was about $42. Need I say more?
  • Photo of colonelhightower
    5 years ago
    Retaining the essence of the old landmark, the 2 year subtle "morph" has produced some wonderful attributes. You can still bring in food from the wonderful College Street eateries, the same selection of domestic bottled brands is available, and the upstairs pub still has it's wonderful melange of customers. NEW: 1.huge variety of unique bourbons by the single serving or by "flights" of 4 samplers; 2. 10 taps pouring a diverse range of micro-brews including gluten-free, also available in 7 sampler flights; 3. Good dinner menu provided by The Hogtown Smoke; 4. Regular & playoff games on the big screens; 5. Vinyl, karaoke, & live music. The only "bleah" is just the ground floor bar & cafe lounge is open at lunch on Mon. & Tues., although all the regular amenities from upstairs are available.
  • Photo of Tdotbeers
    6 years ago
    They are very consistent with the service, atmosphere, non-agressive music and of course, the gourmet pub fare. It has become my go-to place for happy hours, friends get-togethers, sports, birthdays... they are very accommodating with groups and have on many occasions made whatever was in their power to make us feel very welcome and made sure the experience was always great. I definitely recommend the "Archduke" grilled cheese and the tacos, which are surprisingly the most authentic I have had in a long time. The bar staff is knowledgable and will pour you something from the pretty decent variety of beers and bourbons. Toronto needs more places like this, where the owners and managers actually show that they care about their customers, with no need for robot like waiters. I am part of the group of people who are tired of being treated like they are being granted a big favour, by servers and bartenders at places that offer mediocre food and poorly mixed drinks at 5 star prices.
  • Photo of colonelhightower
    6 years ago
    In the midst of legendary Toronto take-out food shops (eg. San Francesco's, California's), & steps away from College St. chic Italian Bar Scene, The Monarch holds its own as a go-to pub venue. On the main floor is an event-based nightclub. The 2nd floor is the pub, with a kitchen that has an eclectic bar food menu and delicious food. The artisan grilled cheese "sandwich" plate & homemade burger were excellent. In addition to the usual bar offerings there is a great selection of bourbons and draft beers. We enjoyed a live band, but there are regular evening features such as karaoke and televised sports

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