Photo of The Jerk Joint Toronto in Toronto, , CA
Photo of The Jerk Joint Toronto in Toronto, , CA
Photo of The Jerk Joint Toronto in Toronto, , CA

The Jerk Joint Toronto



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  • Photo of BeachingItUp
    8 months ago
    The food is good here. Especially the jerk and the chicken roti. The curry has a great flavor. The jerk is smoked properly. Maybe I didn't read enough reviews but there is no seating here. It's an awesome carry out option though. I went on a Friday and they were out of a few things we wanted such as beef patties and ginger beer. But that's the only negative I can thing of. I recommend this place from the perspective of a visitor to Toronto. I can't compare it to other local joints.
  • Photo of _Ant0n1a_K
    8 months ago
    I work close by this restaurant and really wanted to try this place for their jerk chicken, it was my first ordering last week. I had the BBQ chicken and fries and it tasted amazing! The meat was cooked very well, usually I only enjoy the breast of the chicken but I was given two drumsticks and it still tasted great! This week I tried the Jerk chicken with rice, gravy on top and coleslaw. Everything tasted good but I found the Jerk chicken very spicy (I usually don't eat spicy food). Between the BBQ and jerk chicken I recommend the BBQ hands down, enjoyed the flavour and it was not spicy compared to the Jerk chicken.
  • Photo of Tatiana D
    8 months ago
    Went to pick up a small jerk and a spicy patty for lunch today. So many people waiting to pick up their Ritual orders.....nothing was ready. Staff had to constantly apologize for the wait. I got my lunch back to the office. My chicken consisted of 2 partial back pieces. You are to get a drumstick and a thigh - not pieces of the back. Some might argue that you get the tasty oyster of meat - but think about it. That's about all the meat you get. I didn't have time to take it back. I think because they were so behind on orders they were throwing anything on the grill but I never expected what I got. I love Caribbean food but don't think I will be back. The woman at the cash is worked off of her feet and it shows in the service. No smiles here.
  • Photo of Kolbi R
    10 months ago
    Love this place! Will definitely go back! Service was great and the food was amazing. Have had jerk chicken at many other places in the city and this is by far my favourite. Highly recommend.
  • Photo of Bruno A
    a year ago
    Just average, nothing special, the server got scolded for giving me three napkins then only eneded giving me one. She had to put back two, that's what you call tight lol.
  • Photo of lesab33
    a year ago
    I found this spot and thought great.. a place downtown to pick up Carribean food (which is hard to come by). I got the chicken roti. Not good at all. Either the quality of the chicken was just poor or they did not cook it long enough.. I'm hoping it's just the quality for my sake, There were very "chewy" pieces that I had to throw out.
  • Photo of Michele C
    2 years ago
    I was skeptical to try this place but I loved Caribbean food and figured it was worth a shot considering Toronto's cultural diversity. I'm glad I did because I really liked it! There was no line when I went. And although I've had better patties and jerk chicken elsewhere, this was still great!
  • Photo of clarkieUSA
    2 years ago
    I ate here in search of good Jamaican food close to downtown Toronto and this is not the place. If don't know good jerk and Jamaican food then you may get fooled but believe me this is not good jerk! Lacked real flavor. They were out of key things like patties. The service is very slow and they seemed overwhelmed by their delivery orders. I wouldn't eat here again... There must be better in Toronto I hope!
  • Photo of Polish_Legion
    3 years ago
    I always meant to getting around to writing a review about this location, and must admit when I visited it I had high expectations going in given what people were writing on yelp about the place. Naturally I was excited to finally check out the place during one of my work breaks. Disclaimer: Unfortunately the one thing you'll find working/visiting downtown Toronto is the lack of West Indian and Caribbean restaurants in downtown Toronto, you really need to get out of the downtown core to experience the really good stuff. Now I'm not sure whether me and my co-workers were the unfortunate bunch to receive Jerk Chicken which tasted like it was burnt that day, or people in the city of Toronto can't tell the difference between good/bad jerk chicken, but all I know is that none of us will be returning to this establishment. In addition the service was very slow.
  • Photo of AsylumsBawse
    3 years ago
    The Monday deal is definitely worth the money. Also got the Jerk with rice, the heat was nice. Easy to grab and go or stay and eat.
  • Photo of dishantlangayan
    3 years ago
    To be honest, the first time I went there I did not have much expectation by the looks of the place. But the food and service was awesome! I have only tried their Jerk Chicken with Rice, and all I can say it is the best I've had in this area. Perfect for take-out as there is not place to sit and eat and the building is still under renovation. Surprised to see they only had one review for the great tasting food they have.
  • Photo of Guy S
    3 years ago
    Had the pleasure of finally trying out The Jerk Joint and what a pleasant experience it was! First comes first, the service! Amazing friendly and welcoming crew providing genuine warm service! Yup it's good service! Moving on to the food I had the jerk chicken with jerk! Great taste, well made and you can't have enough. The chicken was tender and soft, while the fries was all what you would expect. Freshly home made jerk fries with spices that dominate your taste buds. Heads up it's a bit spicy, though it was perfect for me some people might find it more on the chili side! Overall great experience, very well priced, and definitely deserves future visits!

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