Photo of The Black Canary Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of The Black Canary Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
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The Black Canary Espresso Bar


The Black Canary Espresso Bar14.5
comic book store • great coffee

61 Sherbourne St
Toronto M5A 2P8, CA
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  • Photo of Jonathan Labonte
    3 years ago
    NUTELLACCINO! That's Nutella in your Capuccino. Oh. My. God.
  • Photo of Melissa Z
    7 months ago
    I love the staff and the coffee They sometimes have sandwhichs and snacks as well :-) The coffee is organic and smells amazing and does its job :-) a go to when you are in the area
  • Photo of Melissa Z
    a year ago
    I love this neighborhood coffee shop. They have sandwhichs ( pre-made amd muffins and sorts) great staff. Americanos and many other things and plenty of comfy seating. Good quality coffee- kicks your bum in the morning!! I go here with my sln occasionally to work on some things.
  • Photo of bklynguy
    a year ago
    On our way to the B&B we found this gem of an expresso bar. The coffee is the best we have had anywhere - on par or even better than Italy! Their muffins and cookies are amazing and I wish I had brought some of that coffee back to the states. It's just an enjoyable place to relax and enjoy a great cup of Java and the best ginger cookie ever! This place will NOT disappoint!!
  • Photo of Witty A
    a year ago
    Hidden upstairs in a little comic book store, this coffee shop doesn't have much on the menu other than coffee and a couple cookies or scones, but that is all it needs. A great spot to sit down and have a read, and the coffee is pretty good also. I have struggled to find good coffee in Toronto in my previous visits, but this will be a regular for me now.
  • Photo of Tunalic
    2 years ago
    Good filter coffee for 2 bucks plenty of comics for those inclined but be careful you'll miss it! Free wifi and a decent view. I'll be back!
  • Photo of Leonardo B
    2 years ago
    A really nice place. For comic fans! A really beautiful and unique place. All costumized by a lot of different characters from DC Comics and Marvel, for example.
  • Photo of Dbamtm
    2 years ago
    Great coffee, great second floor view of Yonge below, great banana Nutella bread. The quaintness beats Panera bread cross the street. A bit quirky, being upstairs from the street level and inside of a comic book store. We would definitely visit again, without a hesitation.
  • Photo of Adam B
    3 years ago
    Amazing how you can walk into a place so trendy and feel so great walking out! I hit this place some Saturdays before my stroll to St Lawrence market.
  • Photo of AM8610
    3 years ago
    Having just arrived in Toronto from Australia where the coffee is really good (I'm from England and didn't drink it until I moved there at 25), I have searched for 4 weeks to find a decent coffee place. Finally found one! I'll not be going anywhere else!!
  • Photo of mellymelle
    3 years ago
    A great way for Black Canary to advertise is simply to leave its door open - the aroma of their brews will then naturally draw in anyone walking by. It smells sooooooo good. Their nutella latte is great, and as others have mentioned, they give you the spoon so you can slurp up any leftover nutella on it. Prices are not cheap, but certainly not any more expensive than other coffee joints around, including a certain major corporation that serves absolutely terrible coffee that the masses flock to for some reason. Even my coffee aficionado friend who has crazy coffee gadgets at home and is extremely particular about his coffee (espressos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, you name it, he has an opinion on it) agrees that this is one of the top 3 coffee joints in the city.
  • Photo of SJinTO
    3 years ago
    Tucked inside a comic store, this place is a bit of a surprise. They have a great selection of signature drinks, many of which involve Nutella. Lots of sweet choices, so not really for coffee purists. A bit loud and small, but good view of Yonge and a definite cool factor. The table we sat at had a statue of Batman next to it, so I spent most of my visit with his crotch in my immediate or peripheral vision. Choose your seating more wisely than I did.
  • Photo of Aaron P
    3 years ago
    Black canary is a must if you like real coffee. I have only been to the Yonge St location and can personally vouch for the coffee they produce. I have been really struggling to find a proper cup of coffee in Toronto (well, North America in general) and Black Canary really is a hidden gem. Don't come here expecting your mud water like most other places serve. Everything is made fresh by baristas who know what they are doing. Must try.
  • Photo of Rachel C
    4 years ago
    Best Nutella Lattes and Cappuccinos in town - they even let you lick the spoon!The staff is so friendly and they have a great loyalty program. Be sure to try the brie bagels too :)
  • Photo of YYZBonVoyage
    4 years ago
    The Nutella Latte is delicious and they give you the spoon for good measure. It's a great place tucked away in Toronto's Downtown East.

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