Photo of Tacos El Asador in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Tacos El Asador in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Tacos El Asador in Toronto, , CA
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Tacos El Asador

Mexican Restaurant

Tacos El Asador14.5
nachos • taco • asado • pupusas

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  • Photo of Citymaps
    2 years ago
  • Photo of 4500la
    3 months ago
    I used to love their tacos.Not anymore, they tasted terrible, the price has gone up like crazy. I paid almost 50 dollars for 6 tacos, water and guacamole. They used to take debit, now they only take cash. They have an ATM with a service fee of $ 2.00. If you try to pay with US founds, they take it same value as Canadian. I wont be going back there anytime soon.
  • Photo of Canadiantraveller027
    In search of a quick bite to eat, with some ethic flair before a concert, we headed over to this restaurant for dinner. In is a little hole in the wall in Korean Town on Bloor St. What is lacks perhaps in ambiance, it makes up for in good food and enthusiasm and authenticity of its staff. Very good, would go back.
  • Photo of robertprestoncon2017
    I am so pleased they expanded for their goals, however it was a disappointment. Very long wait and seeing others for take out wait a very long time. I want to give a great review, however honesty is best. The fish tacos were still excellent. The guacamole and chips were served in aluminum foil. yuk! No salsa or onions at the table were offered. I hope they can do better.
  • Photo of Norm2000
    8 months ago
    Place has really gone downhill. Been going there for ten years and, in the past, it was the only decent place to get tacos in Toronto. Luckily, now we have a lot more choice because the service and quality have dropped massively while the prices have been climbing steadily. Recently ordered five tacos and plantains (for $ 35) to go, was told it would be 10 minutes. After 20 minutes I asked about my order and was told it would be ready soon. Asked again after 45 minutes as i could see my order packed up for the last 15 minutes. The cook came out with my order and told the cashier in Spanish (not knowing i speak Spanish) that they had been waiting for plantains and they were still not ready as he handed the bag over. When i asked the server, he freaked out and said the plantains are in there and "this is not Taco Bell" and that it takes time to make tacos. So, forty five minutes for five tacos for $ 35. Not worth it when there are way better tacos almost across the street (Seven Lives).
  • Photo of R190993
    8 months ago
    Unreal crispy chrizo tacos! smokey is very nice man who runs the place - 4 dollars a taco is a bit expensive tho because i would eat like 10 they are that good
  • Photo of Charlotte R
    9 months ago
    Great little family-run restaurant with great tacos. The fish taco as well as the veggie taco are delicious. The service is fast, and the prices are great. A gem.
  • Photo of Susan M
    9 months ago
    This was once a small picnicked table local with a South American feel offering a variety of salsa's, in lava containers, burritos and tacos. You were given the option to mix and match hot sauces with your salsa's and tacos.The new local across the street is lacking of atmosphere. The few chips in the oblong lined guacamole dish were uneventful for 8.00$. There was nothing special about the new locale. A big disappointment. Never to go back. Sorry Amigos... You ruined a good thing.
  • Photo of Find Yourself F
    a year ago
    I can't stop going back to this place. They've grown from the little hole in the wall on the opposite side of the street, but they're just as busy in the bigger location. Love the crispy veggie tacos and the cheesy papusas and the bean soup is also vegetarian. Bring here for a cool date.
  • Photo of Les_is_more35
    a year ago
    Best tacos in town. The restaurant is family run and the owners are lovely. 100% recommend this place.
  • Photo of 599Angela
    a year ago
    I have been going to El Asador for years now, in their old location across the street on the south side of Bloor Street. They now are on the north side, in a bigger restaurant. The picnic tables are the same, but they are better spread out. The lineups that clogged access seem to have disappeared. The tacos are still wonderful. But they don't seem to have mastered table service just yet. It took me a long time to place my order after I sat down, and I never got the bill at my table after I was finished. Eventually I just walked up to the counter to pay, just like the old days. I am not sure table service is an improvement. Also, while the hot sauce is still the same, they seem to have done away with the complementary jalapenos and onions which they used to bring to the table with each taco order. Perhaps they are still adjusting to the new environment. I think they have more televisions now, as well - and bigger ones - two movies were showing at the same time over the counter when I was there.
  • Photo of MikeNLouise
    a year ago
    I tried a chicken burrito, a crispy chicken taco and a pork soft taco. They were all so good, that I'm not even sure which was the best. I don't think you can go wrong here.
  • Photo of StellaAnnDare
    a year ago
    We visited this little restaurant for the first time and overall the food was average. The service was ok. Now here is my concern and I am still in shock. Once we finished our meals, we asked for the leftovers to be wrapped so we could take them home, including the salsa and onion mix we had been served. The waiter looked confused. I asked what the problem was and he wondered off. I then went to the manager and he told me that they re serve the salsa mix and the onion mix. Now, when these were served to us, along with a guacamole dish, there were no individual plates on our table, so we dipped our food into the salsa and onions under the impression these food items were for our consumption only. We had no idea others had eaten, dipped, etc from the very same bowls. Im certain we got sour cream, cheese, guacamole etc into the salsa as others before us probably had as well. The room for cross contamination is huge and dangerous, not to mention people with allergies and whatever. When I am served food in a restaurant, I expect it to be for me and not to be shared with every other customer and I wouldn't want my leftovers served to others either. These are not condiments you scoop onto your own individual plate, these are dishes you dip your food into, your fingers come in contact with it, as well as your spoon which has come in contact with other food as well as in your mouth several times . I am absolutely shocked!!!
  • Photo of naturodoc
    a year ago
    So happy to be enjoying tacos, enchiladas, guacamole and other delectable items at the new location. More space for table seating and quieter atmosphere. One of my fave places to have lunch in Koreatown.
  • Photo of JPothier1985
    a year ago
    Before moving to Toronto I had probably eaten here two dozen times. Now that I live here I come by almost weekly. There is no better place to grab a quick, cheap bite. The place is almost always busy and while sometimes it's tough to get a table and you have to stand awkwardly in the way, it's worth it every time.
  • Photo of karencK5896MU
    a year ago
    I was very disappointed with the visit as I had gone when I was younger with my parents and service was good. This time around nobody comes to your table and ask your order or acknowledge your entrance. As a Latin person I'm used to the friendliness or warmth we Latinos have, if you want to order you have to go to counter and ask for order, also we ate pupusa de chicharrón and to my surprise it had no cheese! Really any Latin person knows popusa is synonymous with cheese lol🤔 A pupusa without cheese is like having a poutine without cheese. Also the crispy tacos the beef ones were not rolled and deep fried only the chicken I'm from Guatemala so crispy taco is a crispy taco. Anyways I could not finish my pupusa it was so mushy as if it was not cooked and fork kept wiggling with no sharpness I could not cut, drinks were good so food is changed from before and service deteriorated. Server person who brought the tacos to table was nice 😜😊 he is from Guatemala also keep up the good work.
  • Photo of John B
    a year ago
    The food was average, a little expensive and they got our orders wrong. That said, not a lot of options for Mexican where we were staying.
  • Photo of Abner L
    a year ago
    My family and I have been coming to Tacos El Asador for years. There was a time when it was practically the only place to get Mexican/Central American food. Today there are perhaps more to chose from but 'Tacos' continues to serve good, wholesome and healthy food at unbelievably cheap prices. Just look at the line-ups every evening.... The family atmosphere is genuine as well. Every time my kids enter the small room of around 20 picnic tables the owner/staff comes over to us and makes a fuss...very sweet. I'm having a craving right now!
  • Photo of Find Yourself F
    a year ago
    I didn't even know what a pupesa was until I went to Tacos El Asador, and now I realise what has been missing all of my life! Jokes aside, the atmosphere is awesome and packed with kids and friends, the prices are great and affordable. The only thing I would suggest is that the restaurant change the American liquid cheese on the nachos for real cheese!
  • Photo of d0ndequiera
    a year ago
    Okay, I went to Tacos El Asador about 15 years ago and thought it was okay. I never returned until this week (and I am really glad I did). The food was really good, with a nice variety of Mexican/Salvadoran foods ranging from pupusas to tacos and even pozole. Everything is good. And cheap! This is one of the most affordable restaurants I have been to in Toronto. I can't wait to go back.
  • Photo of G7_explorer
    2 years ago
    Nice authentic Salvadorian place in the Corean district of Toronto. The place can be quite busy, but getting a table is not hopeless at all if you are ready to wait a little – take away is also an option. Original Salvadorian food, be aware of hot and spicy foods. Good atmosphere, delicious food, value for money - I can only recommend.

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