Photo of Simit & Chai Co. in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Simit & Chai Co. in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Simit & Chai Co. in Toronto, , CA
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Simit & Chai Co.

Turkish Restaurant

turkish coffee • chai • cream cheese • feta

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  • Photo of Fulya_u
    8 months ago
    Simit is one of the trickiest pastries to ace from the Turkish cuisine. Everyone deeply loves it but no one can agree where you can eat the best Simit. I reside in Singapore and unfortunately I can only have Simit when I go back home. This was recommend by my Canadian Turkish cousin and I can say that the Simit they serve here is exactly the one I miss and lone for. It was fresh, crispy and tasty. Loved how they served it with Pastırma, tomatoes and cheese with a cup of our strong yet flavourful Turkish tea. Besides Simit they also have Börek, which is savoury pastry made from filo dough and filled with meat or cheese and different types of sweets including Baklava and an excellent Sekerpare (they call it honey sweet). You can finish with a cup of Turkish coffee which is prepared in the right way. This place is conveniently located on the King St West, accessible by public transpiration and parking is available. It has a very minimalistic decoration and gets a lot of light which makes it a fun to take pictures. Give it a try if you are around and believe me you won't regret it and you will keep coming back.
  • Photo of Diana D
    9 months ago
    As soon as I waked in I got overexcited at how delicious everything looked so I actually tried a bunch of different things. I absolutely loved the quality of the bagel , the dough was so fresh and the sesame seeds didn't fall off. I especially liked the smoked salmon one, it gained a customer for life, the olive paste one was good but not as good. I also loved that they have tiny portions of different deserts so you can buy several and share with others. I tried one of their tiny sandwiches from the fridge, with smoked pastrami and fava bean paste, and that was so yummy that I'll probably reach out for catering options!!! So glad I found this gem through Instagram! Overall it is a bit pricey and the burek was not the greatest but I can't wait to return and try different things!
  • Photo of Sas_foodie
    a year ago
    I love the Canadian Turkish twist to this restaurant. The food was amazing and tea was great. Would definitely go here again :)
  • Photo of dima1702
    a year ago
    small tea place with some Turkish style food. most of the the food based on Turkish style donut called simit. they have some pre-set combinations or one can create a new one with multiple fillings. turkish tea is good. prices a little bit high for a place like this
  • Photo of Zafer B
    a year ago
    This shop is opened almost a year ago. A young couple is operating. Simit is Turkish Bagel with sesame. They serve different type of Simit: Plain, Feta, Olives. There are also other type of options like Acma, which is much softer. You can also find desert options like baklava. I visited second time, and noticed, quality of the food they serve is improving. If you are at downtown Toronto, do not miss Simit & Chai Co.
  • Photo of Melissa B
    a year ago
    Popular new spot on King West. The Simit bagels are delicious. They are larger than normal bagels so more of a meal. Great Americanos too!!
  • Photo of Ethan K
    2 years ago
    I liked Simit & Chai Co. for two reasons: First, it has a very good ambiance and is located on King Street in Toronto so it's a must visit! Second, the food was really delicious and original; however, I found it a little bit pricey. I visited a couple of times in the past and simit was sold on the street everywhere, and it was around $1.50. I understand Toronto is an expensive city but I don't think the food that I ate was worth the price here.
  • Photo of Muirenn
    2 years ago
    This cafe was across the street from the condo where we were staying, so we stopped by one morning. The decor is bright and simple, and the staff busy but friendly and helpful. My husband got Turkish coffee and a street simit:, I got one with cream cheese and the best Indian-style chai latte I've had since our local Afghani place closed. I liked the simits so much, I'm going to have to learn how to make them, unless the owners of this place want to open a satellite location in Minnesota.
  • Photo of meagold
    2 years ago
    Very friendly staff, wonderful atmosphere and incredible bagels and coffee. Whether you want to meet for coffee with friends or catch breakfast before work, this is the best place to go. Can't wait to go back!
  • Photo of jakjabes
    2 years ago
    Simit is often referred to as a Turkish bagel although they are far from being identical. Bagels tend to be fatter and less crunchy than simits. In any event, just as a bagel the simit lends itself to be used as a sandwich. Places that sell tea and simit sandwiches (cold and hot versions) are very popular in turkey and have opened up in New York and London as well. This Toronto version is a relatively small and intimate space. Owners who prepare and serve the food are friendly and accommodating. A backgammon set is available to while your tea and play. Many fillings for simits as well as regular small sandwiches are available. Cheese and tomato is probably the most popular and it is delicious. So is Turkish tea served in tea glasses one finds in Turkey. A great address for breakfast, brunch or lunch.
  • Photo of Karen C
    2 years ago
    Had simit with feta and tomatoes accompanied by tea. The Simit is the closest I had to the ones sold on the streets of Istanbul. It was fresh and delicious. friendly service.
  • Photo of Dalal D
    2 years ago
    Wow so impressed with this café! I visit turkey often and the simits remind me of walking down the streets of Istanbul! Make sure you try them with the cream cheese and olive paste, blew my mind! Also, wow the Turkish latte was exquisite. I never thought of having Turkish coffee in a latte form, try it you will definitely not regret it. Hope this place expands! It's amazing and the customer service is on point!
  • Photo of ClaudeBeaux
    2 years ago
    If you compare with torontos normal bagels this one is better, if you see this like a bagel, clearly, because isnt but is very similar... I was really satisfied...

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