Photo of Saving Grace in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Saving Grace in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Saving Grace in Toronto, , CA
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Saving Grace


Saving Grace34
brunch • french toast • frittata • hummus

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  • Photo of Carmen
    10 months ago
    Strawberry & apple cinnamon pancakes
  • Photo of TasteToronto
    2 years ago
  • Photo of Jarvis Clarke
    3 years ago
    get the pancakes! get the pancakes!
  • Photo of Jeffreeshen
    4 months ago
    Had a wonderful weekday brunch here this past week on a nice sunny afternoon. At one point we were the only customers in the restaurant, no line whatsoever. As far as service goes, our server probably said less than 10 words to us the entire time, however the food was extremely delicious and very photogenic. Eggs were very fresh, the caramelized banana delicious, great french toast and pancakes. Would definitely go back and recommend- but go on a weekday afternoon to avoid lines.
  • Photo of aimemonteiro
    5 months ago
    We waited in line for an hour. About half way through this hour we decided to sit at a cafe right in front so we could see when people would come and go. We checked the list every 5 minutes. On my last check I saw that I was next in line and people were leaving so I went and got my mother in law. As I'm crossing the street, I see the lady calling my name, and I'm waving to her, literally 10 meters away. 20 seconds after having called my name, she already gives it to someone else. I was right there and she says that she called my name and that was the end of the story. This was not said nicely but rather rudely as she couldn't care less. Good customer service means allowing ATLEAST 30 seconds before moving to the next person, especially if they've been waiting an hour in line and have been actively checking in. Just for perspective, there was a couple waiting on the bench at the entrance of saving grace and they didn't hear their name get called, yet they had been skipped. This shows that they do not care about their customers. Although the food might be good, makes you wonder if it's worth the bad service and the waste of time waiting.
  • Photo of Sabrina L
    6 months ago
    This was recommended to us by a local. It is an absolutely tremendous find. I had the savory french toast, and my boyfriend had an indian styled dish. Both were incredible. The service is a bit slow, as many mention, but you are warned on the menu. Also, they will only take cash or Canadian debit. Fortunately there is an ATM down the street! This place can get crowded. We went during the week, and a short queue formed after we had sat down--I can only imagine the weekends. Also, don't forget to check out the specials on the chalk board!!
  • Photo of Travel B
    7 months ago
    If I could've given zero star, I would. My friends and I have heard about how good the food from this place was and were prepared to stay in line to try it out. The restaurant doors were opened but the restaurant itself was not opened yet. We saw a couple in front of us put their names on a sign up sheet by the clipboard at the door and went to do the same. As I wrote down our contact info, this rude waitress came out from the restaurant and yanked the clipboard out of my hands. She yelled at us and told us we were not supposed to do that. I was so shocked that an adult would just come up and yank stuff off from me that I apologetically said that this was our first time and I was just following what the other couple was doing because they've been there before. The rude waitress then ripped the paper on the clipboard that has at least 5 other names on it and shouted that we need to be here and they're open and they'll call us in when they're ready. My friends and I would have gladly listened to her if she had just explained it to us without yanking and shouting. Whoever owns Saving Grace, you need to hire people whom are able to act like grown adults. Because I don't care how good your food is, I would never stand for that kind of service. We went to another restaurant, Old School, just down the street and got amazing food, atmosphere, and service.
  • Photo of MicheleGoldenberg
    8 months ago
    We arrived at 930 knowing it was mothers day( they open at 10) We got in and seated right at 10 Terrific breakfast options thoughtfully written on special board, very different and so many looked good it was hard to choose We ended up with tiramisu waffles, delicious and light and fluffy. French toast with saffron and strawberries, bacon and turkey sausage. All the food coming out of the kitchen looked and tasted fantastic Waitress was very sweet and caring and attentive-overall great fast service Great coffee, great food , everything was great, we would definitely go back.
  • Photo of Yuki_in_TO
    10 months ago
    It was an ominous start when we noticed the line at the bottom of the menu "Good food takes time". Well, we were willing to wait for good food but doesn't mean that we should have to wait for decent service. It took 20 minutes before our order was taken, another 10 minutes before we got coffee and tea and another 30 minutes before our food arrived. Thankfully, the food was good. When we were leaving though, there was a lineup outside and at least 2 empty tables that needed to be bussed. The food might be worth going back for but I don't think their lack of attention to service can be overridden when there are so many other places that can do better.
  • Photo of bokalil
    10 months ago
    Saving Grace serves up belly loving food in a lovely ambiance. But you have to get there early and line up for about an hour, which is kind of annoying in the winter. When we were in line, people were running across the street to get a coffee. Saving Grace should have somebody out there serving coffee in take-out containers.
  • Photo of SFM03
    a year ago
    I really liked this place. It was adorable in decor and the food was delicious. I ordered the French toast and my mom ordered the carrot cake waffles. Large portions so you will walk out of there full - and happy! The only downside was the hostess, who looked like she'd rather be anywhere else but there, and who didn't know anything about anything anytime I asked her a question... Would go back though!
  • Photo of ntorrado
    a year ago
    This quaint restaurant was referred to me by my daughter and it was well worth the referral. The restaurant is small and they do not take reservations. They were able to accommodate our group of seven on the upper level of the restaurant. The staff was pleasant and the food was very tasty. I was told that the french toast was amazing hence I ordered them. I was not disappointed. The rest of our team ordered different dishes of which they all looked appetizing. I will be going back and tasting other menu options.
  • Photo of DeniseWakeman
    a year ago
    If you don't arrive before the small cafe opens, you'll have a long wait. We arrived about 10 minutes after Saving Grace opened and waited over an hour to get in. And it was worth it. The food was exquisite. You can tell by the flavors that everything is fresh and prepared with care. Slow down and enjoy every bite.
  • Photo of Marytalat
    a year ago
    This is my favourite place to get brunch in Toronto . You have to show up early enough to avoid a wait ( on weekends ) but it's definitely worth it . The specials are always delicious and there are so many good choices on the menu . I am fairly picky and I have never been disappointed here !
  • Photo of drivingdamsels
    a year ago
    Great neighbourhood Brunch spot ! It opened at 10 AM Sunday morning. We arrived at 9:45 and joined the line already in place. Promptly at 10 AM we were among the first diners to fill the small 2 level restaurant. ( I'm estimating it seats about 30 people). A continual stream of people continued to add their names to the waitlist and wait up to an hour until the first "seating" was over and spaces opened up. The menu has several great choices as well as a blackboard of daily specials. I had a Frittata of roasted red pepper, pea and kale with provolone cheese. It was served with a side salad with a topping of house made hummus, and 2 large slices of toasted baguette. The frittata was perfect in every way. The veggie combination not only made for a colourful plate but the flavours were delicious...those fresh peas made it sing ! The portion was generous and the plate full. In contrast one of our group ordered the coconut french toast , which I sampled. Although tasty, 3 large pieces served with a side of maple syrup ( no garnish of fruit ) made for an overly sweet plate which would have benefitted from a side of bacon or sausage for balance. The service was warm and attentive and I'll definitely return.
  • Photo of Anna L
    a year ago
    SAVING GRACE is the kinda place RESPECT ranks as number one👆. Respect the SUPERB food you are about to eat Respect the QUALITY time it takes to cook the delicious MEALS And finally Respect Grace for such a wonderful idea! Long line ups but well worth the wait. Don't forget to sign in 📝 when you arrive, as they take people in order. Bravo👏Kudos👍🏼 Loved every minute of it! Cheers, The Lowery Family.
  • Photo of JaneenBro
    2 years ago
    Food was great, service was great! Hostess was awesome! The only issue was the wait times. I Wouldn't advise going on a Saturday during the lunchtime.
  • Photo of Catherine W
    2 years ago
    I met with a friend of mine who is now living in toronto for some time and she recommended this place. Like most, I checked out the menu online and was really not that sure if I was going to enjoy it or not, but figured she likely knows what she's talking about so I'll give it a shot. The place opes at 10, but the line was about 20 people deep and we just missed out on the first sitting. We were seated at around 11am.... I was getting pretty hungry by this point but had lots of time to check out the menu on the chalk board which was completely different from that on the website! I got the scrambled eggs and johnny cakes and they were delicious. The plate was huge and filled with food for only 13.95. My friend ordered a half order of banana french toast with her meal (she's pregnant, she's allowed lol) and coming from me, a person who does not like french toast at all, this was simply to die for. If I go back on my next visit, I will definitely get this french toast! Over all, a cute place with great food. Get there before opening and enjoy the yummy brunch. It truly is worth the wait.
  • Photo of SteveLucas322
    2 years ago
    It's a tiny place and, well, that means it's a little too crowded for my tastes. This also means that the service is slow, but most of the clientele know to expect that from the place. You can't argue with the food or the creativity of the menu, however, and you'll leave satisfied, assuming you can get a seat. If you've got to stand in line, there's plenty of coffee places in the area where you can wait till a table frees up.
  • Photo of Mary M
    2 years ago
    Amazing. We walked from downtown Toronto (45 mins) that's how we like to see cities. Small and quirky. We got a small table. Service excellent, food delightful, experience so non corporate it's worth the effort of getting there. Thank you made our last day in your city a success. Note be prepared to Q. At busy times. We were lucky but the Q was building.
  • Photo of impossiblefunky
    2 years ago
    The food was really good but the service could have been better. I had read some other reviews and heard about the nightmarish "sign up to get seated" system so I got there 20 minutes before opening.... Well, in point of fact, they ended up opening a half hour late. There was no explanation or communication, just an ever-growing line out front. The food was good. Was it worth the wait and the price? That's debatable.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    This is a very nice place (but small) to have brunch with your friends. The food is really good. There is not a lot of choice but everything is good! So for sure you lol find something you like.
  • Photo of Shane M
    2 years ago
    My friends wanted to go for brunch on Saturday so they chose this place. We called ahead and were told 30 minute wait. After we arrived and added our name to the list, we waited and waited. The total wait ended up being somewhere in the 90 minute range. It's a tiny restaurant overall and they do first come first serve to be fair. This seems inefficient as they attempt to squeeze 3 people into a 2 person table. The menu is ever changing and featured some delicious items but be forewarned.. they accept CASH ONLY or INTERACT The interior looks like a dated, old, cramped home with a tiny kitchen. The frothed Hot Chocolate was pretty tasty. For brunch, I went with Pumpkin Waffles with Lemon Curd and Blueberries. Delicious. You can't complain about the food. While I'm not certain it's worth a long wait, it's certainly unique.

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