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Sashimi Island

Sushi Restaurant

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Sashimi Island has 13 Tips

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  • Photo of James W
    4 months ago
    I don't like writing bad reviews - especially of a place I used to love, but unfortunately Sashimi Island has gone down in food quality. We should have realized when we went on a Saturday night, and where we used to have a hard time finding a table, the restaurant was almost empty. The salmon sashimi came in large chunks that we had to hack into smaller pieces with our chopsticks - to make it into 'one mouthful.' The sushi rice was virtually tasteless and the batter on the shrimp tempura had been left sitting and rather than being light and crunchy as a good tempura should be, was thick and cloying and overpowered the shrimp. The teriyaki was still good, but overall the food has taken a dramatic slide and that can be evidenced by the lack of customers on a Saturday night. This used to be our staple all you can eat sushi but we will now be looking for a new place.
  • Photo of Jon C
    8 months ago
    Good service. Poor tasting food. Sushi was fine. Sashimi was fresh. Would not be coming here again though. I did not like how the food tasted despite the freshness.
  • Photo of MariaFernanda1312
    Good food but very busy on a Friday night. Not a lot of options but enough! Food looks fresh and not pre-made.
  • Photo of Katie O
    a year ago
    From my experience, Sashimi island is the best all-you-can-eat sushi place in Toronto. There are so many options on the menu, their service is fast and the price is totally reasonable. We go back here at least once a month.
  • Photo of ibtrippingirl
    a year ago
    $20 for All You Can Eat Sashimi...nothing short of awesome :) Wish they had the tuna on the All You Can Eat menu, but everything I did order was fresh, delicious, and came to the table very quickly. I left very happy!
  • Photo of James W
    2 years ago
    My wife and I love this place. Firstly they have unlimited sashimi all for $20 - and they cut nice large pieces of salmon - then their shrimp tempura is delicious - it comes out nice and hot and crispy. Other favourites are their enoki beef, and short ribs, both of which are tasty and delicious. BE sure to ask for dessert as well - it comes included but is not on the order sheet.
  • Photo of BRBB04
    2 years ago
    I researched on Trip Advisor to find a good all you can eat sushi place to take my son for his 25th birthday. We were persuaded by the excellent reviews on Trip Advisor, so my husband and I took our son and his girlfriend to Sashimi Island on January 6, 2016. We were very let down. I was initially a bit put off by having a TV in the restaurant because it took away from the ambiance, but I was prepared to overlook that as some people like that, and the price was very reasonable. The service was quick, but not nice. The server picked up our order very quickly and did not ask us if we would like drinks. Then every time food was dropped off at our table, it was so fast that we would miss the opportunity to order drinks. I could have overlooked that since eventually we were able to order drinks. The sushi and sashimi were fine, though a chicken dish we ordered tasted a bit freezer burned or stale. The tempura shrimp and vegetables were fine, but a bit greasy, with breading that was a bit too heavy. I wouldn't expect the very best food for $20 per person, so I would have overlooked the food being mostly fine, but not great. However, I cannot overlook the fact that ALL 4 OF US GOT SICK STOMACHS. My son and I both got sick before we even left the restaurant. We went straight to Shoppers to buy Imodium to try to salvage the birthday celebration. We tried to go to another restaurant for coffee and dessert, but within an hour my son's girlfriend also got sick. Then, later in the evening, my husband got sick too. He was still sick and needing Imodium for two days. I have never written a review before, and I am not normally a person to complain about anything, but I feel compelled to review this place and to disclose a serious problem we encountered.
  • Photo of Katie O
    2 years ago
    My husband and I go to Sashimi Island ALL the time because you can't beat it for all-you-can-eat sushi in Toronto. The staff are super friendly, the menu is really diverse so there is something for everyone and the price is pretty affordable (for AYCE). Give it a try - you won't be disappointed!
  • Photo of Britt W
    2 years ago
    Sashimi Island is honestly the end all be all of all you can eat sushi!! I love the comfort/privacy of the individual booths and the service is amazing! I feel like every time I am there I mark down what I want, hand it to my server and before I can take a sip of my drink there is already food on my table! The Snowing Dragon Roll is a must try! My mouth is literally watering while writing this review…
  • Photo of Joanne C
    3 years ago
    Amazing food, staff, atmosphere and always clean and quick with orders. Love this place. Easy to get too right on College and Grace St. No room for disappointment. Keep up the great work.
  • Photo of catcafe217
    3 years ago
    A lot of choice of dishes for all you can eat at $20. Love the grilled Squid and yakitori. Located at Little Italy. Definitely will be coming back.
  • Photo of Atina C
    3 years ago
    I've had my share of Toronto AYCE sushi places but this takes the cake. The prices are reasonable (especially for dinner) and the food tastes fresh and is faster than other places. Will come back again!
  • Photo of Alessandro B
    4 years ago
    Everything was tasty and so soft...generally you can feel the fish comes from the fridge, or that the rice is hard and sticky, but this is not the case. Really good sushi. Plus you can choose between three level of menus, the more you pay the more you can choose: level I only rolls (and believe me, there's plenty of choice), level II you can add also sides and appetizers, level III you can choose also sushi and sashimi. The personnel is really polite and efficient! Definitely a place to try if you like sushi and are in Toronto.

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