Photo of Ruby Watchco in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Ruby Watchco in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Ruby Watchco in Toronto, , CA
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Ruby Watchco


salad • fixed menu • flank steak • potatoes

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  • Photo of Kelly S
    5 months ago
    This was our second visit. The service was friendly and efficient. Although the menu is pre set, they also offer a couple of specials as add ons to the menu. Since we enjoy variety, we also ordered them which really added to the cost of the meal. The food was decent, but lacked the variety that I prefer.
  • Photo of OttawaCurler
    6 months ago
    The salad was very good and huge. Reasonable size fish portion which was quite nice and the sauce was very good. We did find the cheese plate extremely skimpy. Not a big fudge and chocolate fan but certainly nothing wrong with dessert. Reasonable wine list which is tailored to the meal. A bit on the expensive side but not terrible. I do find it frustrating to pay for a meal and wine and still get charged extra for "fizzy" water.
  • Photo of thetat
    6 months ago
    First time here, was impressed with the service and atmosphere. Knew what the food was for that day, and the price, not issues here. Food was excellent, you should expect the noise volume to be a little high, as the restaurant is narrow and long, so the sound bounces.
  • Photo of Star315
    6 months ago
    We enjoyed a fabulous evening at Ruby Watchco. The service was over the top-Rob was awesome. It was fun to watch Chef Lynn create magic in the kitchen. Flank steak, chicken tacos,tomato salad, and local strawberry perfection for dessert. Wine pairings were bang on. We will be back when we return to Toronto!
  • Photo of Caroline D
    7 months ago
    The food was delicious. The restaurant has a great concept. 2 services each day, the menu change every day, you don't choose what you eat, but trust me, it is very good. I was surprised : Chef Lynn was actually there and cook all our food (friday night) ! The service was good.
  • Photo of webgoddesscathy
    7 months ago
    Certainly not cheap, but we enjoyed my birthday dinner here. I quite enjoy tasting menus - I love getting interesting dishes filled with things I might not otherwise try. They will accommodate any allergies or other preferences if you tell them in advance.
  • Photo of travelfun001
    7 months ago
    We had dinner on a Tuesday evening. The menu was salad with eggplant, flank steak, and the dessert was berries with pound cake. The salad was flavourful and a large portion. The steak was OK, sides were quite good - mac & cheese, green beans with tomato aioli and an arugula salad. Portions are "just enough" and I understand the reviews saying there wasn't enough food. If you go do realize it's family style without extra portions! Word to the wise be careful who you go with. We were pleasantly full at the end of the meal. The cheese course was nice. Dessert was as I expected - not to my liking as I don't like pound cake no matter who makes it. Hubby had the wine flight which we thought was quite reasonable (4 servings of wine) for $39, dinner $54 per person. I had a "virgin" drink which was rhubarb infused simply syrup and something else - it was very tasty. Service was good.
  • Photo of tadak
    7 months ago
    Had my favorite all time meal at Ruby Watchco a few years ago. We returned a few nights ago, and it was maybe even better than the last time. All food is perfectly executed - from the flavors on the super fresh salad, homemade biscuits and butter. The fish crudo was fantastic, and so was the flank steak, and all the sides. It is always a perfect meal at Ruby Watchco. The wine pairings were fun, and the cheese course and dessert were also unbelievable. For a special occasion, Ruby Watchco is the best restaurant in Toronto, in my opinion.
  • Photo of Judi B
    8 months ago
    The food and service were top notch. We arrived on time and we seated right away. This was definitely a team effort. All staff worked as a team for the main goal of superb customer service. This team was very attentive and fully aware of all the guest needs and wants. I was looking around for the notification for the restrooms and the server caught my glance. He not only noticed my need but ever so politely motioned with his hand the direction. Not just a finger point, but a elegant motion without drawing attention to my needs. I didn't get his name but he was wearing a newsboy cap. Thank you again. All the staff were a complete fit for this wonderful little restaurant. We did not wait for any courses. There was a perfect flow throughout the service. The service was flawless. Family style four course menus. We started with a heirloom carrot salad with fresh beat strings mixed greens and tossed with a brown derby vinaigrette, lovely. We then had a hanger steak with chimichurri, lemon butter eggplant with herbed sour cream, asparagus and a fingerling potato salad. The steak was done exactly how we requested it. Med rare and tender I must say. The Chimichurri was perfect. Not to spicy, I love killer spice but my husband not so much. I must say my favourite part of the second course was the St. Davids eggplant. Roasted and seasoned to perfection needless to say I dint share. This impressive meal with more than enough food was then followed by a beautiful cheese course of presquile, as soft rind cheese from Quebec with golden raisin and apple chutney and candied pecans. Again Lovely and even more so for me being a true cheese lover. We finished with a hit out of the park sour cherry and berry compote on a almond crust cheesecake. Oh yes I had the signature cocktail with sensual lavender. Beautiful! Again the service was flawless. The food was wonderful and Chef you can tell you love your craft. Thanks for a memorable night.
  • Photo of EBG2000
    8 months ago
    Sometimes celebrity chefs are more celebrity than chef, this was the case. Perhaps because we had a larger party and they are not geared to this or maybe an off night. This restaurant, is typically very well recognized and many people have recommended, so I hope our experience was not the norm. There was a party of 10 at our table and most of the dishes came out with items that if split in half will feed 8. I can never figure out why restaurants do that. So always someone is either left out or can just have a microscopic piece. If I'm paying $200 a couple for a meal, I'd like to know that I have actually had eaten. The food quality is quite ordinary, not as expected. I found everything very minimalist. Had a feeling like they are good with cutting corners in order to save on costs. The atmosphere is very basic Queen St. I don't mind this, as many are such but offer knockout food, this one not so much. Service was good, attentive and well described. The final dish which was some kind of sliced steak was so tough to eat that most had to chew and spit it out. You can tell that they really compromise on food quality and quantity. Still riding on a previous reputation. In addition during dinner, one of our party ended up with a huge insect that dropped out of the blue on her clothes. We were told they exterminate and have never seen this before. Personally I wasn't surprised about the bug, but it certainly made for an uncomfortable dinner. They comped us 3 coffees for the bug! Really??? One couple even came home and had dinner because they were so hungry after this "dinner experience".
  • Photo of julia_chen55
    8 months ago
    We loved everything on the menu even though the sides were vegetables that I don't usually eat! I loved that everyone in the restaurant was eating the same thing. It is quite pricey but with the main add-on, we essentially had 5 courses so we were willing to pay a bit more than a usual dinner.
  • Photo of mosaic
    8 months ago
    I do understand that we are drawn to somewhat famous chefs expecting a special food experience. This restaurant, however, failed to deliver the expectations except in one - $$$$. We had 12 people in our party, but were served no more than 6 portions in total, had to share tiny appetizers, 4 salads and a tiny piece of meat per person. No individual servings for anything except dessert. Besides, there is absolutely nothing special about dishes - meat was not even close to Keg, salads were fresh but plain greens with what tasted like canned fish. Puny portions of cheese with olives and peppers were OK but like one slice per 3 people. They really try to save on everything, even on bread. In reality, it was dinner for 6 people, charged for 12. Restaurant itself feels like a small-town pub with put-together small tables and uncomfortable chairs. Service was decent, but not great. What a waste of an evening. Will not come back or recommend.
  • Photo of vhill14
    9 months ago
    Thanks to reading "The Happiness Equation", this restaurant was on my list of must try's and I'm so glad it was. I loved this restaurant! We had the BLT salad, hanger steak, cheddar cheese with red beets and burnt almonds, and a carrot cake. All was so delicious. Only complaint is that there was too much food! Service was very attentive and wonderful as well. A definite on my next Toronto trip.
  • Photo of Gillian F
    9 months ago
    What a spectacular night all around! The food - the service - the atmosphere were all great! Our kids ( 13 & 15) LOVED it! Cool open kitchen concept - simple but delicious menu. We will definitely be back!
  • Photo of andee c
    9 months ago
    Spectacular food. Would eat there again often. Only downside was we were seated next to the dish station (loud) and music was thumping disco beat.
  • Photo of carmen b
    10 months ago
    Went here April 29, 2017 to celebrate my birthday, with my family and we had a fantastic time. Please note: there isn't a typical menu where you pick what you want to eat from a wide selection. It's a fixed price menu and it changes daily. You get what they cook that day. When we went, we had yummy cheddar biscuits, a mind-blowing good salad - seriously, everyone said they couldn't believe salad can be this good, confit chicken leg with polenta, steak with chimichuri sauce, which came with three sides: mashed sweet potato, kale and button mushrooms cooked in butter. We also had a cheese course (from 5 Gunn - artisan cheese made in Woodstock, Ontario). Very nice.For dessert, we had chocolate cake. They serve their food family style, but will cook the steak to order if you ask, for example. It would make a lovely meal for a romantic date, larger social or celebratory dinner or even for families (patrons next to our table were a family of three, with a young child). Service was good - servers were friendly and attentive. The restaurant has a modern and relaxed vibe - it's not fussy.
  • Photo of Jim B
    10 months ago
    We booked a table for my birthday dinner on Thursday night right a opening time, 6pm. We were a few minutes early but the staff seated us right away and made us a nice cocktail. Unfortunately the happy hour drink menu was quite limited and I ordered a martini. My wife had a Bellini at the happy hour price of $5 but my martini was $14. The wait staff was very attentive and water arrived right away. The fixed menu centered around fried chicken that night. We started with a very tasty salad and yummy cheese buns. The main course of fried chicken was the best I have ever had. Accompanied by great Mac and cheese, mushroom and kale side, and imaginative carrot slaw. The third course was really tasty Gouda cheese and we finished with a mousse with caramel sauce. My wife and I couldn't stop raving about the great food as evidenced by us eating every morsel of all the courses. We were still full the next morning but came home with a promise to return soon. We enjoyed a glass of wine with our main meal and the total bill came in at about $183.00 including taxes. The decor was pleasant and we enjoyed the fairly compact restaurant so we didn't feel lost in a huge room. The location of the restaurant was convenient being right on the 501 streetcar line. The neighborhood wasn't the best but there are signs of redevelopment so the area will most likely be the next trendy district. I like the concept of only one choice on the menu as it meant the preparation, service and quality were top notch. The menu for the week can be viewed on their website which lets you plan to come when your favorite meal is being served. Definitely worth a visit if you value great food in a nice atmosphere.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    Well not quite sure where to start. The service was incredible the atmosphere is absolutely delightful the food and the entire evening was a wonderful experience We will certainly do again the care and the service that we received was absolutely spectacular and probably never see it again till next time we're there the menu was lovely and the people are terrific thank you Michael
  • Photo of globalta
    10 months ago
    For several years I have heard wonders about this restaurant and I salute Lyn Crawford's skills as a chef. She wasn't there. The neat thing about the restaurant is their one only menu each day - a unique idea and you can check online to see if it interests you. Our dinners were $54 each plus recommended add on and wines. The service was terrible, the food very very good. A wonderful salad preceded a chicken liver parfait which was so light with cream that the liver taste was barely noticeable.(disappointing to me - too much cream and butter) Following that we waited more than an hour for our main course, had to ask twice for wine and generally seemed to be overlooked constantly. I note that we were the first arrivals that evening and as all other tables filled up after our arrival, they were eating and enjoying while we waited. Clearly a communication problem somewhere but not acceptable at those prices. Food is served family style and the pork cutlet and accompanying vegetables were wonderfully and tastily prepared. The dessert was a carrot expresso parfait - again too rich but tasty. We arrived at 6 p.m. and unable to leave until 8:45 - all fine if that had been OUR plan. The wine list is limited, the cheapest being $55 a bottle and one that can be purchased at the liquor store for less than $15. And finally the noise was so loud we were unable to converse. We asked twice for some reduction in noise but it immediately was turned up again. Tuesday night apparently is vinyl night so don't go if you want to socialize with your guests.
  • Photo of fex2017
    10 months ago
    Went to Ruby Watchco for a family celebration dinner. Imagine my surprise when what was on the menu was potato, broccoli, carrots and fish.....a meal I routinely make when I can't be bothered to put in any effort. Portions for our group of 3 were the same as the neighbouring tables of 2....very odd. Wait person had significant attitude. Q Water on the table and was poured by the wait staff....we did not request or order it....hefty price on the bill for it anyway. Would not return or recommend....sorry, don't see what all the fuss is about.

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