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Ritz Caribbean Foods

Caribbean Restaurant

rice • oxtail • plantains

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  • Photo of The_Esplanade
    5 months ago
    Had the lunch special with a colleague. Pros - tasty food - clean Neutral - line up out the door - lots of rice - reasonably priced Cons - 2.5 slices of barbeque chicken; felt like a kid's portion - 3 bites of iceberg salad with French or Italian dressing - slow at replenishing the food - only plastic cutlery
  • Photo of Amy H
    10 months ago
    We took it back to our hotel to eat but you you can sit in the restaurant. Great taste and good size portions.
  • Photo of PedalNinja
    10 months ago
    You know, I've been passing by this place for years, looking in through the window all i could see was hot table west Indian food under heat lamps. It really didn't seem like a quality place. I broke down one day last week and decided to finally give it a try. I ordered a bit of the fried chicken and a bit of the "jerk chicken" Being west Indian, i have a fair bit of experience with this food and how it should be prepared. Simply put, this is mediocre west Indian fast food at best. Baked jerk chicken? guys c'mon, real jerk chicken is BBQ'd over allspice wood. Baking it, is pretty lazy, i mean anyone can do that... the chicken was way overcooked, greasy and just tasted blah, i could not finish it, it was kind of gross to be honest. The Fried chicken was a little better, but again, overcooked and very dry. it was fairly bland too. Their coleslaw was rather bizarre, it had the strangest flavoring that i believe was vanilla?!, i'm fairly sure thats what they used. that as well was rather gross too. If you've read this far, you've likely picked up on the "Gross" theme here. I think if you have never had west Indian food before, or your experience with this type of cuisine it is very limited or if you are really drunk or high or both, you may enjoy this food. But i can't say I've ever experienced such low quality boring west Indian food until coming here. It was really quite bad, i'm surprised this place has been around as long as it has. Save your money folks, this is place is not worth your hard earned money. The are many more, much better and less lazily made west indian food out there that is worth your money. Spend it there, you've been warned.
  • Photo of pickyeater2017
    10 months ago
    Ever since they renovated, they jacked up the prices and cut the food portions. The staff are miserable all the time.
  • Photo of Greg B
    a year ago
    Chicken, if you want to call it that, was so dry and I had swallow it with water. There was no flavour, or spice, and the quality and amount of meat given was similar to what you'd find discarded in a dumpster. Rice and peas also had no flavour and was terribly dry also. Probably the worst I've ever had.
  • Photo of Amanda_MJ8
    a year ago
    So my boyfriend and I decided to give this place a try as we've heard about it and it was super close to where we were going to. First of all, the debit/credit machine was down and instead of putting up a sign, one of the female workers would "politely" remind customers about their issues. Second...they didn't have alot of the menu items on hand. Third, they were very rude to the customer in front of us as well as the other female worker left in the middle of a huge line as they ran out of 5 dollar bills as another male worker literally stood in the kitchen doorway and didn't help her or the customers out. Fourth, the food was tasteless and the oxtail wasn't even cooked right and wasn't warm enough. The "salad" they had looked wilted and didn't have any dressing. The beef patties I had were warm but weren't very tasty. Will NOT be going back here
  • Photo of josephcorbin911111
    Similar to what my grandma makes. This food was good at the jerk chicken and the rice and potatoes . Was satisfied will go back.
  • Photo of andrew b
    a year ago
    This place is awesome. Look out for Janell. Authentic Jamaican cuisine. They're super nice!! You should definitely visit here.
  • Photo of cliveriches2k9
    2 years ago
    Why is the guy at the manager guy at the front serving always shouting at the guests? He has no customer service skills. He argues with the customers and the way he deals with the staff is just sad. When he serves my food, the portion is so small and the food lacks proper presentation. Today was my last time at Ritz.
  • Photo of Deepak K
    2 years ago
    HORRIBLE SERVICE. Always running out of food, inconsistent portions depending on luck. Not all staff. Just one older lady in particular. If she wasn't there it would be great.
  • Photo of T A
    2 years ago
    Food is decent but the portions are always inconsistent. This place is always full because there is nothing similar around it. The lack of competition is why it's always busy. The fact that there isn't enough food and they pick and choose how they serve their food indicates that they have no integrity and concern with regards to customer service.
  • Photo of Olivia_J1103
    2 years ago
    For an affordable authentic Jamaican food in Toronto you must visit Ritz! The curry goat was delicious! The jerk chicken was really good! Rice and peas with plantain yummy!!! And to top it off a nice bajan tiger malt!!
  • Photo of wwnnm25
    2 years ago
    Came across this place while staying at a close by hotel. It is a small casual service style restaurant, the food more than makes up for the lack of atmosphere. With just a few tables, great food, and friendly staff this grab and go place will now be on my to do list every time I am in Toronto. The menu includes all your traditional Jamaican favourites: Ackee and Salt fish, Rice and Peas, Dumplings and Bananas, Jerk, stewed... etc. The portion sizes are standard and the pricing is affordable. Best part is...... they are open for breakfast!! In this part of the work a delicious Caribbean breakfast is hard to find.
  • Photo of ChelseaGirlReview
    We've been going to Ritz for years, taking advantage of their lunch special and soups. This place always has a line-up for their jerk special each day, and they get so much busier during Caribana. Our favourites are: jerk chicken with oxtail or chicken curry gravy, fried plantain, soup (red bean or beef), fish, fried chicken, and veggie roti. It is a must try if you like Jamaican food.
  • Photo of OshawaJim
    3 years ago
    This is one of my regular stops for an affordable lunch and it is apparent based on the lineups that I am not the only one that frequents the Ritz. Normally I can expect to have about 15 people in front of me when I first show up, but the line up moves fast. I think most people get the $5 lunch special which consists of your choice of 3 types of chicken, rice and veggies. I have always had the chicken even though they also have other meat options. Don't expect gourmet meals. Expect plastic knife and forks, tight quarters and some good caribbean spiced foods.
  • Photo of mikebayer777
    3 years ago
    I'm writing this hoping that the place won't get so busy that I'll have to stop going there. Tasty Jerk, BBQ or fried chicken with your choice of coleslaw, salad or plantain for the lunch special 11am-3pm. Looks like lot's of other good choices on the menu. The place was lined up almost out the door this afternoon.
  • Photo of simplycuba
    3 years ago
    If you are downtown Toronto and want a good meal and are tired of food courts, Ritz is your answer! Located across the street from Eaton Centre it's a great option. The Jerk chicken is by far the best I have had, The Large portion is about $10 and will certainly fill you up! The dumplings and plantain are also quite tasty! See you soon!
  • Photo of Samara G
    3 years ago
    I love Caribbean food, so being able to find a piece of the Caribbean flavor in the middle of all the regular American restaurants was actually a blessing. It is a very simple spot, but the food is very tasty and affordable :)
  • Photo of VisitAll195
    4 years ago
    If you need something fast, love Caribbean food, nothing fancy but absolutely delicious, go to Ritz! The Jerk and BBQ chicken are A-mazing, with rice, oxtail gravy and amazing coleslaw. Lunch special is only $4.99 and you get quite a lot of food for that. The coleslaw mixes in with everything and it tastes soooo good! Gotta try it! I'd eat here every day!
  • Photo of gordonscott
    4 years ago
    You're downtown, time and budget are short, desire for good eats is long, if you are near the Yonge St., three doors north of College/Carlton Ritz location, and you like West Indian Food... your stars are aligned! Line up (don't worry, be happy, it moves fast) no problem, but know what you want by the time it is your turn... read the menu board. Oxtail on rice and peas, Curry shrimp plate (my fav with rice and peas and coleslaw) jerk chicken lunch special is only $5, "festivals" if your cornmeal and oil and sugar quotient is down, mine always is, wash it down with a Ting (grapefruit soda) or a ginger beer. Seating is minimal, the park behind College Park beckons in good weather, otherwise squeeze into a seat, and make new friends, if your mouth is willing to do anything besides scoff this chow. There are two other locations, one a dozen blocks north, one about eight blocks south. Probably they are good too. Don't know... because I found the lunch hour motherlode, and I'm mining my claim.

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