Photo of Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada in Toronto, , CA
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Ripley's Aquarium Of Canada


moving sidewalk • sea life • shark tank • glass tunnel

288 Bremner Boulevard
Toronto M5V 3L9, CA
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  • Photo of TravelinFrog
    5 months ago
    Greatly enjoyed our visit. Despite it being rather late the place was packed. We had great time and our kids had great time. One of Toronto's best attractions.
  • Photo of Mississippiwoman
    5 months ago
    Even at the peak of summer it was easy to navigate. We were glad we had purchased the Toronto CityPASS though, so we were able to skip the long line to get in.
  • Photo of morag B
    5 months ago
    This is a very cool aquarium. They don't have any large mammals (good thing) but the way they have displayed everything and the interactivity makes this experience better than the more famous aquariums I've been too (ahem... Vancouver). Plan smart because this place is super busy and have to fight your way to the front of crowds to see anything.
  • Photo of Tanya T
    5 months ago
    This is truly an amazing aquarium! It is worth every penny! My favorite part was the sharks! I loved that there was a walk way along with a moving sidewalk. It allowed you to enjoy the view of the sharks and other marine life swim by and over you! The shows are fun and interactive, we saw the stingray show! We both really enjoyed it!! So many interactive exhibits that allowed you to pet/touch the animals!! Worth the stop and plan on spending a half of a day there!
  • Photo of emily3213
    5 months ago
    It was an awesome adventure and the moving walkway was a great touch.Many different species of fish,sharks,coral etc were here for viewing
  • Photo of Isabelle R
    5 months ago
    We loved the architecture of the place and how the parcours is very clear and surprising. Great sections and little dorky facts that one has to love to learn about mysterious abyssal creatures. Love every minute of our visit. The only reason I didn't give a 5 star rating is because of the poor quality of the (very) many interactive panels and activities they have... considering it's such a new place I find it unacceptable that they should feel and look like they are straight out of the 90's. They are ment for kids of course, but even then kids today are used to ipads and VR!! And adults like interacting too, why not do both? They obviously put a lot of energy in designing that many activities and I find it sad that they were not able to hit home. One thing that did hit home though was the cleaner shrimp tank and the rays tank that you can touch and almost play with, for as long as you want!! Very pleasant and entertaining! But now I have to find cleaner shrimps for my partner for Christmas, anyone has any tips?? Haha!
  • Photo of tarantular50
    5 months ago
    This aquarium is really great. Tons of exhibits, and this cool moving platform through a long tunnel with fish all around you. It was pretty busy, but not to the point where we did not enjoy it. Great for families, couples, or by yourself!
  • Photo of Davidgerol
    5 months ago
    A wonderful afternoon exploring the underwater and having fun in the play area. This experience is amazing and fun for all ages. Well organized and just enough to do. We took our family aged 5 - 65 and fun was had by all. Love the moving sidewalk - a great way to enjoy the sights.
  • Photo of littlegirltraveling
    It was fantastic and te best part for when you go is to visit the blue whale part and the last part for touching the fish
  • Photo of bealight
    5 months ago
    It's an aquarium, and nothing all to outstanding about it that one hasn't seen at any other aquarium. It was packed like sardines though and just made it impossible to navigate or enjoy.
  • Photo of A TripAdvisor Member
    We went there to see the aquarium along with kids. I never thought that aquarium will be so enjoyable .it has so much to see and do. Masterpiece
  • Photo of giffenk
    5 months ago
    We visited for the first time. The setup was well laid out allowing you to view the main exhibit tanks from multiple different points of view. There is also a motorized walkway through one of the tanks and this helped to keep the crowd moving. There were several touch ponds and lots of exhibits that catered to young children.
  • Photo of an0n123
    5 months ago
    A fabulous aquarium with so much to see and do. Walking through the domes is an amazing experience sharks and rays swimming over you. Very child friendly with several interactive experiences. Well worth a visit when in Toronto
  • Photo of Cate25
    5 months ago
    Took my two grandchildren (3 and 7) for a fun day. Loved the hands on tide pool. Having the tour on a clear through path was very helpful. The only thing that was disappointing was the food area. Very small and quite hard to maneuver through with so many people vying for what few seats were there.
  • Photo of cokecards
    5 months ago
    never thought that an aquarium would be so enjoyable. my wife and i took our son and his friend there and the looks on their face was priceless
  • Photo of salem m
    5 months ago
    Visited the aquarium when it first opened a few years ago. Fish were vibrant and beautiful. Visited summer 2017 and saw a completely different thing. All exhibits were the same, and fish had become lethargic, sickly, tumor filled, pop-eyed,very pale etc. The main freshwater tank was especially horrible. Every fish had some physical deformity or condition. Cod were crowded into a small wall tank, jellyfish tanks had many dead, sturgeon kept in tanks with horrible nose injuries. I was looking forward to seeing all the fish again, but my family and I were left feeling very upset and disheartened about the quality of life that these creatures must endure.
  • Photo of meltom22
    5 months ago
    It is incredible to see all the fish and water mammals. The opportunity to get to touch the small sharks, the horseshoe crabs and shrimp. Lots to look at and admire. Some places are interactive. Love the tunnel that the fish swim around. Gift shop is fairly expensive as is the limited food choices. Stay away at the end of the school year when so many schools are visiting.
  • Photo of Laurie S
    5 months ago
    Stopped in to the aquarium as I had heard a lot of positive comments about it. Warned it might be pricey but $25 for a senior seemed reasonable to me. The moving sidewalk was fabulous and you could step off to take pictures or have a closer look at any point. Loads of hands on activities for kiddies and a great, albeit noisy, play area. A must do for families with kids from stroller age up!
  • Photo of PookyCake
    5 months ago
    Ripley’s Aquarium is a relatively new addition to downtown Toronto, having opened its doors in October 2013. This attraction is conveniently located right next to the iconic CN Tower and so they make for a good “duel activity” if you have the time. I’ve visited Ripley’s twice now and have been impressed on both occasions. It needs to be said: the staff that run Ripley’s Aquarium do a phenomenal job. Despite the VERY HEAVY traffic this place sees on a daily basis, the grounds are well maintained and it is clear that the aquatic life housed in the various exhibits obviously receive the best of care. I wholeheartedly applaud them for their ongoing efforts to inform, education and maintain. All of the exhibits in Ripley’s are exceptionally well done. My personal favourites are the Canadian Waters exhibit, which provides visitors and locals alike with an intimate and informative look into the various and varied sea life that inhabits the country’s waters; the Gallery exhibit, which showcases some of the more fragile and rare species in the world, including the very beautiful “weedy sea dragon;” Planet Jellies with its illuminating and colour-changing display of these fascinating creatures; and, of course, the large walk-through tank featured in the Dangerous Lagoon exhibit. Here you can witness many a shark and massive sawfish. I suspect this is the highlight for many. Having visited a number of aquariums in Canada and the United States, I’d have to say that Ripley’s in Toronto is, overall, the second best one that I’ve visited, only behind Atlanta’s stunning Georgia Aquarium. One could easily spend a couple of hours here viewing, taking in and learning about the exhibits. And once you finish here, the CN Tower is right next-door! Highly recommended!
  • Photo of rcblr1947
    5 months ago
    The place is organised in a very compact manner making the best use of space - taking us around a large tubular glass tower, through another circular chute surrounded by water, so that you can have a full view of the variety of fishes and sea life moving about freely - above you and on the sides. Some of the collections are exotic. Children will love touching the giant crabs and such creatures kept in separate tanks. Finally at the end of the line you see the sharks and hammer heads roving in the open tank. Value for money during the hour and a half of visit.

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