Photo of Prohibition Gastropub & Oyster Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Prohibition Gastropub & Oyster Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Prohibition Gastropub & Oyster Bar in Toronto, , CA
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Prohibition Gastropub & Oyster Bar

American Restaurant

Prohibition Gastropub & Oyster Bar14
brunch • poutine • potatoes • beef ribs

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  • Photo of Christian Beckermann
    Such a great vibe here. Not necessarily the best food, but the atmosphere and price is worth the visit. I mean $5.00 pints for Hooch Hour between 6-9pm everyday!!!
  • Photo of ilovedgreece
    5 months ago
    Came here recently for some drinks and dancing! The music is usually pretty good as is the crowd and I always have a blast here- enjoy!
  • Photo of Janinescott
    5 months ago
    Great brunch offerings from Mexican Breakfast Burrito to Duck Eggs Benny. A wide selection of craft beers on tap. Only downside is there is not any outside seating.
  • Photo of Colin F
    5 months ago
    My daughter and I come here about once a month. We have the appetizers usually, like the mac and cheese, nachos, pizza or perogies and it’s always tasty and quick. Not cheap, but good. They’re a little snobby as well but I guess that comes with the territory. I will say that I ordered a Stiegl lager on draft which was advised was nice, and it wasn’t but they took it off the bill, which many places wouldn’t. Instead, I had a much nicer Hawaiian draft which was far superior. It’s the combination of decent food, liquor, location and ambience which make it a winner and greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Photo of Shannon M
    6 months ago
    Where do i start?! This location has sooo many issues that need to be fixed. I will start with the positive: it has a great back patio (the condo construction is noisy so be aware this may impede conversation at times). I really want this restaurant to work because I work in the area and it is a great option for us. I have been there as a table of two and I have been at a table with 10.. the issues are the same: slow service, a slight hint of attitude from our server (whom I've had twice and maybe he doesn't like his job?), meals that are super slow to arrive -and additionally the first to the last in our group received there meals at least 20 minutes apart. The menu does not have great selection of healthy options and for the small portions you get .. you kind of feel a bit ripped off. And really - the food isn't that good. (to be fair I have heard the Queen Street location is amazing .. so not sure why the disparity). I've had the oysters here and I would suggest .. just don't. Disappointing.The kitchen may need to be revamped organizationally (?) and the menu needs a redo. And put money into a REALLY good chef please. Prohibition: If you're wondering why you don't get many repeat customers .. now you do. These sentiments would be echoed by most of my colleagues. When I hear things have improved - I will certainly go back. Should I have a better experience then - I will most definitely change my review.
  • Photo of KWCanada1234
    6 months ago
    Staying at the Broadview hotel and popped around the corner for lunch. Sat in the window of the restaurant and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh herbs lining the open windows. The server was knowledgable about the menu and we took her advise and enjoyed the pulled pork grilled cheese and the spicy shrimp tostadas. Both were excellent and well presented. Delicious meal.
  • Photo of dwt45
    7 months ago
    I think their menu is trying too hard to be hip. They didn't offer salads - it was "ruffage". And the French fries were "DF Frites", which I gather were French fries cooked in duck fat. And any restaurant that offers both artisanal greens and "steak 'n' waffles" is a restaurant that isn't quite sure of its clientele, so is trying to be all things to all potential diners. Having said all that: the burger was okay, the fries/frites were fine, the beer was good, and the back patio was pleasant enough if you could tolerate the music. It was a bit on the pricey side for the food that it offered, but it wasn't a terrible experience.
  • Photo of InnActive
    7 months ago
    Brought my brother in law in town from BC and a gourmet chef. What a disappointment. Firstly they cancelled my reservation by mistake and when I noted their error nothing was done when arrived to compensate. Service was ok. Cheese and charcuterie board was pretty good on the cheese options, meat side very bland. Order cheese only, Mains were ok but not exciting , beer offerings not that special. Pass on this one.
  • Photo of Christine O
    7 months ago
    We went for a Summerlicious dinner last night, and hd a really great experience. The food was great, service was fantastic - present and supportive without being obnoxious - and we loved the overall vibe of the place. They very deliberately avoid the current pop music and range from the 80's tunes which provided a fun backdrop to our meal last night, to a mix of soul/jazz/blues and Motown on the weekends (per our server, Claire). In fact my friend and I decided we'd make it our new 'local'. The drink options and the regular menu are fantastic - I would give it a huge thumbs up. Loved it
  • Photo of Princessa222
    7 months ago
    Hi i just ate here today was very delicious. Had the truffle mac snd my hubby had the pulled pork grilled cheese. Both very good. I made reservations and in the notes added coming for summerlicious menu but they said no sorry not on weekends? What? That was kinda a bummer. But id go back for a bite again and another ceasar.
  • Photo of ChipField
    7 months ago
    Disappointing. Waited 20 minutes for beers. Appetizer charcuterie was good, but arrived at minute 50. Mains arrived 25 minutes later. Tartare was very good. Japanese chicken thigh was completely unseasoned (not 'under, 'un' like zero), as was the batter. Young waiter was green and perhaps in the weeds, but trailed by a trainee or high-end bus person who missed nothing and is a keeper. So food execution is completely random, and perhaps aggravated by a culture that seems biased towards serving drinks and not food. I've no problem with that, but don't understand the apparent food ambitions. So we'll likely not return, but because of the charcuterie and tartare I'm hopeful it might someday become more consistent on the food front.
  • Photo of Ilias K
    7 months ago
    We went with my gf because we have heard a lot for this restaurant and finally we went . The food was delicious we start with a margarita pizza and nachos with cheese and wakamole!!! We eat also a sandwich with roasted brief!!! Everything was perfect!
  • Photo of aking83
    7 months ago
    This place was fantastic! The layout was clean and many beers on tap to select. The flat breads were gourmet delicious and the atmosphere was great! I will definitely be back!
  • Photo of nelliebobellie
    8 months ago
    This review is for the newly opened location at Yonge & Eglinton. My friends and I went for dinner the other day and we got there around 6:30pm, which meant we could order beer at their happy hour prices ($5.09). This seems insanely good; however, you are not getting a true pint of beer for that price, so it's not as cheap as you first think. (my beer was 16oz) That being said, it's still a good price for a beer after work and their list is better than most places. I have to say, the menu here has a lot of really unique items. However, I don't know that I would be in any way inclined to spend $45 on a surf & turf Philly cheesesteak sandwich. In fact, I would rather go to the Keg around the corner for a sirloin steak & 8oz. lobster tail for the same price. I ordered the daily special, which was a jerk chicken quesadilla for $13.95. It tasted fine and was a decent portion, however, it was mostly filled with potatoes, which the server failed to mention. Given that I was already getting my fair share of potatoes with my side order of fries, I would likely have chosen something else, or even just gotten a different side. One of my friends had the Flaming Greek Burger, which was topped with fried Kefalotyri cheese. They bring a shot of flaming Sambuca or Ouzo (I'm guessing, because the server didn't actually say what it was, she just poured it on) and then doused the flame with a squeeze of lemon juice. Given that my friend doesn't drink alcohol, it was a bit of a surprise to him. The menu doesn't mention this part, and the server didn't even ask if it was ok - just poured it on and left. He ate the burger, but I really think this should be detailed on the menu, or have the server explain this at the time of ordering. Not everyone wants booze poured on their food. This seems like it could be a fun place to have drinks with friends after work, but I can't say I'm too inclined to want to eat there. Prices are about 20% higher than they should be. This is not fine dining, it's pub food. Interesting, for sure, but still pub food.
  • Photo of Judi B
    8 months ago
    Stoped in for a quick cocktail prior to dinner. Asked to sit at the open window. The hostess said all the tables were reserved. We sat at the bar had a drink. The bar was very empty. We finished our drinks and still no one at the reserved tables. Huh , we did tell her we were just having one drink and no food. The bar staff was very friendly. The food looked good as a older gentleman sitting beside us had a bite.
  • Photo of Zeddog
    8 months ago
    Ordered the Short Rib Chili with a Kona Big Wave beer ... perfect combo and the Chili was so good, I going to be spoiled for anywhere else, ever. Server was fabulous, attentive and kind. Busy, busy places but never felt ignored. Highly recommended 🌶🌶
  • Photo of m p
    8 months ago
    We arrived just after 5:00 pm for drinks on a Sunday afternoon and noticed that the menu advertises Houch Hour drink specials everyday, 5-7 pm and 10-11 pm...all $5.09 each...just exceptional value. The selection of draught beer is top notch for imported beer connoisseurs. We were happy to find premium sour beer, Rodenbach Grand Cru Red Flanders Ale and Delirium on draught...yes, $5.09 per glass. Steak Tartare, was was the duck poutine (very cheesy), $14. Both of these appetizers are typically priced, but the presentation at Prohibition for Tartare is superior to the same item we have ordered in similar pubs like R&D and Burdock. Main food menu items are pricy. Chicken and Waffles, $25.99. Good service and atmosphere. If you are a party of two and visit on a warm day, try for the tables by the desirable open windows facing the street...reminds me of Quebec City with flower planters lining the entire facade. Nice ambiance. We are definitely returning.
  • Photo of jmde60
    9 months ago
    We went just after 10pm so the full menu was not available. The bar menu was ok and varied. Fried mac & cheese with 3 meatballs $ 16.00. Flatbreads, 3 choices $ 15.00. Extra sauce for flatbreads $ 3 and just a wee drizzle, had to ask for more and received attitude from server. Food arrived luke warm and it took half an hour at least. Service was slow and inattentive. Music was so loud we were yelling at each other to talk. Typical drink like a Caesar $ 16 bucks. Yikes. If you're a beer drinker, they don't have regular known beers. We couldn't pronounce most of the names of them. We sampled 4 and they weren't for us. I read other reviews before we went and they were mixed. I do agree with all who said it's not a place for children day or early evening.
  • Photo of aiacosta
    10 months ago
    I recently went to have dinner with the family and the experience was a mix of good and bad. The hostess was very nice and accommodated us, a party of 7, without reservation. The place was busy as they had a full dining room and a private event at the same time. Our server was very friendly, and even though she was busy, she tried her best waiting on the table. The bad part was that we needed to wait for more than 1 hour to be served. We had a minor with us, and because they took a long time to serve the table, we were approaching the time when the gastro becomes a pub. At that time one of the staff approached the table and asked us to leave before the "pub" time. We explained that we would have left already but the food was taking forever to arrive. When the food finally arrived, I was particularly disappointed as it was not worth the wait. It is Ok food, but definitely not worth the many prices. So my recommendation is that, if you have family members younger than drinking age, do not go to have dinner at this place. If you go, ask the hostess what was the waiting serving time. Sometimes we forget that been seated doesn't mean fast service.
  • Photo of Deborahjune
    10 months ago
    We stopped in for dinner the other night and were delighted with the beautiful decor. It has a really wonderful, warm speakeasy feel. Very relaxing and inviting. I ordered the caveman slaw without the steak and my husband ordered the same but including the steak. It was delicious and full of healthy ingredients. It filled me up without the addition of the meat. My husband really enjoyed his with the steak and said he would order it again. Cooked perfectly and nice and juicy and meaty. Our wine and beer were an excellent price as they offer a happy hour. Delicious. Great staff too which is always a wonderful way of making your evening even more special. Thank you.
  • Photo of C M
    10 months ago
    Music was way too loud and annoying. They need to revamp their playlist especially for Sunday brunch! Difficult to carry on a conversation, we weren't the only customers annoyed by this! Cutlery was filthy and had to be sent back. The food was average at best including hair in one entree. They refunded the cost of the entree with the hair but only after asking for a reduction which should have been offered. We won't be back.

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