Photo of Mr. Jerk in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Mr. Jerk in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Mr. Jerk in Toronto, , CA

Mr. Jerk

Caribbean Restaurant

coleslaw • oxtail • amazing food • jerk pork sandwich

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  • Photo of Michelle E
    a year ago
    We walked to this restaurant not realizing that they focus primarily on take out(only a few bar seats available). The jerk chicken meal was delicious, served with rice and peas and coleslaw. The side of plantain was fried just right. The prices were very affordable and the portion size was satisfactory.
  • Photo of Bleuemoon2
    a year ago
    I was staying in Toronto with some friends and they said, we are just going out for a quick bite, won't take long. Some good soup, and something else. I thought why not, sounded interesting, I wasn't that hungry, but was game. So we pull up to this nondescript downtown storefront, nothing fancy, but inside I had the best Chicken soup EVER and an awesome Jamaican Beef Pattie. Now I haven't had Jamaican food in perhaps 20 years, but this was just so simple and yet so gosh darn good. We spoke to the restaurant owner, Paul and he was great, easy to talk to, down to earth and honest. The place isn't fancy and prices are not big. But the taste is! Loved it and will go back again. Thank you Paul! Tony in Ottawa.
  • Photo of IrishRover36
    a year ago
    This is a simple little small place with great food.The jerk chicken is moist and the mixture of gravy,rice,beans and coleslaw goes together so well. Infact my meal here was so great that i went back a few hours later to get a chicken curry which was also delicious. This place probably has the best jerk chicken in Toronto and you get a big portion.
  • Photo of Courtney B
    a year ago
    Only con is that it is cash only. Amazing food - jerk chicken dinner with coleslaw is my go to. Jerk pork sandwich and festivals are also amazing. Never disappoints.
  • Photo of JandKPreston
    2 years ago
    This is my favourite takeout place in Ontario for jerk chicken and jerk pork. Oxtail gravy is the best anywhere. Consistently good over the 15 years I've gone there. Prepare for lineups to the door, but the food is SO worth it. Just love this place. Staff is very efficient at dealing with customers quickly. It's worth the trip.
  • Photo of PedalNinja
    3 years ago
    This place just nails jerk pork perfectly, at some west indian shops it's actually stewed (yuk) but the only way I'll have it, is this way, slow cooked over fire and allspice wood which gives it that beautiful spicy bark on it, their jerk pork is just divine, I've yet to find jerk pork as good in this city or even in this country to be honest, it's absolute perfection!! Servings are large and filling too. At $10 a dinner, it's worth EVERY penny... Their fried plantains are also done perfectly, as they use very ripe plantains and fry them to sweet perfection, many other places just never seem to get plantains right like this, mainly because of impatience as they don't let the plantains ripen fully before using them. The Jerk chicken is also perfect as well, not stewed, but slow roasted, just so good!! Although the pork is my go to meal here, but when i do have the chicken, I'm never disappointed. Even their Roti is beyond good, whomever makes the curry there is a genius, so delicious!!, as you can see I have zero complaints for this place, as the food is just dynamite!! Can't wait to have it again!! and they deliver too!! (via just eat)
  • Photo of Monrush
    3 years ago
    Procrastination, haha! Friend lives, straight up, in the next condo. Other buddy lives 15 min walk away. I'd heard from both that this place does a mean jerk. Just today I finally popped in and grabbed a jerk pork sandwich. I made a point of interrupting the few people in line to say to the staff that it was my first time and it was very tasty and that I'd be back - (but not in a terminator accent 😁) I'll check out other meats and dish/menu options in the next few weeks and I'll report back.
  • Photo of CBNFLD
    3 years ago
    This is the spot for Jerk Pork in Toronto. There's nowhere else that can have my money. When I lived in Toronto, I'd travel across the city for this food. Now, I cross the country. This is not just my favourite place to eat Jamaican food in the city, it's my favourite place to eat, period. Jerk Pork Dinner with Festivals is my favourite. If that's sold out, Curry Goat Roti hits the spot. Ask for hot sauce if you need a little more kick. Don't forget your Black Cake and a Patty for the road.
  • Photo of Eric W
    3 years ago
    The was good & spicy as always. Quick service. Parking was easy. Remember cash only. Cheap eats that fill you up.
  • Photo of LauraAToronto
    3 years ago
    Love coming here to pickup takeout for dinner. Reasonably priced and he's amazing at what he makes. The owner is a really nice man. Love the jerk chicken and curry chicken and fried plantains.
  • Photo of Calista H
    4 years ago
    This little hole in the wall could easily be missed except for the amazing aromas wafting from the building. It doesn't look like much but the food is amazing and the little lady at the counter was a hoot. We just had 3 1/4 chicken meals which came with rice and coleslaw. We asked for half the rice and it was still more than most of us could eat. The prices are pretty decent too. We also had the fried plantain which was AMAZING as well. Next time I am in Toronto I will definitely go back!!
  • Photo of shireef
    4 years ago
    We've had take out twice from Mr Jerk now. I wanted to try it a second time before I wrote this review. The food at Mr jerk is.....delicious. It's the right amount of flavour and spice. And the portions are amazing!! We have had the chicken dinner, chicken roti and pork dinner. All of them were so good. There was enough for 4 people in the two dinner servings. And the people who work there are super friendly. I would recommend this to anyone looking for good jerk food.
  • Photo of Catalina L
    4 years ago
    Although the restaurant itself isn't beautiful or decorated, once you take a bite into a piece of that amazing, tender, delicious piece of meat it's completely irrelevant how the place looks. Definitely the best jerk pork I've ever eaten and I can't wait to go back!
  • Photo of cglof
    4 years ago
    I rarely give 5 of 5 rating as I like to think that there is still some improvement of even a great experience. A friend had taken me to the Scarborough location when we were getting together for our monthly movie night. He recommended the jerk pork with peas and rice, smothered in whatever gravy I wanted. I went with the oxtail gravy and it was delicious. The 10$ that I paid got me enough food for two people. The only reason I managed to eat it all on my own was because it was so good! There are plenty of other items to order and it seems to have a constant flow of customers. That has to be a good thing right? I definitely plan on visiting there again soon.
  • Photo of Lucy L
    5 years ago
    It's cheap and tasty, the oxtail dinner is delighting and the lady is very nice. Good for a quick lunch or dinner. Dont go if u are not used to this kind of taste though.

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