Photo of Mideastro Yorkville in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Mideastro Yorkville in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Mideastro Yorkville in Toronto, , CA
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Mideastro Yorkville

Middle Eastern Restaurant

lamb • paella • shrimp • pastry

27 Yorkville Avenue
Toronto M4W 1L4, CA
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  • Photo of Crystal K
    5 months ago
    Enjoyed this restaurant very much. Loved the ambiance - dark and cozy. Food and service were both excellent. Highly recommend!
  • Photo of SASinToronto
    a year ago
    This is not the first time we've been to Mideastro Yorkville and neither will it be the last. We always receive outstanding service from staff who like what they do and remember what wines and food were particularly enjoyed by us on a previous visit. Charles, the maitre d', makes every visit an occasion as do the servers. This is an impressively spacious and beautiful dining room, yet with a calming ambience. As to the menu, all dishes I have had are wonderfully tasteful, aromatic and beautifully presented. Whether it's date night, a family gathering or friends dining, this is a place not to be missed. Tip: save room for a little dessert......halva delight, fig kataiv.....heavenly!
  • Photo of tripopinonsw
    a year ago
    Location on Yorkville Avenue, prices not inexpensive, interesting menu. 2014 Tripadvisor Award of excellence, a Thursday night reservation, 4 ot of 5 rating on Tripadvisor and a very good previous experience, I expected a much better experience. Decor was very nice but ambiance could have been except for lack of patrons. Thursday night, pleasant weather and in Yorkville. one would expect much busier. Service level was poor, even though few patrons, far too long waits. Weren't even asked for a drink order, till after we were told of specials. long lag between apps and entree's. Apps served before plates to eat from where delivered. Serving staff seemed inexperienced or uncomfortable. Food ranged from mediocre to very good. Calamari rubbery, Snapper excellent. Wine list is different than that on web. Wine we ordered was delivered and would have been opened if we didn't realize it wasn't the same type listed. Not a cab, but a zin. To their credit, they offer a more expensive cab at the price of the one on the list we ordered. Overall left feeling disappointed. Feel that maybe as their business has suffered, they've cut back if staffing and lack both quantity and experience, which will only hurt them further. Feel that even though all indicators suggested it would be a good choice, it proved otherwise. Now know not to give too much credit to ratings and awards. Their 2014 award clearly doesn't represent 2016. Is the 4 out of 5 rating based ones submitted a long time ago which don't reflect current experiences? This rating may seem somewhat harsh, but given location, price point and ratings, they failed to deliver and need to be aware as without changes and improvements they will inevitably need close their doors.
  • Photo of giffenk
    a year ago
    We had previously dined at Mideastro multiple times at wine club events (and loved it), but had never visited and ordered from the menu. My wife arranged a dinner with a prior business associate and then we discovered that this was his favourite restaurant (the staff recognized him and greeted him warmly). The three of us had a fabulous evening. My carpaccio was presented as a set of vertical rolls topped with cheese. Yummy. My main was the lamb chops served rare as requested with a side of enoki mushrooms, sliced asparagus and spinach. Also yum. We started with a Chilean Pinot Noir and when we ordered a refill, they suggested a Spanish Rioja (because they knew our friend loved Tempranillo). We will be back.
  • Photo of 404elvira
    2 years ago
    Very tasty food, Great Service. Visited for dinners and lunches. Would recommend for any occasion.Can't wait to visit again.
  • Photo of llad5545
    2 years ago
    From previous visits I know the interior of the restaurant is very lovely, quiet and sophisticated decor. The food this night was excellent and the service we received was superlative: waiter recommended an excellent, reasonable Spanish red wine and was very attentive to our needs, eg., bringing extra babaghanoush because we liked it so. The halibut tagine was exceptionally good; my brother really enjoyed the lamb chops which were cooked exactly as he requested. Prices were not overly expensive ($200 for bread with houmous etc., wine, 2 salads which were each large enough for a couple to share, 4 entrees and coffees - and they gave us a free dessert for a big birthday we were celebrating). Highly recommended.
  • Photo of rossbrooke
    2 years ago
    Last night we dined at this restaurant and I was so disappointed with the service. Our server was completely rude. We asked for gluten free pasta and he told us they don't have it (although they said it was on the menu). He didn't even apologize for not having it and didn't even check in the kitchen to make sure. When asked which beers they had available, he said they only had two....we asked again, and he sarcastically said...I told you we only had two. When we asked about the scotch, they didn't have that either (although this scotch was in many of their mixed drinks). The server did not even ask us if we wanted dessert or coffee. I have eaten there first and last.
  • Photo of mellie m
    2 years ago
    I love this Yorkville location! We went for a bday dinner and we all had a fantastic time ! Food is great ! Loved the stuffed grape leaves . This location has a casual yet elegant vibe to it ! Great spot for private parties as well .
  • Photo of lovetofly380
    2 years ago
    This was the second time I visited the restaurant. Last time was about a year ago. I was quite disappointed in the choice available. We ordered the paella and shrimp. Both dishes were disappointing However, the cocktails were great. It's a pity this place has gone downhill.
  • Photo of llg72
    2 years ago
    We had a really poor experience here. The service is extremely slow as others have mentioned, and the staff was also rude. The food wasn't great- nothing to write home about. I definitely wouldn't recommend the cheesecake. Would not recommend this place as a whole and would not return.
  • Photo of myounder
    2 years ago
    What makes a dinner extra special is when you get to try dishes you've never had before. Even better, when the owner takes time to explain what you're having, how it's prepared and what the origins are, in measured detail and with a delivery that doesn't seem rehearsed, the dinner is even better. Two words I hadn't seen or heard prior to last night: Kufta and Fig Kataiv. The Kufta is a lamb, beef, moroccan ras el hanout with grilled eggplant, tomatoes, kalamata olives, banana peppers, tahini labane and tabbueh. I won't say meatballs because the formed shapes of the lamb and beef were larger, more puck shaped. Everything came in a hot skillet. The fig kataiv was a rich, creamy yet crispy dessert that was enough for two to share. Think of a delicate bird nest pastry with creamy custard and cream cheese, figs, pistachios and a spiced honey sauce. Yes, you're right......
  • Photo of David B
    2 years ago
    I booked a romantic dinner here for my wife and I on December 11, 2015 (apologies for the late review), and asked for the best seating in the restaurant for two people. The manager Chaz, assured me he had a perfect table for us, and he delivered. We were seated in a booth area where there were only 2 tables each for 2 people, and in other restaurants they would have easily squeezed another table in between us, but not here, which made us feel very special, in spite of the fact that we were not a large group. The food was simply amazing, and my wife feels it may have been one of here best meals ever (which hurt a little, as I do all the cooking and am a excellent chef). The octopus appetizer was the best octopus I have ever eaten, and our mains were the Paella (which is better than what I make, and I thought mine was better than any restaurant), and the Black Truffle Mushroom Risotto, which was creamy, with layers of flavour, and not too heavy on the truffles. If anyone is looking for a fine dining experience where you will pay a little more but feel you had a real experience being pout and felt it was money well spent, this is your place.
  • Photo of JanelM1660
    2 years ago
    I was in from out of town and staying across the street. I decided to give the place a try because it seemed very inviting and like it had a menu that would suite my fancy. I must say, I was correct in my choice. I sat at the bar and made friends with the sommelier, Chaz. Which is a good idea, btw if you a vino aficionado like myself. For the food I went with the special of the day for the appetizer, the main course and the desert. I am a huge fan of middle eastern influenced dishes and those which also are fusions of other cuisines and cultures. It is apparent that the chef enjoys doing this, as it shows in the dishes and on the menu. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area.
  • Photo of H R
    2 years ago
    we arrived on time for our reservation and waited far too long at the front of the restaurant before we searched for someone to speak with us. We were told to wait and someone will seat us. We were finally seated, and again had a long wait until a server asked us if he could bring sparkling water. He wouldn't bring tap water. Still no server to be found... so we called another restaurant while still waiting for the server. They were more than happy to have us join them. We left without having a chance to eat but we had a great meal at the competition.
  • Photo of Nitsanw
    2 years ago
    We were 4 couples for Friday night dinner. The food was outstanding from all aspects. The presentation, the temperature, and the portion sizes were just right. I would recommend the Katehiv and the Nuttela for deserts. The vegan soup was excellent as well as the octopus. The restaurant was kind of empty for a Friday night and I felt it was outdated. The bar had limited brands of vodka and other type of drinks. I would definitely recommend and go back. Chef Ben Cohen came out to say hi and check with us how was everything which was very appreciated.
  • Photo of Hani A
    2 years ago
    Overall i looked this restaurant. Middle eastern food that was very good, we had the seabass, kufta, and appetizers were the goat cheese with beets and the chicken shawerma. Food was all good. Service was very slow. I liked the ambience, they have a nice private room with glass windows. 4 out of 5 stars because of poor service. I attached a pic of the kufta (lamb dish)
  • Photo of LauraTsingos
    2 years ago
    We attended a private wine and cheese tasting event at Mideastro on Oct 14/15 featuring the wines of Pasqua from Italy. The chef outdid himself by providing amazingly paired dishes throughout the evening. The service was friendly and efficient. Wine & cheese we tasted were amazing. Excellent all around. The only suggestion: cool the back dining area slightly as it was somewhat overly warm.
  • Photo of Taker269
    2 years ago
    Good location in front the hotel. The restaurant decor is stunning.. As the food is like that. The kofte Kebob dish was really good so on the sweet at the end of the meal. A bit expensive but worth every $$$
  • Photo of Herbert T
    2 years ago
    I visited this place on a Friday night with a party of 5. When we got there the place was empty. Possibly because we were there for a late seating. The ambiance here was nice. It had a modern feel. The dimmed lights set a romantic vibe ; ) I ordered the trout and avacado ceviche to start. It wasn't anything special (lacking in acidity if anything). I followed that up with the paella which I wouldn't recommend. The sauce overpowered everything. I prefer to be able to taste the subtle saffron flavor in paella. Even the old fashion I ordered was a let down. The reason for the low rating was due to the service more than anything else. I could tell that our server was not happy about accommodating a late seating (9:30). He mentioned multiple times that the kitchen was closing soon and he was anxious to take our order. I would have preferred it if he simply refused to seat us. There are many options in the neighborhood. There are two lamb shank offerings on the menu. Someone from our table ordered the lamb shank without specifying. The server didn't even clarify (probably because he was in a rush to get us fed and out the door). It was only when the fish came out that we realized it wasn't what was expected. At this point the waiter became visibly upset and started uttering what seemed like cuss words. This was totally unacceptable and unprofessional. We were willing to take part blame for the confusion and didn't want to further aggravate the server so we settled with the dish that came out. But to be fair there is no garauntee that a patron will read the menu from front to back or even realize that there are two similar offerings. A more accomplished restaurant would attempt to rectify the situation. That was not the case here. This experience left a sour taste in my mouth. I will definitely not be returning here.
  • Photo of DHBoland
    2 years ago
    Food and atmosphere was to our expectation. Service was a little lacking - server was distracted and had somewhere else to be.

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