Photo of Mercury Organic Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Mercury Organic Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Mercury Organic Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA

Mercury Organic Espresso Bar


Mercury Organic Espresso Bar13.5
neighborhood • barista

915 Queen St E
Toronto M4M 1J4, CA
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  • Photo of Jonathan Labonte
    3 years ago
    All fair-trade. Makes it extra delicious
  • Photo of Tim V
    3 months ago
    Funky little neighbourhood coffee shop. Excellent coffee and great service in an area that is on the upswing.
  • Photo of Shan C
    10 months ago
    Good coffee is worth the wait, when they are busy it can take a few minutes for your coffee but it is worth the wait. Espresso and Cortato are on available if you are drinking your coffee there. Alternative dairy is available for lattes and flat whites. Every drink is delicious, worth a stop if you are in the area, they also have a nice selection of beans for purchase.
  • Photo of Huitzilipoxtle
    a year ago
    Another quaint coffee house in the Leslieville neighborhood, but in the end far less stylish and more importantly, the coffee verges on the brink of accceptability, rather than standing out the way it does at much of the competition in this crowded playing field. So, an acceptable choice, but there are definitely better options in the area.
  • Photo of pjrr2016
    a year ago
    I've become very picky about my coffee partly because of this place. Great americano - best I've had in Toronto so far. I concur with reservations about the service expressed in other reviews. It's hit and miss on that front. And the snack selection is very limited. But the coffee... gets 5 stars. I don't hang out there, just pick it up and go.
  • Photo of Mike A
    a year ago
    Busy little spot with very friendly barista. Delicious croissant too! Great area of Toronto with lots of places to shop and eat.
  • Photo of gsmontreal
    2 years ago
    When I walked in on a rather cold April day and looked around, I remember thinking maybe it is not such a good idea. I should have followed my first instinct. The place seemed sad, lifeless and dirty, but since I read some reviews before coming to Toronto and listed up all places that offer organic coffee, I decided to give it its fair shot. Well... turns out their coffee is not organic and their place is not at all friendly. It is definitely not a place you want to spend your money at with so many better choices around. The owner was really rude and I guess she just “helped” me to finally make the right decision and leave...
  • Photo of IHeartTheobromine
    Well, this is an interesting one. Mercury offers a generally good experience in that it has a great selection of coffees for purchase and their espresso is very good. I got the sense that the barista wasn't totally sure of what she was doing, though she looked comfortable behind the bar. The place was quite busy, though not particularly clean. The decor was nice, airy and bright. Their pastry selection was kind of meh and the croissant I had was underwhelming. I was honestly hoping for more...I think there's maybe a bit of a lack of passion for the art. I would go back but probably just to purchase a bag of coffee.
  • Photo of Monkeypooking
    2 years ago
    Best coffee in the area. This is the consummate queen street east leslieville cool location. The coffee excellent, service with a smile and uber chic atmosphere of locals, hipsters, stinkers, and celebrity's.
  • Photo of Jack-Dru
    3 years ago
    Timeline: Tuesday, November 11, 3:05 p.m. Mercury was always one of my favourite cafe's on Queen Street, East. Today, that changed. The service was slow. The cappuccinos were poor. And the spoons weren't clean.
  • Photo of RM12
    3 years ago
    Stumbled upon Mercury while looking for an early Sunday morning coffee. Typical small indie café type industrial vibe. Small patio and benches out front and small pastry selection. Most importantly, solid coffee! Don't think they WiFi. I will come back if I'm in the neighborhood. Recommended
  • Photo of ZEDTalks
    4 years ago
    I guess I was the latest recipient of hipster disdain. Coffee was good, but it was FREEZING in the cafe and the music ... how does one put it ... bit. Oddly, no one - except the barista - really seemed to enjoy it!
  • Photo of Jack-Dru
    4 years ago
    Mercury might just do the best espresso in the city. The place doesn't seat many customers, but there is a nice outdoor patio for when the weather is warm. I'm such a fan that I featured Mercury in my novel "Bad Blood" scheduled for release in the spring of 2014.
  • Photo of FoodYYZ
    4 years ago
    I like that they have their signature espresso always plus featured espresso. Zion is knowledgable about the coffee industry and offers great recommendations for anyone showing interest in coffee culture
  • Photo of Davesee12
    5 years ago
    Here was my latest (and last) experience at Mercury. Me: "Hi!" Server: [silent, a half smirk-smile/jeer on his face] Me: "Uhh...can I please get an Americano? Server: [blank stare.] What? Me: An Americano please? Chatting with someone else at the back of the cafe, the server makes my drink and pushes it across the counter in my general direction -- no eye contact, no words, nothing. Clearly I wasn't worth his time. My drink tasted fine but there are too many other warm, friendly places in Leslieville serving equally delicious drinks to put up with the staff at Mercury.
  • Photo of zebecToronto
    5 years ago
    I have images of that guy from the American reality TV show 'Bar Rescue' coming in here to do his thing. We have lived and worked in the area for 30 years. Whenever I have had physio done at the medical outfit next door, I always made it a ritual to first drop by Mercury to fetch a coffee. The truth: superb quality product, so much so that I once chose to purchase a bulk of their various coffees as a gift for my caffeine-addicted father's birthday gift. Their espresso is everyone's default fave flavour across the road at the Ice Cream shop (i.e. the ice cream shop owners buy their bulk espresso from Mercury). But.....Mercury staff attitude has resulted in us staying away. *Ownership might benefit from watching a couple episodes of the aforementioned 'Bar Rescue'. Seriously.
  • Photo of Crewed1
    5 years ago
    I live in the hood and often stop to for a latter to go, because the lattes are good there. Never really feel welcomed or invited as the staff are only interested in folk who are their types, late night clobbers with attitude. They seem to feel they are doing me a huge favour by letting me purchase my coffee there. I now will often head to te aro down the street 2 blocks.
  • Photo of SugarSammy
    5 years ago
    I found the staff to be very nice when I went. My beef was with the brewed coffee which was too winey for my taste, but that is just a preference thing. Wish they didn't offer americanos in lieu of brewed coffee. It isn't the same. But these are minor nitpicks on a place that provides an very good coffee experience competing in an area with very good coffee.
  • Photo of PeterBruceG
    5 years ago
    What is it with all the attitude? You go in to relax and have a good cup of coffee and what you get is some jerk behind the counter giving you total attitude... Latte was strong and well made but I didn't feel welcome and presume I am not. Won't be back for a while.
  • Photo of Cherry P
    5 years ago
    Excellent coffee, but way too expensive and the staff are so pretentious and stuck up. If I were the owner, I would clean house and hire people who care about customers more than thier flannel shirts and indie music.
  • Photo of StephenM465
    6 years ago
    But no more. The place needs a bath. Also my favorite drink they had is gone. Nice patio however.

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