Photo of Merchants of Green Coffee in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Merchants of Green Coffee in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Merchants of Green Coffee in Toronto, , CA
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Merchants of Green Coffee


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  • Photo of Richard B
    8 months ago
    After joining the Merchants Green Bean club 5 or 6 years ago, I was in picking up some beans and stopped for a relaxing break from the rush of getting my "to-do" list done and realized I had never left an acknowledgement. Looking around the warm and inviting warehouse atmosphere I realized everyone who wants a great, fair trade coffee cup, carafe (any style ... all excellent) or roasted beans or green needs to come visit Merchants and experience one of the best coffee houses in the city.
  • Photo of Melissa B
    10 months ago
    We go out of our way to this coffee shop set in a sort of warehouse setting. Smells Devine. Coffee is amazing. Ginger molasses cookies are to die for. Friendly warm and comfortable. Only downside is difficulthat to find a place to park....but who cares it is so awesome. Drive around the block a few times or make the hike. So worth it.
  • Photo of Judy S
    a year ago
    I love the Americano Misto here. Funky warehouse. Music not too loud. Great spot. Furniture somewhat worn. Dogs allowed.
  • Photo of Marko R
    a year ago
    Great coffee. Nice setting. If your lucky enough, the cat might even visit you at your table. Love the location just off the DVP.
  • Photo of cristovano
    a year ago
    Drove all the way from Markam to this place. Different from your everyday coffee joint. Not sure how you can get there by public transport though.
  • Photo of Hutch333id
    a year ago
    This is a wonderful independent coffee shop off the beaten track but most definitely worthy of a visit. A very rustic charm to this converted warehouse which now serves very tasty coffee. Unfortunately, it lacks much of a selection to accompany the drinks. A little more in the way of baked goods would rate this higher. There is plenty of seating at a mixed assortment of tables and chairs or a couple of sofas and lounge chairs. This place also roasts and sells their own coffee by the pound. Drip coffee is made fresh on request so be prepared to spend a little longer in line waiting. No direct parking lot for this place but it is served by public transport and a short walk from the main streets or there is ample on street parking in the roads around. Most definitely worth a visit when in the area looking for a good drink of coffee and not something from one of the many chain locations.
  • Photo of Alex C
    a year ago
    This is the coffee shop to take out-of-towners if you want them to have a unique and good Toronto memory. Half-point deducted for not having enough of a selection of food and snacks, but coffee and atmosphere is what they're all about, and you gotta see this place and taste their coffee. The sandwiches and desserts they do have are top quality though, and very healthy. Really great staff working there. Not that far from downtown...seems farther than it really is maybe because you have to cross the river. Reasonable prices. This is not one of those chichi coffee places. It is VERY cool.
  • Photo of Viviane C
    2 years ago
    I absolutely love this place! It is a little bit distant from downtown, so I think many people miss the chance of trying their coffee. But, well, if you are willing to go to the East side of Toronto, you should definetely stop by at this cosy coffee shop. And don't forget to check out the nearby Joel Week's park, with a very funny squirrel sculpture.
  • Photo of mig-admin
    2 years ago
    During my visits to Venezuela I discovered how great coffee can actually taste. Every time I returned I would remark to friends how mediocre the coffee was here in Canada. One friend suggested I go to Merchants of Green Coffee. I had seen their sign many times while driving on the DVP. My friend had seen the same sign but neither of us knew what to really expect. One weekend we decided to check it out. We found the business located on a back street in an old building with lots of trees, shrubs and weeds growing around its perimeter. It really didn't look like much from the outside but it did look interesting enough to venture in. The first thing I noticed was the old wood floors. Next I saw some coffee making equipment on display to my right and bags of green beans for sale on my right. We went through a door way into another area where a coffee counter was located in the far corner. Loved the look and feel of the place. Tried a cappucino and decided this was my new favourite place in Toronto for coffee. I tried many different, independent coffee places in Toronto but still like Merchants of Green Coffee the best. It is an unassuming place with an old time look and feel that is both inviting and comfortable. Unlike some other coffee places there always seems to be seats available. Over the years they have made a number of important changes. They've removed a wall creating one large room from two smaller rooms, expanded the coffee bar and added more tables and chairs. They even added a small stage used to host musical performances and public speakers. The coffee is freshly roasted and they serve it in a variety of ways. Their coffee beans are sourced from locations around the globe but unfortunately I've never encountered any venezuelan beans. They have taught me a great deal about coffee and how beans differ from different parts of the world. They have opened my eyes to the reality of coffee plantations and how some growers are exploited by large corporations. Merchants of Green coffees is not only a place for great tasting, freshly roasted coffee that can be enjoyed in a simple and comfortable environment but it is also a place where one can expand ones knowledge.
  • Photo of Slayer6
    2 years ago
    When you need a place to hang, have a coffee and consider life, this is the place to go. Excellent coffee and muffins in a very cool old industrial building. Lots of room to sit, read or think. Plus you can check out the neighbours architectural antiques in the yard next door... Just east of the DVP... What could be better than that ?
  • Photo of familyltravel
    2 years ago
    Before gentrification there was Merchants of Green Coffee. This strangely tucked away coffee shop holds the best, freshest coffee in the city, scores of mismatched chairs and tables, the owners own book collection and some extreme attotude about coffee excellence.
  • Photo of Monkeypooking
    2 years ago
    Your in for a nicer experience. The atmosphere is uber warehouse cool. Located near near a film company, there is a backyard side yard that has some green, birds, a bit rustic mixed in with old set discards, and industrial mess. Yet, it adds to the ideal. The place is unusual and well worth the visit. The coffee is excellent.
  • Photo of Manya J
    3 years ago
    I had read about this place and had been planning to go for a while.My only regret is that it took me so long to do so. Amazing freshly roasted coffee in a warm and welcoming atmosphere with excellent service. Am planning to go again very soon.
  • Photo of 798111
    3 years ago
    I have never been a big coffee drinker, so it may surprise people to know that I know a whole lot about it... I owe that to Merchants of Green. I take pride in being the coffee aficionado of my family, I often leave a gift of ethically sourced roasted beans behind when I stop by for a visit. My partner, a huge coffee drinker, has not purchased a pound of coffee in many a year thanks to me. Merchants of Green does not just serve a cup of joe. The staff are so passionate about the coffee community and the endeavor to delivery the most ethically sourced beans around. They are starting a wave a awakenings, customers can understand why it is important to get direct from the farm beans and how the cup we sip from here in Canada has profound effects across the world. The staff here are just too much, too amazing, such great human beings! The location does not disappoint either, I come here and I feel as though I am in another place far from the noise and construction of the city. Before the big beautiful trees covering the windows were cut down I would imagine that I was sipping my drink while in a forest in another land:) Also, often live music is around Sunday afternoons.
  • Photo of TorontoUrbanStrolls
    You can't see Merchants of Green Coffee from Queen Street. It overlooks the Don Valley Parkway, off Matilda Street, on a very quiet and secluded spot. It doesn't try to be cool. It IS cool. Being wholesalers, in addition to the café, they organize all kinds of coffee-related activities (and often feature a show on lazy Sundays). I like to work for the coffee and the relaxed ambiance. When I went this week, my friend Cat awaited at the door of the café. He later joined me on the bench. The place was quiet in the morning, with a couple playing Scrabbles and three business people planning a marketing coup on the Shopping Channel. In the afternoon, it filled up with a large team scouting locations for a movie and people having casual business meetings. Then, a good friend came to meet me at my "office"... A unique café in Toronto.
  • Photo of zebecToronto
    4 years ago
    Where else in Toronto can one go for superb cup of Joe, an appealing boho atmosphere, coffee education if desired, Contact Film Fest displays, a massage out back plus (apparently) live music upstairs on occasion? Customers ran the gamut from sweet young things, to folks on their laptops to seniors in their jeans. The location is a unique corner in Toronto. There is an outfit, assumedly a garden decor shop, with outdoor statuary and faux antigo rusty gates on display right next door. A very visual corner indeed. You might expect to find such a corner in say, the Mission district in san Francisco. Leslieville wishes it had such a coffee house and such a locale. I am done. The end.
  • Photo of AKinTO0
    4 years ago
    Merchants of Green Coffee at Matilda Street must be the most complete coffee experience in the city. The coffee is fresh and flavourful, served up by very capable Baristas. As you walk to the coffee bar, you notice the place is this funky coffee museum. And when you start to talk to the people, you get more great info than anywhere else. These people and this place, kind-of ignited a lazy life-long love of coffee in me. Now I'm buying high quality green, healthy & ethical coffee beans, then roasting, grinding and brewing the most beautiful coffee I've ever made. Every morning starts just right. Their coffee classes are driven by their knowledge and passion for great coffee. The class begins with a freshly roasted and brewed coffee, while using great "props" like different types of green beans and perfect brew techniques. And when my brew needs some coaching, I head to Matilda St - the people here are knowledgeable, passionate, uncompromising and very helpful. My favourite coffee shop.
  • Photo of wayne300944
    4 years ago
    I find myself looking forward to taking my car in for check-ups because the car lot is just a block away from this diamond in the rough of a coffeeshop. Lots of nooks and crannies to set up in and check your email, and if you're lucky, you can talk with Derek, the founder, who will talk your ear off about their exciting work, such as a project to roast coffee with solar technology instead of chopping down forests for firewood to roast the coffee. Fair trade and organic coffee were the first steps, and this is the next step--solar roasting. Count on Merchants of Green coffee to be one step ahead of the curve. You can also buy beans to take home and lots of high-quality coffee utensils.And don't forget to check out the coffee tree near the entrance and see why coffee is a fruit full of vitamins.
  • Photo of KatherineGow
    4 years ago
    Enjoyed an exceptional cup of fresh, custom brewed Ethiopian coffeehouse. Adored the ambience of the retro warehouse space. Caught a glimpse of "coffee logs" available for purchase at the entrance and longed on this sunny winter morning to have a fireplace in which to enjoy their fragrant burn copied up with a book on a cold winter's night. Intrigued by their classes, I will certainly be back to enjoy this space and their free WiFi as I make the surroundings a temporary work space between meetings.
  • Photo of Кирилл В
    4 years ago
    I could close my eyes on a lot of things fir a really great coffee, maybe I was expecting a lot, maybe something else, but surely coffee wasn't that great, atmosphere is gross and I'm not going to come back here.

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