Photo of Jet Fuel Coffee in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Jet Fuel Coffee in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Jet Fuel Coffee in Toronto, , CA
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Jet Fuel Coffee


Jet Fuel Coffee14
cakes • great coffee • love coming here • latte

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  • Photo of Jonathan Labonte
    3 years ago
    The espresso here redefines caffeine
  • Photo of Nicola V
    5 months ago
    If you're looking for no frills good coffee then this is a good spot for you. Service was friendly and fast.
  • Photo of RKT36
    6 months ago
    Coffee is strong which is exactly what I was after! The muffins were fresh and would recommend. However if you're after a relaxing cafe vibe to chill and have a coffee, I'd say grab it take away and walk up to Riverdale Park as Jet Fuel has more of a bar vibe. I've read a few other posts that say go for the coffee, not the ambience and I'd say they are spot on.
  • Photo of Enjoyingthesweetlife
    Drank very strong coffee with loud music on an uncomfortable stool. Was also dark. Not really a great place to sit on a beautiful sunny morning.
  • Photo of Nolinice
    8 months ago
    Apart from that, good vibes and good coffee at this cyclist oriented coffee place, one of the most mentioned in Canada. A nice collection of bicycle bells pictures was adorning the walls when we visited
  • Photo of Cubby V
    8 months ago
    So you need a place to grab a good coffee that does not come in a paper cup and without any signs of cake pops or lukewarm cocoa for the ankle biting Set? The back room is dark and lonely. The front room is neighborly and convivial. There are a few pastries..but you are here for the coffee. Order a four dollar rocket. Place your two toonie's on the counter. And thank God for the best damned coffee shop in the city. Leave a tip too. This place is the best. Music and ancient hi-fi system warms your soul too. It's not just's a temple to reality.
  • Photo of Glennbrian
    10 months ago
    Good choice of coffee drinks and beans. Prices are reasonable relative to other options in Cabbagetown
  • Photo of JackieRogersJunior
    10 months ago
    I can usually stomach the imperious behavior - but this was the last straw. A few minutes ago the barista rolled her eyes and glared when an Asian customer behind me in line didn't understand her question (English was not his first language). Unacceptable and discriminatory (certainly felt that way). The poor guy looked terrified and hurt. I was mortified and told them so (which they loved, as you can imagine).
  • Photo of Elizabeth S
    a year ago
    There are many choices - they don't have decaf coffee choices but they have delicious teas and try their ginger and lemon - so delicious and freshly made.
  • Photo of Puisne
    a year ago
    Rough around the edges but the best espresso based coffee in the neighbourhood. Has a loyal following. Recommended for that jab of Joe.
  • Photo of Jackie W
    a year ago
    $3 for a soy latte, the size of a grande, and nummy! They've had this price forever. The service is pleasant and quick. You can sit in or to go. If you are tourist, there are bike ride rental stop right outside of the store.
  • Photo of John C
    a year ago
    Come here for the coffee, which is very good, but not the ambience. Scruffy and hot inside with overloud music means relaxing is not the order of the day. Luckily we found a quite cool spot out back which made things better. Remember to shock the staff by asking for extra hot when ordering a latte, unless you like it luke warm.
  • Photo of ErikShin
    a year ago
    Good coffee and service. A lot of laptops in there around 5pm so the seating options are few. A nice break when strolling Cabbagetown.
  • Photo of RDG1233
    a year ago
    Located in the heart of Cabbagetown, this cafe emporium serves up good coffee and espresso based drinks in a no nonsense manner. The atmosphere conveys an urban punk attitude, with a range of music styles filling the space. The barristas, even those with shaved heads, know their stuff, and the brew is excellent. You will find a wide array of clientele, ranging from grunge poets to neighbourhood intelligentsia solving the world's problems. Jet fuel can become as addictive as their coffee. Prices are good, too.
  • Photo of PikarS
    2 years ago
    No menu, no drop coffee. Only the best coffee in Toronto. Takes a while to get used to the rough exterior of the server - but with time they will become your friends and did I mention the best coffee in Toronto? It really is!!!
  • Photo of Pablo187147
    2 years ago
    Simple, cheap and great atmosphere. In my opinion probably one of the best coffee shop in Toronto! I'm going there at least once a week and never been disappointed!
  • Photo of LauraAToronto
    2 years ago
    The people are super nice, the coffee and teas (try fresh ginger lemon - was amazing when i was on a juice cleanse) are absolutely amazing and inexpensive, atmosphere is cool and trendy. Honestly, all around amazing spot in the city. Definitely my favourite coffee shop!!! Love coming here anytime im in the neighbourhood.
  • Photo of bruce_in_toronto
    2 years ago
    The coffee is terrific - the baked good unpretentious. The Jet is a spot for regulars but the regular bunch is always welcoming and supportive for new people. Best value for latte in the GTA>
  • Photo of Max E
    2 years ago
    Everyone has always said that you should go to this place at least once and they are very right. It was fun and decent I guess. I don't go out of my way to go bak though.
  • Photo of Golda135
    2 years ago
    This extensively reviewed cafe is a great option. I'm not sure why the other reviewers found it to be off-putting or snooty. I found the staff to be very friendly and accommodating, the coffees to be excellent, and the atmosphere to be congenial.
  • Photo of Robsski
    2 years ago
    Another great Toronto independent coffee shop right in the heart of Cabbagetown. Cool relaxed atmosphere and friendly service. Cosy spot as the grey days abound!

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