Photo of Jerusalem Restaurant in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Jerusalem Restaurant in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Jerusalem Restaurant in Toronto, , CA
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Jerusalem Restaurant

Mediterranean Restaurant

lamb • hummus • rice • skewers

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  • Photo of EvanBF
    5 months ago
    Haven't been here for a while. Visited mid-week. Managed a great parking spot, right in front! Ordered a variety of appetizers to accompany the warm pita. Hummus and felafel with tahini. Ordered a variety of shish kebabs, including chicken, beef and vegetarian. Ordered a half litre of the house white wine ( a bit unrefined). Food was great, as always. Cooked to perfection. Will definitely return for a repeat performance!
  • Photo of JHADVISOR25
    6 months ago
    Jerusalem is the top of its class when wanting delicious Middle Eastern food. The experience you will have at Jerusalem is overwhelming. In essence, you will have a hard time deciding weather to talk about the food, service, or decor of this restaurant when advising someone else to go to this restaurant. The decor makes you feel like you are situated in a dessert just outside of Jerusalem, Israel. The walls are painted like a dessert, and the ceilings are covered with rugs you would find in a dessert tent. The service is incredible. Nothing to complain about as food arrives very fast and waiters/ waitresses are very friendly. Food is in a league of its own. I would recommend delicious falafel balls or chicken shawarma. Chicken skewers with French fries would also be a good option. Each dish comes hot as if it were taken straight from the oven to your table. Next time you think of a craving for Middle Eastern food, think Jerusalem.
  • Photo of Edward W
    8 months ago
    Despite the vast selection of foods from across the world that are available in Toronto, there is not as many high quality Mediterranean restaurants as one might think. This is an exception with a wide selection of high quality choices available. The dinner for two is particularly a good choice as it gives a wide range of samples from the menu.
  • Photo of Artconsulto
    9 months ago
    This Middle Eastern restaurant has kept its good standard in food. Metered Parking can be found on the street across from it. Although the waiter did not seem very pleasant, he served well and was readily available. The food took no time to come, and the barbecued meat was appetizing though hard to get off the skewers. Since it comes with rice, it is a very filling dish! Everyone was elated. The Tabbouli (parsley salad) and Babaghannouj (eggplant tahini dip) were excellent but the fried eggplant was bland without sauce or garlic. Lemon slices are put on the water glasses which was a welcome addition. It is a vast place but has a cosy feeling to it. I keep returning to it because their food is always great!
  • Photo of michaelbeetoronto
    10 months ago
    Jerusalem is always busy, but I go every week to get my wife the large Mediterranean salad. That's it. She loves it. She's happy. I'm happy. The diners always look very happy with the food when we visit. The staff are always friendly and helpful
  • Photo of MariaFernanda1312
    10 months ago
    I love Jerusalem's food. Their lentil soup and Maza Platter are the best! The food looks always really fresh. The service is not good at all...only two people to assist you and they take a long time to come back to the table.
  • Photo of Michael P
    a year ago
    This is our go-to dinner spot when craving Middle-Eastern food. Combination dinner for 2 will leave you stuffed and satisfied. This spot is a la carte and way better than their buffet location
  • Photo of Bruno S
    a year ago
    Typically quick friendly service at this mid sized middle eastern restaurant. Extensive menu offers middle eastern delights like felafel, hummus, baba ganoush, grilled eggplant, middle eastern salad, as well as heartier fare of lamb and so forth. The food is very good. They also have a liquor license. Highly recommended.
  • Photo of Boone M
    a year ago
    Jerusalem's authentic and flavourful Middle-Eastern menu and excellent quality-to-price ratio, make the restaurant a great choice for both lunch and dinner. In particular, the lentil soup, homemade humous, fattoush salad, and shish kebab, are all top-notch.
  • Photo of traveler536
    a year ago
    Four of us were here for lunch on a late Sunday afternoon. The restaurant was mostly empty. We ordered the lunch special for two and thought it would suffice for the four for us as two of us had a heavy breakfast in the morning. The special consists of three skewers of kababs, one each of chicken, lamb and beef. Although the skewers took a while to arrive, we were immediately served two kinds of hummos, taheena sauce, slices of eggplant, a salad, mixed pickles and the most delicious and soft pita bread. It is the best pita I have eaten anywhere. We also ordered a small plate of falafel. Suffice it to say that not only did we eat our fill, but there was enough to take home for dinner in the evening. One of the best mid-eastern restaurants anywhere. And at a very reasonable price. About $60 to eat our fill - four of us.
  • Photo of 10RogerTheLodger10
    Recommended by a friend, 2 of had lunch here last week. We both enjoyed the lamb burger in a pita along with a small salad. Mostly Mediterranean/middle East menu. The only criticism is the parking in the area. Not only is the street under construction, but in this part of the city free parking is almost non existent. The parking costs run up the cost of a moderately priced lunch.
  • Photo of contrarian99
    a year ago
    My wife and I have been coming here for 20 years. Consistently great over a long period of time! Highly recommended.
  • Photo of jaybeeFL
    a year ago
    Back in town for a golf holiday and always make it a point to dine at one of our favorite restaurants in Toronto. We love middle eastern food and there is no better place than Jerusalem. The place has been owned by the same family for probably 40+ years and has had the same chef for just about as long!!! That's saying something in the restaurant business. They know how to get it right. That's probably why the place is jam packed most nights. We arrived about 7:30 and had to wait about 10 minutes for a table to open up. But once seated the service was fast, friendly, attentive and efficient. We chose the sampler for two priced at $41 Canadian (31 US) and were very pleased and stuffed when we finally finished. There was so much food we couldn't eat it all. The meal consisted of babaganouche, hummus, assorted pickles and olives, stewed tomatos, taboule salad, felafel and pita to start!!!!! Then came 3 large skewers of chicken and lamb perfectly seasoned and grilled, rice and a large salad. Everything was delectable! Will be back again next year.
  • Photo of Claudia C
    a year ago
    This is one of my favorite restaurant of the area. It never disappoints; the cuisine is simple but tasty and genuine. I will definitely recommend this place to anyone visiting Toronto.
  • Photo of superwell
    2 years ago
    Just finished up a chicken sandwich from the takeout menu and at $6 it's got to be the best sandwich I have ever eaten. Solid piece of chicken breast marinated and topped with salad and tomatoes. Yum!! Will definitely return.
  • Photo of M A
    2 years ago
    Place not so great, service is average, food is good for the price Serves Mediterranean dishes Quite busy after seven pm
  • Photo of Sammy2061
    2 years ago
    I visited Jerusalem restaurant Eglinton branch for over 15 years and never been let down by the food or service , the owner Romeo is always around welcoming everyone and chatting with the regulars which there's ton of them , the food is consistently good especially the fried tomatoes and eggplants plus the meat is delicious , the falafel are tasty . I always do the mezza ( appetizers ) first then rice with meat or chicken followed by sweets and a Turkish coffee . If you like middle eastern food I recommend it strongly .
  • Photo of Mark M
    2 years ago
    Some excellent Traditonal dishes. I like the sautéed tomatoes, dips, fried eggplant hummus with meat, skewers and generally everything. Hasn't changed in 30, 40 years. Been there dozens of times. A little tired atmosphere but you can't beat the good.
  • Photo of kieran1964
    2 years ago
    My Dad first took me for dinner here in the 70's to the Eglinton location, the lamb back then melted in your mouth and still does. The Baba Ganoush is wonderful. It is a very busy location and very noisy so if your looking for a romantic dinner this isnt the place. My father was very friendly with the owner and because if this we always had the utmost attention and service through the years until he passed in 98'. It's funny I have read the other reviews about the service and it isnt very good, a part if me wants to name drop my fathers name (Karl) to see if the that would help.
  • Photo of goofy2005
    2 years ago
    Bad service good food, but not the best doesn't have many varieties treated our kids badly, till one of them get cried

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