Photo of Jackson's Burger in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Jackson's Burger in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Jackson's Burger in Toronto, , CA
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Jackson's Burger

American Restaurant

beef • burger • limited seating • buns

374 Yonge Street North Of Dundas Street
Toronto M5A 4R9, CA
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  • Photo of andreaat62
    3 months ago
    I loved the meat and the bun...lots of toppings and sauces to choose from. Individually made so takes a while...definitely not fast food. However delicious. Couldn't get Wi-Fi to connect though.
  • Photo of Simon N
    4 months ago
    Awful service a -10 and the food even worse !!!! If from the uk please please do Not go there, very rude staff who do not speak to you and then give you uneatable food the one I went too was by the Chelsea hotel so ,so rude !
  • Photo of milen001
    4 months ago
    Work near by and wanted something different. I should have trusted my gut and passed on this but time was ticking. I dined alone. Chicken burger. Onion rings. And a bottled pop. Just over $19.00 which is sightly above my usual lunch cost but it didn't bother me much. Until I got my food that is .. Onion rings were a lightly battered pale and flavourless brand. Thick with oil and can't say much else . The chicken burger was a thickly breaded thin slice of chicken. You taste more penko than anything else. Many, many burger joints near by with a far better quality burger.
  • Photo of EBG2000
    5 months ago
    The burgers here are a real treat. Gourmet burgers have been the rage for some time in the city. But Jackson's is a real delicacy burger. They can get messy but very delicious. I have tried a few variations over the past few months and always longed for more. The Damp Skippy really blew me away, at first I was very hesitant because it made no sense until you take the first bite (bravely). OMG I inhaled this thing. The Burgerrito was really great also, interesting take with avocado on a burger. Very creative and innovative menu. The food quality is great with premium grass fed beef from Paradise Farms. I notice they are moving to a beautiful new premises on Elm street and expanding the store. This is one of the best burgers ever, definitely need to eat more!
  • Photo of BigRobUTSA
    5 months ago
    Late night (sober) dinner. Hole in the wall, very limited seating, but the menu is high percentage burgers and fries, all cooked in front of you. I could have stood there all day with the wonderful smell of food being cooked. They are open late (1 am I believe), I went at 11 pm and they were blowing and going.
  • Photo of Edward W
    10 months ago
    We came here for the burogie and pierogie fries. It was a decent enough burger, though the ties to Polish food is a bit tenuous. In terms of gourmet burger places, this place has lots of competition in Toronto, and holds up well enough against the others.
  • Photo of Ballpointguy
    a year ago
    We had the burger there at 3am. Liked it so much we went back for lunch the next day. The buns really make it. Beef was pure. Great flavour. Could be a little thicker.
  • Photo of Theeran S
    a year ago
    Got the lamb burger with sriracha mayo. Was brilliant. Burgers are small, so you may need to get two. But they taste fantastic!
  • Photo of awayIgo2travel
    a year ago
    ate there late on a Saturday night and while the burger was good the fries while very good were quite expensive. Not the cleanest restaurant in town and for Pete's sake replace the black rubber flooring squares in the eating area before someone falls.
  • Photo of Tan00r
    a year ago
    Been there twice. The burgers were okay, the fries were the bad- soggy and tasteless. What made the experience worse was the behavior of the person at the counter- rude and full of attitude. When asked what kind of sauces they have, the answer was they will not tell us because it's a house recipe- we did not ask for the recipe, simply what kind of sauce they had- sweet/sour/ mayo based etc. Not returning there again.
  • Photo of m p
    a year ago
    Burgers have fancy toppings like deep fried avocado, latkes, or fried eggplant. Expensive, unless you come at their promo time, 3-5 pm., when a daily feature item is 2/1. Skinny Fries are unfortunately huge in portion and deliciously will not stop eating them till they're gone....sorry, but I was helpless.
  • Photo of mgbinsk
    a year ago
    Had lamb burger and it was very good but a little different - should have just got a regular hamburger. I really like lamb this was just an unusual way to eat it. That being said the quality was excellent the portion was just slightly on the small side for the money however a very good burger overall.
  • Photo of meb882013
    2 years ago
    I was looking for a quick bite on Yonge Street and then we came across this place. We went inside and it's really small with very limited seating. I ordered a regular burger with fries and my boyfriend got the Canadian eh with fries. There's tons of different burgers to chose from but I decided to go with a classic. We sat down and waited a few minutes, everything is made fresh. The burger was surprisingly good with fresh toppings, I love the dijon mayo. The fries were thin cut and very good and crisp. This place really hit the spot and it didn't leave me in a food coma.
  • Photo of Brett S
    2 years ago
    Was in to eat over the weekend.. And ordered their lamb burger never having that option anywhere else got a side onion rings and their "avocado explosion" on the side as I have seen it on their Instagram page and it caught my attention.. So the burger,rings,avo,and a drink $30+!! I was floored, but as I made the trip downtown just to go there I went along.. Once I saw the portions I was upset... Everything that was served to me was 1/2 the size I anticipated and was under the impression they were selling as some of the photos I've seen seem a bit misleading size wise...the quality WAS very good.. But I feel as though I didn't get my money's worth after spending $30 on a burger and rings and was still hungry walking out the door... I wouldn't recommend here to anyone without a full disclaimer and I would be very hesitant to return.. Sorry guys you missed the mark...Quality was an easy 5* ..but the portion size is a 2*...
  • Photo of Sam71Brad77
    2 years ago
    We had 2 burgers, large fries and 2 coke zero - $33.75 with tax. Burgers were hot and very tasty, meat patties were about 1/2 inch thick (I believe meat may have been organic, which may explain prices). Had a good selection to choose from. If you want to come here, do it between 3pm and 5pm as they have a daily special of buy one get on free during these times - much better value that way. Seating inside a bit cramped due to lack of floor space available.
  • Photo of Creakingfloor2014
    Just came back from our Saturday night dinner from Jackson Burger. We have been there many times and they have never let us down. Great fresh buns and extremely great customer service. Thank you Mr. Manager (with the 4 kids). You always make our visits great! By far, the best burger and fries in the city. You can't beat the freshness and the quality of the beef!
  • Photo of Dave A
    2 years ago
    I tried this place on a recommendation of a friend.. well they price is cheap but the food sucked. The burger was over cooked, dry and crumbled in pieces while trying to eat it. No flavour and was quite small in size. If you are looking for a very basic burger and a cheap price then eat here.. if your standards are low then it is a great place. Not for me
  • Photo of Pam P
    2 years ago
    If you have burgers and fries on the mind you have to stop here. A small little spot with a huge menu. A hamburger in almost any way you can imagine.
  • Photo of Mindful_Travels
    2 years ago
    This is a great place for a good "Homemade" style burger. Basic and quick. This location does not have many seats but great takeout service. The Large order of fries is significant for 2 people.
  • Photo of tdsuperstar
    2 years ago
    Jackson's Burgers is located right downtown Toronto. This gourmet burger place definitely has the gourmet price, just lacking in the gourmet flavour department. Their menu is busy and if you have not been there before, it's a little much to take in. The service, though friendly, was nothing really to note. Drinks are pricey as well, $2.75 for a bottle of iced tea. The atmosphere is nothing special as well, very plain. With so much choice nearby and overall just being not impressed by Jackson's Burgers, I just do not think I will be back.

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