Photo of Istanbul Cafe & Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Istanbul Cafe & Espresso Bar in Toronto, , CA
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Istanbul Cafe & Espresso Bar


turkish coffee • baklava • second cup • great coffee

174 Eglinton Ave E
Toronto M4P 1A6, CA
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Istanbul Cafe & Espresso Bar has 20 Tips

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  • Photo of Baris K
    7 months ago
    A cozy place to meet your friends or read your book. It has great coffee and a good selection of tea. The staff are always attentive and friendly. A nice surprise for those missing Turkey.
  • Photo of Roberta Z
    a year ago
    I went to this cafeteria to try Turkish coffee with some friends. It is such a beautiful place, the decoration is awesome! The staff is friendly and there is a dessert made with pistachios that is delicious.
  • Photo of suzc22
    a year ago
    This place serves the best coffee with the most perfect leaf on top of the cappuccino! Great independent cafe.
  • Photo of bermuda1064
    a year ago
    Small but friendly and very comfy cafe bar. Great coffee and choice of drinks. Food pricey but a little different and good quality. Nice lounging chairs and sofas... away from the normal style cafes in Toronto. Support the independent retailers! A great little find.
  • Photo of Karla C
    2 years ago
    We really enjoyed our coffee, tea and sweets at Istanbul Cafe. They are served on beautiful traditional plates and cups :) <3. The ambiance is pretty chic and relaxing. Highly recommend it if you're in the area :D.
  • Photo of Qorashi
    2 years ago
    Istanbul Cafe is one of my favourite places in Toronto. I usually hangout there with my friends and enjoy the great Turkish coffee and baklavas. The Turkish coffee is great however baklava is not as good as those you can experience in the city of Istanbul ;) I also like the decoration and warm environment of this place.
  • Photo of operalover939
    2 years ago
    The Istanbul is a cozy place, nicely appointed, which mostly serves up coffees and baked goods. I had the Turkish coffee, which is served in a rather elaborate style. The two very good pieces of Turkish delight that came with the coffee reconciled me to the high price for what is a tiny cup. I also had two different pieces of baklava, both very tasty. The Istanbul is a nice change from Starbucks and the Second Cup, though both have their place.
  • Photo of sambryan
    2 years ago
    Warm cafe with Wi-Fi. Cannot comment on anything other than the coffee and croissants, which were good. Mixture of upright chairs and sofas.
  • Photo of Travelling-Goddess
    I am so tired of Tim Horton's, & Starbucks. A friend suggested this place and I thought , why not. I was pleasantly surprised by the decor and atmosphere but also by the great coffee and pastries. If you like Turkish coffee, they serve it in very fancy pot. Try it, it a a great little place!
  • Photo of Anna K
    2 years ago
    Very cozy place. Its interior sets a warm atmosphere making you feel like you've travelled back in time. Great place to study as well. Coffees and turkish delights are yummy. Offer lactose free milk! RECOMMEND AK
  • Photo of World_Futurist
    2 years ago
    My wife and I either work out, or go for a walk most mornings, but, one way or another, always wind up here for lattes. We used to frequent one of the chains, but they "improved" things to the point where we didn't enjoy the coffee or the atmosphere anymore, so started looking for somewhere else. We tried a number of coffee shops in the area, then heard about this new place that had just opened, The Istanbul Cafe, and tried it. The baristas are friendly, remember your name, and are always glad to see you. Importantly, the coffee is excellent, and includes Turkish coffee for the adventurous. They also have a variety of tempting pastries and snacks, but for us the attraction is simple: great coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. This is our coffee home whenever we're in town!
  • Photo of Ali T
    2 years ago
    I really liked thier cappuccino and also the atmosphere is awesome! The crew are friendly and energetic and for sure it is just another amazing to enjoy your coffee
  • Photo of travellingsehnaz
    2 years ago
    We have been visiting Istanbul Cafe since it opened last year. Our experience has been mixed. The coffee and sweets are good. Some of the Turkish goodies are really good - try the şekerpare and the stuffed vine leaves, as well as the börek. All are delicious. I cannot say the same for the pogaca (scone-like savory pastries). The only time I tried it it was stale and chewy, not the way it should be. If you get the Turkish tea, you will have a near-authentic experience, although the way it's brewed is not typical. The biggest shortcoming of this cafe is that it's usually packed, especially during the weekends and the afternoons. If you are meeting someone meet early in the morning, when it is quiet, you can get a table and have a proper conversation. The space itself and the photos taken by the owner herself are beautiful. Oh, btw, the free wifi is not reliable, I hope they have already fixed it. All in all, a great addition to Toronto and the area.
  • Photo of phoenixwatcher1
    3 years ago
    If you are looking for a place to enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee, a tasty treat or a gentle cup of tea, look no further than the Istanbul Café and Espresso Bar. My friend and I were meeting in person for the first time in over 30 years. She searched the net and found this lovely little place. Situated beside the original Golden Griddle Restaurant on Eglinton Avenue in Toronto, the signage out front is not as "in your face" as some of the places surrounding it. But this is a hole in the wall you do not want to miss. The staff are friendly, the coffee and tea are fresh and beautifully served, the treats are incredible. The place is filled with colourful lamps made from gourds, comfy chairs and Turkish ceramics in bright colours. You can buy the ceramics if you wish. We spent several hours talking and enjoying our treats. I wish I lived closer to this lovely place because I would want to go there all the time and hope to visit again soon.
  • Photo of Marina V
    3 years ago
    Visited this location twice. Very nice decor, cozy, authentic photos of Istanbul. The place has a definite Euro vibe to it. Nice small patio, you can enjoy car and people watching while enjoying flavorful, aromatic espresso. I tried iced Americano, and the other time cappuccino, espresso has a distinguished flavor which separates it from many other espressos I tried in the city. I will be back and already recommended it to a few of my coffee loving friends. Looking forward to my 3 rd visit.
  • Photo of SoloTraveler4407
    3 years ago
    I stopped in here for coffee with a friend on Sat night. Packed in we were able to score a table in the back. Loud atmosphere not conducive for quiet conversations on busy nights. Excellent Cafe Americano and I had a Baklava which was small but delicious. The dessert offerings were slim but it was later in the evening and so I'm sure they were sold out. Great atmosphere lounging couches and large tables for 2 or 4. Also a large board room style table for groups or meetings.
  • Photo of shruti v
    3 years ago
    After hearing such great reviews of this place we decided to check it out. It's located just a few minutes walk from yonge and eglinton subway. This is a cosy spot, with a mix of couches and small tables. We went early in the evening, so we were able to find a spot but it got really busy soon after. We ordered the Turkish coffee of coarse. The coffee was $4, and is served in beautiful tray with a glass of water and Turkish delights. The taste was very authentic, I felt like I was drinking coffee in a corner shop in Istanbul. They have a great menu, serving snacks, small meals, teas, other coffees, desserts and even alcohol (wines & beers). If you want to try Turkish coffee for the first time or miss the authentic taste, then def try this spot.
  • Photo of CanadianFamily843
    This little independent cafe is well decorated with friendly staff and interesting photos on the walls that the owner has taken herself on her travels to Turkey. Some people have questioned the layout of tables - I didn't have an issues with this myself, I just think it's a relatively small space that was fairly busy mid-morning on a weekday. They also have a liquor license and host evening events. The food is not prepared on the premises but was very tasty and fresh and authentic nonetheless. I had Turkish tea which I enjoyed and my son had a hot chocolate which he virtually inhaled in a couple of seconds (the barista spent longer drawing a teddy bear face with the foam on the top). He had a cookie and I had a pastry dish which we both enjoyed. I would recommend this to others living in the area. If you are driving, parking in the area is tight. There is no street parking, only a privately owned parking lot behind the restaurant off Redpath avenue, and the rates are steep.
  • Photo of Kelly D
    3 years ago
    Really enjoyed our visit to Istanbul Cafe. We got a Turkish tea, a Turkish coffee, and some sweets and savory pastries to sample. All were delicious. The coffee comes with two pieces of Turkish delight. It's a nice touch! They are generous with the tea -- I didn't realize it would be an entire pot. An extra glass for tea costs $1.05, but we were more than happy to pay it because I would not have been able to finish the tea on my own. We got about 10 Turkish tea-sized glasses out of the pot! I'll definitely be back. The atmosphere is really lovely and relaxed too. I was glad to see it was bustling at mid-afternoon on a Saturday.
  • Photo of VinceBToronto_Canada
    Like every other neighbourhood in North America, Leaside/Rosedale has been overrun by the big coffee chains: Starbucks, Tim's, Second Cup, and Timothy's. So when the signs came up that a new independent cafe was opening, I was eager to try it. Moreover it would remind me of my trip to Istanbul 3 years ago, which is a big plus. My friend and I went to Istanbul cafe after a light sushi lunch next door. We liked the decor, very warm and inviting. There is some casual seating (easy chairs), some tables, and one long table. I think the layout might need to be re-done to expand the seating; I don't think they are using the space efficiently. The counter staff / baristas are very friendly and efficient. For the more elaborate services or larger orders (Turkish coffee, multiple lattés), they will bring the order to your table. We had a latté, an almond-milk macchiato, and a standard coffee, all very good. We also had 4 orders of two-bite baklava ($1.10 each), the kind you would buy by the pound at a Middle Eastern bakery. The baklava were moist, buttery, and sweet but not too sweet (honey and rose water syrup) - delicious. They also served other pastries (3-4 of the Turkish variety) and a few sandwiches. The vibe is relaxed. We stayed for over an hour with no pressure at all. The cafe has free wi-fi. I didn't use it, but the table next to me had some trouble with the signal. I will definitely be back. This is my new go-to cafe in the area, great for us locals but not a destination by itself.

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