Photo of Harvest Kitchen in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Harvest Kitchen in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Harvest Kitchen in Toronto, , CA
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Harvest Kitchen


Harvest Kitchen14
salad • green curry • french fry • dumplings

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  • Photo of Elisa Violante
    3 years ago
    Mushroom fry salad
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  • Photo of Bruce G
    5 months ago
    Ate dinner there with some friends and everyone was able to find something to eat including my vegan wife. Like the corkage fee that's reasonable and available. The owners have not invested in the infrastructure and it sure needs it, starting with the bathrooms and working your way up to the dining areas. We have returned a number of times and we are eating our way through the menu. I guess that says it all.
  • Photo of TorontoHiker
    6 months ago
    My daughters and I went for lunch today at the Harvest Kitchen. One of my daughters loves the Treetop patio and wanted us to experience it. She had even showed us beautiful photos that she had previously taken. Alas, in spite of the very beautiful day today, they did not have enough staff to open the patio. (4:00 p.m. is when they could open it). That was unfortunate. There are not many outside tables on the sidewalk and they were all occupied. The restaurant itself was very crowded. We were taken to the little back room when there were 3 small tables very close together. A mom and her son were very charming at one table. A man was sitting at the other table and he seemed to have a very bad cold. I would not accept such a seating another time because it was as though we weren't even dining in the restaurant. It's just that we had come all the way from north of Yonge and Lawrence area and it would have been a letdown not to even eat here. On to the food: The food was great. My daughters both had the veggie burger with fries and I had the chicken sandwich with maple jam, plus fries. Our waiter, although very busy, was very nice and efficient.
  • Photo of Carina G
    7 months ago
    My husband and I ate at Harvest Kitchen during a 2015 visit to Toronto. I remember having the best salad I've ever had in my life. We returned to the same area of Toronto this year and I was excited to go back to Harvest Kitchen. This experience did not live up to my expectations from the previous visit. We asked for indoor seating and were placed in a tiny back room with two other tables, one of which was occupied by two ladies who were rather loud. My husband ordered a hard cider from the drink menu, but was told they were out of all hard cider. No drink then... Then he ordered the beet & barley warm salad, which I had also been eyeing, and was told they had replaced that menu item for the summer with a different cold salad. The server stood and waited for his second choice, which he hadn't considered and had to scan the menu and make a quick decision. If a menu item has been replaced for several months, it might be helpful to include a note in the menu or at the very least be informed by the server immediately. My husband ended up having a kale Caesar salad with chicken and I had the grilled chicken and avocado salad. Both were good, but nothing particularly exciting. I do appreciate the fresh and healthy options offered by Harvest Kitchen, but I'm not really willing to meet their price point after this most recent experience. I'd probably give a rating of 3.5 if that was an option, but I'm rounding down because we really didn't enjoy our experience. I do still like the concept of Harvest Kitchen and appreciate the menu they offer. Just keep in mind that they do charge a premium for quality and if you view the menu online in advance, they may not have what you want at the time you visit.
  • Photo of revolushun
    7 months ago
    My headline sums up my experience here perfectly. As an environmentalist, I felt good about supporting a local business that has strong sustainability values. That feeling changed pretty much upon walking in being greeted by clearly flustered staff (in a mostly empty restaurant), and waiting way too long to be greeted, only to be told "we're out of some items on the drink list" by a very uninterested server. Duly warned, the first two items we ordered just so happened to also be out. She also came back after we placed our drink orders to find out (surprise!) that yet another item was not available. Her odd, cold attitude, together with the surprisingly long list of items they had run out of sucked the energy out of my group. We made the (wise) decision to leave - hopping next door to Rasa for what turned out to be a superb experience.
  • Photo of Silverfoxtrotter
    8 months ago
    We were visiting Toronto and this place came recommended by our daughter who lives in Toronto and had been before. We ate al fresco upstairs. The menu offers an individual and alternative selection of dishes - all very appetizing and using interesting ingredients. I had a kale main with prawns. It was delicious. My daughter enjoyed her Bolognese pasta while my wife went for the Southern American Bowl with chicken. All good. Best of all was the Pot de Crème chocolate dessert. Recommended and you won't be disappointed! Service was a little on the slow side but then we weren't in a hurry either.
  • Photo of 599Angela
    9 months ago
    Harvest Kitchen serves a very nice brunch. My friend had the Eggs Benny with Spinach, and I had the millet and corn pancakes with a side of bacon and a side of smoked tofu. The smoked tofu is something everyone should try - at 95 cents you really can't go wrong, I've never had something so exotic at brunch before. The service was uneven, ranging between above-the-call-of-duty excellent to pretty bad - water service was spotty and a request for crispy bacon was essentially ignored, but they rose to the occasion when the pepper mill failed to work right. Generous portions at a reasonable price. Friendly dining room with no television,
  • Photo of Whereheart_wanders
    10 months ago
    Visited this spot for dinner and knew it was a health focused menu that is offered. They have lunch time hours as well as dinner hours posted on their door even though their website lists that they are open from a start to an end time during the day. On a sign on the door, dinner was posted to open at 5pm but it was before that time and the server opened the door when they saw customers lingering and looking at the hours sign and said to come on in. The service was very friendly and helpful. We didn't feel pressured or rushed on our choices. They had a soup of the day as well as an entree special offered. The prices were downtown dinner prices but for vegetarian style meals. Eg a portobello mushroom main is $19. For other dishes, if you want to add a protein such as chicken, steak, shrimp or tofu there is an additional charge which is totally fine; chicken is organic here which I appreciated. They said steak is certified organic which is good. Had the French fries on a previous visit. Of the several times I have visited I thought the fries were the best item on the menu of what was tried. I know a visit to this restaurant shouldn't be for the deep fried potatoes though! The flavours were just ok for the dinner we ordered; not robust or very flavourful & none of the dishes really surprised us but it tasted good. The exception was that the person who ordered the soup said it tasted bland though so that was not a winner of what was ordered that night. The patio upstairs is a nice feature of this restaurant so for drinks and a casual hangout spot on the patio it is nice. For the food though, I would pretty much only visit this restaurant if a friend asks me to go but would not visit of my own.
  • Photo of warren161
    a year ago
    3 course meal plus appetizers, bring you own wine (charge for corkage), private room and tip $70.00 per person. Excellent value, the pickerel was everyone's favourite, the vegetarian lasagna a close second the green curry was bland (maybe needed some salt?) no cheese cheesecake, apple crisp and carrot cake all delicious. Helpful, efficient staff. We will definitely be back
  • Photo of Richard H
    a year ago
    I found the Harvest Kitchen online, as I was looking for a restaurant in the Spadina/Harbord area which offered both "regular" as well as vegetarian/vegan food. After my first visit with my sister-in-law and nephew I was impressed, and so went again with my wife the following week. The food was again great, but what was even more impressive was that my wife had ordered a soup which she thought was meatless, but turned out to have meat in it. This was not due to any oversight on the part of the server (the service there is very good also, "casually efficient" and attentive), and we were clear in noting that it wasn't their fault. Notwithstanding this, when I got the bill they had not charged us for the soup - a very nice gesture which we didn't request. Class. The food both times was excellent. Both the vegetarian and vegan options, as well as the "regular" food is well prepared and very tasty. A very nice touch when I ordered the green curry was that the hot green pepper for the dish was served on the side, so that one can make the dish as hot as one wants (I put it all in - it was wonderful!). And the Russet fries are the best.
  • Photo of TheWanderingNyssa
    I've been here several times. I keep coming back for its fantastic backyard patio with beautiful overhanging trees. It offers craft beers and ciders, delectable cocktails and healthy fresh food. Their food is local and ethically sourced and delicious - and there are tons of vegetarian options. The atmosphere is comfortable and casual - great for a relaxing evening out with friends, and the staff are all very friendly.
  • Photo of savvysolo
    a year ago
    We were quite a large group, so they gave us a room off to the side upstairs, and a nice giant square table. The trouble with going out in big groups that not everyone can follow the conversation. With this set-up, there was not the awkwardness of that. Also, everyone was able to get their own separate cheque (18% pre-added as we were a group of more than 9). Easy going water and everyone's food looked great... clean plates all round. An upbeat art show on the walls and a light airy feeling. I kept it simple with the steel cut oats special and was not disappointed. Hot and flavourful. Alas, here expresso machine was broken, so no coffee...
  • Photo of Kara2007
    a year ago
    We stumbled upon this place and I'm so glad we tried it out. We arrived around 12:30 pm on a Saturday to a packed restaurant but we didn't wait long for a table. It was a bit cramped but I can see why- the food was delicious. I had a caesar with spinach benedict- warm kale salad and seared tomatoes- my kinda thing. My husband had a breakfast burrito was french fries- all good! Maybe more expensive than our usual brunch, but I would definitely go back.
  • Photo of Bri M
    a year ago
    We (myself and two friends, all students) were in town for an exhibit at the AGO and to celebrate a birthday, and wanted to eat at a restaurant that sources local ingredients. Harvest Kitchen appeared as a reasonably-priced option within this niche and we were delighted with the entire evening! We split a side order of fries to start, and the garlic mayonnaise (made from scratch) was incredible. Had to restrain ourselves from eating it with a spoon. I enjoyed the green curry, and my friends also raved about their meals. We ended with the chocolate mousse pudding – divine. Service was incredibly friendly and very attentive. Highly recommend Harvest Kitchen as a great restaurant for locally sourced foods and great taste :)
  • Photo of Hilary G
    a year ago
    This spot is local through and through. The wine list consists of Canadian and almost exclusively Ontario wines and we were able to find a nice complimentary wine we wouldn't have tried otherwise. I found the SNA salad a super yummy option that gave the wheat bolognese a real run for the money. All ingredients are sourced locally and they do a wonderful job. It's an intimate and relatively quiet spot so I wouldn't go with a group but rather keep it personal. A nice find.
  • Photo of Consuelo R
    a year ago
    The evening was nice enough: dinner with favourite friends. One of them liked the dumplings there, so we went. So, the dumplings were pretty good. But I wasn't wild about my 'wild mushroom pasta' . Hard to find any mushrooms and what was wild about it. Lots of wild kale, though. At $18, not worth it. Won't be back if I can help it.
  • Photo of Peiji
    a year ago
    My friend and I came here for dinner on a Saturday night. It was pretty busy, but they had a table ready for us. We ordered the fried eggplant and the vegetarian dumplings to start with. The vegetarian dumplings were pretty good. My friend ordered the green curry and I ordered the seared albacore tuna. Both of us liked the albacore tuna more. The kale was well seasoned. None of the desserts appealed to us. I would like to come here for brunch.
  • Photo of Davidfirving
    a year ago
    I couldn't understand the menu. It was in English, apparently. Once the waitress explained, I ordered and had a very enjoyable lunch.
  • Photo of elaine3Southport
    As indicated in the title, this friendly neighborhood restaurant emphasizes fresh local ingredients. Perfect if you have some vegetarians in your party. The mezze, a nice Middle Eastern is a great starter allowing sampling of many first courses. They have a really nice thin crust vegetarian optioned pizza. I tried the spaghetti bolognaise, where I found the noodles a little mushy (V's. al dente). Otherwise, flavors were good. The fish was excellent as was the French fry salad. Washrooms were clean I recommend this restaurant.
  • Photo of NotLostFound
    a year ago
    The website tells of locally sources ingredients used to create simple dishes. This is an admirable goal for a restaurant, and brings in those diners with similar ideals. To prosper, the trick is to create those dishes in a manner that is elevated over other restaurants with a similar twist. We did not wait long for a table and the service was prompt and friendly. Choices are reasonable with just enough for variety and not too many to wonder what kind of restaurant your in. All of the dishes that our party of four selected were well prepared and reasonably presented. Not too much artistry but enough to be worthy of some praise. The prices are reasonable and appropriate for the ingredients and the work that went into the preparation. We enjoyed the evening, and would recommend this restaurant to others.
  • Photo of Jacqueline C
    a year ago
    The patio upstairs is beautiful, comfortable and the staff attentive. It was however quite noisy. I had two drinks (stormy harvest), a cup of soup (pumpkin) and cake (spiced) for $48 with tip. I liked the simple wholesome ingredients and the food I tried along with the signature drink were quite tasty!

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