Photo of Fat Pasha in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Fat Pasha in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Fat Pasha in Toronto, , CA
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Fat Pasha

Mediterranean Restaurant

Fat Pasha14
brunch • latkes • roasted cauliflower • hummus

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  • Photo of Elisa Violante
    3 years ago
    Latka Platter
  • Photo of Robert U
    4 months ago
    Ok, I read the reviews here and figured with all the "excellent" reviews it has to be something that will transform my life.... NOT!! I have to say, the atmosphere is really cool, especially the patio. The patio is the type of place where you can sit (even in the rain as it's covered) and enjoy the sounds. Service was friendly and attentive. In my opinion both deserve excellent. Now the food, and drinks. The food is REALLY overpriced. The owners have a fantastic thing going on here. Create dishes that cost close to nothing to prepare and supply, and then charge an exorbitant amount of money for the dishes. Let me explain, on the menu are chick peas (made for the hummus, falafel), Cauliflower, potatoes, rice etc. We ordered the daily hummus at MP (market price). First of all I have never seen a hummus with MP next to's chick peas people, chick peas!!! The flavors were at best Okay, the price $16, remember chick peas. We ordered the roasted cauliflower but made sure to ask the price, also with an MP next to it. A half roasted cauliflower was $19, and a full was $29. Hold on here. I just went to my grocer and saw Ontario cauliflower for $2.99 (that's retail) a head. How did we get from $2.99 to $29??!! That's almost a 900% markup. But here's the strange thing. We ordered the Latkas (sorry didn't taste any hint of duck), Four of them was $12, and they were about 2.5" in diameter, but the falafels were $10 for 8. I can't figure out the math. Both potatoe and chick peas are like oxygen, cheap and can be found absolutely everywhere. I can go on but I think I made the point. I do have to point out though that the flavors for all the appetizer and entree dishes were really nothing to scream about. I've been to many Middle Eastern restaurants and have had fantastic hummus, and latkas. I can tell of 2 right now. Centre street Deli has excellent latkas, Dr. Lafa, Hanna's Shwarma has excellent hummus. Now the drinks. If you think you're getting a pint (16 oz) of beer for $8.50, YOU"RE NOT! The glasses are not pint sized, but when you order a "pint" of beer you will not be corrected. I can't say I'd return again. it's a cool spot, but the thing people have to remember is the minute a restaurant is labelled "Trendy" it doesn't mean that it's the best place, Forgot to mention that the desserts were excellent. The ice cream sandwich, and the SUFGANIYOT...very tasty!
  • Photo of TanyaDion
    5 months ago
    Three of us went after work and ordered family style. We ordered several dishes and each one was fantastic. Hummus, corn salad, baked cauliflower, falafel.... All tasty and the service was great! The photo was breaded eggplant!
  • Photo of PEIGurll
    5 months ago
    An inviting middle eastern restaurant. The dips are flavouful, particularly love the labneh and tahini. The fatouche is their own style, made with kale and lots of other special touches such as local Ontario grilled corn pieces. The dressing is light yet flavourful. The service was attentive and we didn't need to wait long for anything even though the place was full.
  • Photo of happywandererBC
    5 months ago
    Delicious, fresh and plentiful Mediterranean food. A friend of ours recommended it, and while we were there for lunch, that friend showed up with another group, testifying to her standing by the recommendation. We were not at all disappointed. We left stuffed, with happy taste buds and a sense of having had good value. Would definitely return, and recommend to others.
  • Photo of Profco
    6 months ago
    During our visit to Toronto, our cousins took us here for dinner. We had to begin our dinner inside since there was no space on the patio that the reservation had requested, but as soon as a table opened up outside they moved us and all of our food. We ordered several menu items and shared them, including their signature roasted cauliflower, chopped liver, and a couple of salads. Looking forward to eating here again whenever we visit Toronto. Highly recommended!
  • Photo of John C
    6 months ago
    The Fat Pasha is lots of fun and delicious, to boot. Be sure to ask for a table in the garden (covered, so weather is not a big deal). The resto itself is cramped and very, very noisy. Everything we had was yummy and interestingly composed. There was slight disappointment with their signature dish - roasted cauliflower - just found it a bit bland, and a bit underdone. Go for the eggplant schnitzel instead (or as well). Crispy, meaty (in a vegan way), and extremely comforting.
  • Photo of Leolo L
    6 months ago
    Great food, pleasant service, cool setting and atmosphere ... make for an amazing dinner! A rustic bohemian feel with a nice covered patio well overgrown by plants for a cozy in-the-nature kind of a feel. the humus with wild mushrooms is fabulous, delicious lamb, unique cauliflower preparation.
  • Photo of Traveliz100
    6 months ago
    Went with 22 year old daughter and husband on daughter's recommendation. So glad I listened to her! We were greeted and seated promptly- as we passed by the open kitchen on the way to the patio, one of the cook's( or maybe manager) added his welcome. Very nice. Patio is an oasis. You do not feel you are in the city. Communal tables and greenery- very welcoming. We had dips and pita, the baked cauliflower( absolutely delicious) 3 salad choices( you choose form a larger list- eggplant, tomatoes etc all great) and the lamb. Enjoyed all out choices would say the meat options( there were perhaps 4?) were pricey. Lots of great vegetation options though so you don't really need meat. Food was fresh and invitingly plated. Wanted to have dessert but no room! 90 for three including one beer and one speciality drink. I would definitely go back and have already recommended this spot to some downtown pals!
  • Photo of Surfermom1970
    6 months ago
    My son and I split the rack of lamb special for two...also had the side of roasted cauliflower. Truly exceptional ...our favorite meal in Toronto. Charming restaurant ...very creative cocktail plus knowledgeable servers. Very very special :)
  • Photo of rondi3
    6 months ago
    If you enjoy middle eastern food, try this place. Everything was flavourful and fresh and served for sharing. The roast cauliflower and 1/2 chicken were a hit, as was the lamb kofta. With 4 cocktails and abottle of wine, we paid $50 pp for 4 people, not unreasonable. Service was good, too.
  • Photo of Tatiana K
    7 months ago
    My friend and I went there for brunch this past Sunday: not busy at the hour we were there. We both had Caesars and liver/salami sandwiches. The cocktail was presented with a touch of creativity. The sandwich was also nice with quite unusual ingredients. We gain liked Fat Pasha. The only drawback was again we found it really overpriced
  • Photo of wboiko
    7 months ago
    Ok, the waiter was nice, but when he gave us the "fake" reason why the latkes were a bit overdone, my husband & I had a good laugh! We were in the restaurant business for 20 years, so we knew his excuse was ridiculous!! I had to refuse the "eggplant schnitzel" as it was so overdone that it was unrecognizable, so I just shared my husband's lamb kofta which with the tasteless butter beans look like an unappetizing pile of grey matter plus the cilantro salsa verde that came with the meal had such a salty kick that we almost fell off our bar chairs. We pushed it aside along with the beans & barely ate the kofta. Speaking of bar chairs, they are the MOST uncomfortable chairs which leads to me to believe they don't want you to sit too long. I stood up during most of the meal or lack of. My Jewish friends would be laughing or insulted if they saw & tasted the latkes. Oy vey! A big disappointment & we both feel there's nothing to kvell about!!
  • Photo of Ita A
    7 months ago
    We enjoyed our lunch on the Patio. First time here, food was very tasty and service was excellent. Waiter was very helpful in recommending dishes. Definitely will return. Ita & Co.
  • Photo of 514foodie
    7 months ago
    Amazing food. Super accommodating to allergies. Great drinks and affordable. The cauliflower is as rave worthy as people say it is. The latkes were as good as it gets. The family style atmosphere is fun and makes for a more enjoyable eating experience. Delicious
  • Photo of Vladimir P
    9 months ago
    the food was excellent with very good service. They care about their customers. I would go again anytime.
  • Photo of RPF1966
    10 months ago
    Do you ever get an itch to try something completely different? Don't get me wrong, I love the pizza and pastas etc.., but occasionally you get the desire to try something different that is good and memorable. Well Fat Pasha did not disappoint. From the ambiance to the service and the food you will not be disappointed. Very relaxed atmosphere, casual and social setting. Great use of space. If they don't have a table don't shy away from eating at the bar as you are still able to sit on either side of the bar facing each other. The pretty young lady serving us was friendly and attentive. Really got a good vibe from her. She knew all the dishes and provided her own opinions on the different foods we were asking about. Her opinions weren't wrong wither. She suggested the Brussel sprouts. They were awesome. The combination of sweet and sour glaze was something I've never had before on them and they were just incredible. The roast cauliflower was and impressionist artist dream when served to you with the different colours and textures. Didn't know whether to eat it or just stare at it. DEFINITELY EAT IT!!!! Home made hummus. Nuff said about that. Chicken Kebab with their own Tzaziki sauce (hopefully spelled correctly) was perfect and flavourful. One thing you get at this place is an explosion of flavours from the myriad of spices. Want something different and good? This is the place. Saw that they have a big patio in the back. Will definitely be coming back when the weather is better to enjoy great food, great company and great ambiance. Well done Fat Pasha!!!!
  • Photo of travellingsinclairs
    You do not expect to find an Israeli restaurant with Jewish Cuisine tucked away on DuPont S. But having explored this venue it is an exiting and well deserved destination spot which is popular around the city, Definitely worth a visit.
  • Photo of Lauren B
    a year ago
    The lemon water was good as they offered it with no ice or straws! The egg plant dip was burnt. The rapini salad was good. The garlic grape tomatoes were too oily. The falafels were dry. The tahini dip that came with it though was good and they even gave us more as they dont serve it in a big enough container. The fried chicken was good but really oily. The pita did not seem home made which I woukd expect for a restaurant especially israeli and pita is an icon for all their food items. The hummus was too oily as well. We both had uoset stomaches after dinner here as everything was just too rich. Too bad as the service was pretty good.
  • Photo of Jeff G
    a year ago
    Needed a reservation here, for sure, as the place is small. Makes the atmosphere fun and social though. Staff are friendly (a little thing like greeting you and taking your coat to hang up goes a long way). Dishes on the menu are best shared at the table. We were a group of five and ordered six items from the menu. Consensus was that the Lamb Hummus was the best item we ordered. It was also the first time I've ever brought my own bottle of wine. This was unintentional, as it was a gift received from one of our group. The restaurant offered to open it for us, and charged us a corkage fee. That was also part of what made this a fun evening.
  • Photo of TravelerFromCanada0
    Party of 4 celebrating a friend's birthday. First visit to Tarragon theatre near by and had never heard of this place. Checked tripadvisor for reviews when looking for a restaurant within walking distance. Food was superb, service excellent. Cauliflower dish and the 1/2 chicken were the highlights. Dips and relishes were delicious! They gave our friend a free dessert for his birthday too! Small place and definitely need to make reservations. From Oakville but will be back!

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