Photo of Eat Rasta Pasta Jamaican Take-Out in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Eat Rasta Pasta Jamaican Take-Out in Toronto, , CA
Photo of Eat Rasta Pasta Jamaican Take-Out in Toronto, , CA
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Eat Rasta Pasta Jamaican Take-Out

Caribbean Restaurant

coleslaw • chicken • curried goat • paninis

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  • Photo of Flo F
    4 months ago
    During a free walking tour, the guide recommeded to try out the rasta pasta in the kensington market area. So we tried and loved it. We had rasta pasta (left shop) and the lasagne (also left shop) and it was awesome. The staff was very friendly. There are some tiny seats but it normally is take-away.
  • Photo of GusToronto
    5 months ago
    If you haven't already tried Rasta Pasta, it's worth a visit the next time you are in Kensington Market. The jerk chicken is amazing! Glistening meat, perfectly seasoned and at a great price. We have not had better jerk chicken anywhere -- including some Caribbean islands that we have traveled to. We also tried the fried dumpling but wasn't impressed so we wouldn't recommend that. The place has very limited seating so you may be eating your food outside on the sidewalk but that is part of the charm of this neighbourhood. Rasta Pasta is with Caribbean offerings and the other side with pasta offerings with a Caribbean twist. We haven't yet tried the pasta side but plan to the next time we are in the area.
  • Photo of zyzyphe
    5 months ago
    Chicken jerk is out of this world. The portion size is good relative to the price. You order it with plain rice or rice and beans and steamed veggies. The spiciness is on point. Id say go and try it despite the queue
  • Photo of renrenren
    6 months ago
    Had a chance to sample their food during Pedestrian Sunday. Jerk chicken and jerk pork with rice and peas. Chicken was well cooked and tasty. The jerk rub was nice and spicy. The pork was a bit overcooked, but still tasty. Would have liked to have a bit more of the bark. For 5$ each, this was a great meal.
  • Photo of BethlehemPaUSA
    6 months ago
    Don't get mixed up the pasta place is Nextdoor to the Jamaican place. We were almost disappointed and ordered the wrong thing until we noticed the other door.
  • Photo of ablonski
    6 months ago
    Food was very tasty but restaurant is not very clean. Prices are very reasonable. It os partying neighbourhood. We think it is a hit overrated.
  • Photo of Bill D
    7 months ago
    Stopped by hear during the Kensington Market last Sunday street festival. I had the Chicken and rice. The meat was fall off the bone tender and the sauce had a good amount of heat.
  • Photo of Margie M
    7 months ago
    We were taken here by Chef Scott from TO Food Tours and we were NOT disappointed! The service was great and the food was phenomenal. I can't wait to go back and eat here again! 10/10, would and will recommend to friends.
  • Photo of Fernando7676
    8 months ago
    It's taken me a while to make my way to this place, and boy it did not disappoint. Limited quantities and high popularity so make sure you get there early. They were sold out of beef patties but we were able to snag a couple of jerk chicken dinners which were spectacular. Juicy / flavourful chicken is what waits you. The rice and beans is also good, perhaps a bit more coconut milk than I would prefer but still enjoyable.
  • Photo of Emily K
    9 months ago
    Located at the heart of Kensington Market, Toronto. Worth waiting in line for this small Jamaican take out. They have a few tables for patrons that decided to eat in while the dish is "hot". We explored the Jamaica's National Dish - Ackee And Salt Fish for just $12 came with coleslaw. The ladies at the counter were efficient and friendly. Tasty, great portion ethnic food - a must try!
  • Photo of busyeater
    10 months ago
    Always busy and the smells are divine, so we just had to try. Mid week lunch so not as busy as weekends. The women behind the counter need an attitude check, a little short on patience and smiles. Excellent value and interesting menu. We all had jerk pork served with rice and peas and cold slaw. The pork was good, nicely seasoned but needed a shot of heat....very very mild. The rice and peas also good, but nothing special. Very small serving of coleslaw, also good. I have to say I was disappointed but I'll go back, when I can get jerk chicken cooked outside, over charcoal. Can't resist! And I might try the pasta side.
  • Photo of bobby k
    10 months ago
    simply the best. very good value. $6 for the special. delicious. Right amount of spice. great people.
  • Photo of Tony B
    a year ago
    A spectacular fusion joint in the heart of Kensington. Delicious Caribbean food with generous portions. Modestly priced and excellent for takeaways. This place is generally crowded and fast moving. The Italian portion of this place does not seem to attract as much people as the Caribbean section. I would highly recommend the Jerk Chicken and the Oxtail.
  • Photo of natale4
    a year ago
    Had been craving Jerk Chicken and this place did not disappoint! Adorable little spot - don't let the size fool you. This place is legit! Was asked if we wanted sauce and the answer is a hard yes! Perfect balance of spice and flavour. so happy they are on Uber eats and Fedora. Don't hesitate, food is delicious.
  • Photo of nal0112
    a year ago
    I was unsure about this concept but am a lover of Italian food and from the caribbean so decided to give it a try on a recent trip to Toronto. I promise you won't regret it. I can't even begin to describe how well this works together. This place has done an amazing job at this jamaican/italian fusion. So incredibly tasty. Owners and staff were friendly and portion sizes more than generous. Get there early as stuff tends to sell out very quickly. Highly reccomend the jerk chicken lasgana.
  • Photo of Ramona G
    a year ago
    This was our first time in Toronto and we had a blast. This place was one of the reasons why our experience was so rich! The food was awesome. However, the lady behind the counter (caucasion, brown hair, mature) was so rude. As a non local, unfamilar with the offerings or order style she was not the least accomodating. In fact, while another patron was opening the door, the wind blew and my money flew across the counter. The facial expression she made seemed as if she was pissed to pick it up. She had a bad attitude for sure, but the other staff in the back seem pleasant. I mention this because a poor encounter with staff can really make or break an expeience if a customer returns. In any event, we loved the food. In fact, this was THE BEST jerk chicken i have had outside of being in Jamaica. Hands down they know how to jerk and it shows. I'd return for sure even if the employee/owner whoever was rude. I'll just tape my money to me! Lol.
  • Photo of Baejira
    a year ago
    MM. THAT SURE IS SOME MIGHTY TASTY JERK CHICKEN. No, but seriously. A new favorite of mine in Toronto. This was actually the first place we went to when we got in the city, due to the great Yelp & TripAdvisor reviews. The place is small, cozy. Only two tables in there, but it was packed when we went so I can't imagine sitting in during a rush. We got 2 specials for $6 each. You can have pork, oxtail, or chicken. They were out of pork when we went so we both got chicken. Man, it was so good. I'm very selective about my jerk chicken as a Jamaican person. And they did not disappoint. My suggestion is to get there early.
  • Photo of SdotHylton
    a year ago
    I went to Kensington Market to visit The Dirty Bird, but noticed this restaurant and decided to try the Jamaican Italian Fusion side. They have this and another regular Jamaican take out side. Met one of the owners Magnus and had a great talk with him. I always wanted to open my own Jamaican Italian place. After talking I realized that he use to live down the street from me in another city just outside of Toronto. Good tasty food, good local business'.
  • Photo of MaraFromToronto
    a year ago
    What a great mix, Jamaican and Italian :) We had paninis, mine with perfectly spiced jerk pork (The Tuscan) and my husband with jerk chicken (The Vatican). Pastas looked amazing, too. The lineups are totally worth it!
  • Photo of NotLostFound
    a year ago
    We walked by here a couple of times during our visit to Toronto so when it came up on a search of the list of good places for jerk chicken we decided to try. We arrived just after noon and there was a short line. It moved fairly fast because service was quick. The staff have a "system" which was well oiled and effective. It slowed a bit after we had been served because Tristan Thompson was behind me in the line. You can't blame the ladies for being a bit distracted. We lucked out and snagged one of the two tables inside, because otherwise we would have been sharing a curb outside with dozens of other customers that couldn't wait to eat what they had scored inside. It was tasty and filling and would be a regular stop if the commute wasn't so lengthy.

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